Police raid brothel in Anambra, arrest under-aged sex workers

A group of under-aged girls suspected to be commercial sex workers have been arrested in a brothel in Anambra State, located along Ring Road, Enugwu-Ukwu, Njikoka Local Government Area of the State, The Nation reports.

The brothel, popularly known as Venue Spot, disguised as a restaurant, was reportedly raided by the police following a tip-off by concerned indigenes of the community.

Police raid brothel in Anambra, arrest under-aged sex workers lailasnews 2
Police raid brothel in Anambra, arrest under-aged sex workers

It was learnt that the action was occasioned by a joint petition by the Enugwu-Ukwu Traditional Authority and Enugwu-Ukwu Community Development Union (ECDU) to the police headquarters in Awka.

The petition alleged that commuters plying that area were being harassed and embarrassed by underage commercial sex workers.

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The President General of the Community, Comrade Bonny Ozo- Nkwuaku, who supervised the raid, warned that Enugwu-Ukwu has no place for such illegal acts which, he said bred criminality and corruption of morals among youths in the area.

“Enugwu-Ukwu people are known for their industrial spirit and enterprise. We live very decent lives and are law abiding. We can’t tolerate such businesses in our community.

“We have also discovered that most of the commercial sex workers and their patrons are non Enugwu-Ukwu indigenes. We can’t allow them to come and soil the name of our town,” he stressed.

The brothel was immediately sealed after the raid while the suspects and their patronisers were taken to Awka to be arraigned in court.


  1. Abet free this people on, no employment I believe people want to survive so they do any aviallable job around

  2. Hmmmm these case is complicated, because at times is lack of employment that force some youth to misbehave

  3. I hope is not act of jealousy from the president to the power of the restraint. Any way nice job after charging them to court get work to do so they don’t go back to being a sex workers.

  4. Excellent movement….turning ladies into sex worker is really bad…our Country as a whole new to abolish such practices made by our young and age ladies…

  5. It’s a good thing they were stopped but I also hope they will give them jobs to do after this. If not the next thing will be to carry guns

  6. Comment*well, it is good, but sometimes they have to partake, due to the starvation in our current Nigeria.

  7. What a miserable life..youth are going too high to get money and is not good..it makes them get involve in bad behavior

  8. Good movement, sex worker is really bad as hobby ,our Country as a whole new to abolish such practices made by our beautiful young ladies

  9. This is a very good action from Enugu Ukwu community, don’t allow such evil to enrol in their land

  10. The arrested girls should be organized and probably taught a particular trade so they can be useful to their self and community

  11. The police did well. Instead of other people spoiling their land and community that took immediate actions.

  12. I guess most of them would be unizik students and the parents will be sending school fees thinking their kids are in school

  13. This will be a great lesson to other and government should please provide jobs so this people can be employs

  14. Good job from the police and the community, this should be stopped and bring to book those responsible

  15. All this brothels should be cancelled in Nigeria, this country should not encourage prostitution homes, the police did a good job

  16. Anyway i dont blame does gurl.. Because gorvement did not provide job opportunities for them das d reason why dey engage them self in such work

  17. chai parents should be mindful of their daughters because they can be mislead by friends into such act to get money

  18. This is incredible all in the name of getting money, what i know is that money must be made but the way you get it matters take note

  19. Good one. The underage sex workers should be investigated as some of them may have been forced into prostitution.

  20. Those it actually mean they prostitute is only work they can do at their early age, thats very bad of them. thank God there were arrested.

  21. Sex for money have Now become a normal business activity for young ladies in this country, but it is not suppose to be so, my advice for young ladies, if the government cannot fed for your needs try and find something to do like Being an entrepreneurial, like this one will are doing here, reading you guys act and making money by just reading news and commenting, it is better than prostitution, selling your dignity for Penny…

  22. Well done Enugu state, I wish other States will take a clue from you and discourage this illicit acts.to the sex workers ,;look for decent form of living.

  23. People complain it’s lack of job that cause people to engage in so many crime,well it’s simply laziness on the side of our youth,if there’s no work go learn hand work,it better than destroying your body for money,i wonder how much they make there?

  24. That is sign of end time everywhere, under aged girls selling their body for money, and the communities took a very bold step to stop such immoral act

  25. I commend the police force for job weldone..keep it up.the government need to do more to enlighten the dangers and consequences of prostitution and set more strict policies to counter prostitution

  26. that is good move from the community not to fold hands and be looking, that it doesn’t concern them.

  27. Young girls that supposed to go and learn hand work or do something else that will help their life
    Nice petition to them jor

  28. This is the kind of living that we see here in Nigeria, evils and bad deeds are been reported on daily basis,

  29. That is a good move by the community so that their indigenes wont be corrupted too but i want to believe that these commercial sex workers too are also helpless and needed to fend for themselves.But still not right

  30. See how these young girls are destroying their future in the pursuit of money,thanks to Nigerian police that apprehended them, keep doing your work.

  31. When there is hunger in the community, lot of people expecially the innocense ones are forced to engage in any thing just to survive, goverment should provide us with work, lot of these nonsense will stop

  32. Most times it is usually non indigene that do come to some communities and spoil their name and reputation! I salute those behind the raid!

  33. A society of lost values. That’s why very young girls can jump into this type of acts. They should be rehabilitated

  34. Thank God for the community leaders who promptly inform and involve the police. That brothel can corrupt their own children.

  35. Like seriously? i love that, How can Well responsible lady be selling her body as bussiness? What A world

  36. Imagine teenage girls engaging in prostitution instead of them to look for a better hand work and learn and become a better person tomorrow. I wonder how comfortable they feel by opening their legs for men. What a corrupt world.

  37. U na try. Thanks to the police force. Thank God d brothel has been sealed if not, they will continue d business

  38. our girls now choose to prostitute because of lack of job. Our leaders Should do something about it. Because prostitution is increasing every day.

  39. Young girls that are suppose to be in school,selling their bodies for money.Wish they can all be arrested and trained skillfully so that they can earn without selling their bodies

  40. see what immorality have couse the young ones to do, all the name of looking for money, the govt should try and create job to avert such situation.

  41. That’s very good, cos next thing we’ll hear will be young girls promised heaven and earth to leave their parents and end up in prostitution.

  42. Things are really going out of hand, the youths are in dare need of employment, it will help stop all this Prostitution, ritual and 419

  43. The rate at which young people are in search of quick money in Nigeria will make you fear God

  44. Because gorvement did not provide job opportunities for them das d reason why dey engage them self in such work

  45. Na wao. Dis is bad. Where are the parents of dis underage girls. If they are under age d shld be under d care of d parents. Why did their parents leave dem to fend for themselves

  46. Being a sex worker is not the Best kind of job. Young girls should be encouraged to do other business to give aid them

  47. See me see wahala oo, na una bom bom they dey use? Like say una no they Carry them abeg free them jor nah hustlers dem be.

  48. Prostitution should be made a crime in Nigeria to reduce the rate such that when caught you will be prosecuted

  49. Good one,from the police, aall these young girl,are supposed yo be in school instead of selling their body that can jeopardize their future

  50. Why should they do such thing,they should leave the town immediately, to avoid not to corrupt other young once.

  51. Good development.they dnt need to corrupt the good girls in the area with their dirty business around there..welldone to the community elders

  52. Is a good one at least some girls now will learn from this, some of them will stop going on the street some of them will be learn how to be responsible for once .

  53. These girls don’t have parents and are they not going to school? What is the society becoming? These girls are already destroying their future!

  54. That’s good, unemployment shouldnt make you sell your body oo, there’s are small scale bizness you can venture into

  55. Good movement, sex worker is really bad as hobby ,our Country as a whole new to abolish such practices made by our beautiful young ladies

  56. Good development, but the police shouldn’t stop at this, they should snif out the people recruiting those girls

  57. At this age and stage they are too young to get involved in this immoral act kudos and job well done to our policemen

  58. This kind of business is absurd and endangering. The rate at which young ones search for money is alarming and reasonable business should be done to earn it

  59. The government should empower those girls and not just release them into the society. Punishing them won’t change the act.

  60. As long as they are not forced against their will to sell their body
    Let it remain their business
    And if they had sufficient resources to live on
    They wouldn’t be doing that
    This is a call to the government

  61. It not their force but due to Nigerian economy as zooming they have they work they will be in that situation

  62. Excellent move, nice work by our security
    This underage sex working is very bad
    They should be be pensioned to learn their lesson

  63. Well I mist say that’s a good job why will under age go into such business in the first place very annoying

  64. I thought are saints,things like brothel can never be there not even in Anambra were the ladies claims to be holy.

  65. That was a very good move taken by the residents of the community to check mate them before it escalates.

  66. that is good now, arresting them is the best, they want to teach and destroy upcoming kids

  67. We might want to say the cause maybe unemployment but the fact is we are responsible for the choice we make . I hope they learn from their mistakes

  68. Wow That Very Much Good….
    Am Very Much Pleased To Hear This….If The Government Can Do This In All State Once In A While The Rate Of Security Will Increase

  69. That Really Good To Hear……
    If The Government Can Really Do This Once In A While In Every State….The Rate Of Security Will Increase….

  70. The government should make sure he provide another opportunity of earning their living or else robbery will start.

  71. Non indigenes wanna destroy the good name of their town but enugwu-ukwu people stopped it on time so that the evil communication won’t corrupt good manners

  72. to soil the name of the town. Proper investigations should be done least it be that these p are being trafficked

  73. If the undergaged are being found guilty,they should be punished and asked reasons for engaging in such act

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