Police officers beat Gideon Okeke in Lagos – Actor alleges

Nigerian Police officers beat Gideon Okeke, a Nollywood actor in Lagos yesterday on his way from a meeting in Lekki, the actor alleged.

Police officers beat Gideon Okeke in Lagos - Actor alleges lailasnews 3
Police officers beat Gideon Okeke in Lagos – Actor alleges

According to Gideon Okeke, while commuting on the busy Lekki-Epe Express Way, he had a slight accident with another road user, one Mrs Ilori and all they both did was sought the assistance of the police officers close to the scene.

Before they could say Jack Robinson, words had escalated and the police officers pounced on him and the other woman with her niece.

He however called on the governors of the state Akinwunmi Ambode to wade into the situation and save numerous Lagosians from Police brutality in the state.

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He wrote:

Yesterday, after I had finished from a scheduled meeting with @charlesotudor I left the Eko Hotel and joined the gradually building traffic leading on to Lekki.

Only a few minutes from my meeting, had I unfortunately run into a minor collision with another driver, Mrs Mosunmola Ilori, at the Lekki Phase 1 roundabout. We both inspected the damage(s), conferred and thought first, to get off the road for oncoming traffic.
Just less than 10feet away from all this were the Lastma and Police, sharing the police post at the roundabout.

All I asked, was their assistance (witnessed by Mrs Ilori) in getting some barricades off the road for us to park properly and this scenario I have just described, turned into a full blown fiasco, seeing 4 police officers pounce on me and 2 others on Mrs Ilori and her niece. I have come off this incident with stitches in my mouth and chin.

Mrs Ilori as well, to the full glare and amazement of pedestrians and moving traffic, was ruffled up, beat, and dragged on the tarred ground. The Leading man here was one Officer IDEH DONATUS who severally pointed a gun in my chest.

I hereby humbly call on the executive governor of Lagos state, @akinwunmiambode the Vice President @profosinbajo the @policenglagos and its Officers, to kindly exercise the authority of your offices in addressing these civil injustices filed at the #MarokoPoliceStation

Myself, Mrs Ilori, her niece and every other Nigerian citizen, don’t need to feel vulnerable with the police. We appreciate them for their efforts in Protecting Lives and Property,but not for them to be THE THREAT!

Lagos State Governor Commends Airtel for Support to Security Services



  1. This is ember months Nigeria police officers should be encourage on how they handle people now please

  2. This people always wait for d slightest opportunities to pounce on civillians police can never be my friend they are evil….

  3. Tomorrow, they would tell us ” Police is our friend” ..is that how they show friendly love to people. ..

  4. Take Heart My brother, we are in a country where human rights are trampled upon by the very people who are assigned to protect it, its a good thing you’ve reported to the relevant authority

  5. This country is turning corrupt the more, the way civilians are been beating by security forces is bad

  6. There be something there in between, security are to protect us not to exercise their power on us. It needs to be properly investigated.

  7. I don’t know what this policeman take themselves for,they think they can just bully anyone as they like

  8. The assaults are becoming rampant,some of these policemen are illiterate that just managed to have primary school certificate and then decided to join the police force and it really affecting the economy,these men for God sake are trained,why do they still indulge in such nonchalant attitudes

  9. Will I say that this country is a mess or what, that those meant to protect us turned out to be killing us. My brother you people took a good action by reporting the matter so that justice will prevail. That police officer Ikoh Donatus should be called to order, if possible punished

  10. The police that are meant to be protecting us are now the ones we are scared of. This country is turning into something else

  11. I wonder if they are protecting the people or assaulting them, this is why no one trust a police officer….

  12. This case shouldn’t be taken lightly… The officers must be brought to book. I dont know what right they have to beat innocent citizens just because they were told to remove barricades. It is well o.

  13. Even the police has joined to victimize people, who will then save the masses. Then next thing is join arm robbery.

  14. This is too bad…. You are the person in charge to resque them but u dont do so, you still wound them, this is bad

  15. That one thing about Nigeria police they don’t want to know maybe you are guilty or not… Once they are inform about an issue the next thing is to beat up the victim before they listen to the person

  16. Injustice every were,its unfair, they have to look into the matter properly, back in UK, police don’t have certain rights to harass citizens.

  17. I think our police officers normally took hard drugs before and during work, which some of them to behave to this peoples like this.

  18. How can a mere accident and the police you even invited to help solve the issue turned out to beat you, are you sure of your assertion?

  19. Will I say that this country is a mess or what, that those meant to protect us turned out to be killing us. My brother you people took a good action by reporting the matter so that justice will prevail. That police officer Ikoh Donatus should be called to order, if possible

  20. How can those meant to protect lives and properties are now the one hunting us again. Please the top leaders should look into this police brutality and harassment of innocent citizens. This has to stop. Sorry for the incident Mr. Okeke Gideon

  21. All I need is just one day to be the president of this country,
    My first assignment na to remove police from force FOREVER!!!

  22. What’s this country turning into? The ones who’re supposed to protect us are the ones harming us and doing rubbish. The government should visit this case.

  23. It call for more investigation while will the police beat Nigeria citizen for no reason just because of a little issue. Are we really safe.

  24. The police are meant to protect not brutalize
    So these men are unworthy if the call and should be stripped of their ranks and replaced with more competent hands
    Enough is enough

  25. Seriously…I don’t know what this officers take themselves as….they really needs to be punished…. The Govt.should do something so that it serves as an example to the rest of them

  26. This is so horrible! Why most someone be inflicted for no just cause…….government should please take action and make a proper justice to all what is taking place in this country…those we were suppose to see as friends are those that are threatening our lives…

  27. I can’t judge from one perspective. Need to hear the truth from another person. Police are not mad people to just voice on you because you said one thing

  28. All this stupid policemen who are worst than those boys in the street should be taken out of the Nigeria system.

  29. This is becoming alarming on how the Nigerian police now harass people here and the with intimidation,the police should be warned

  30. This matter suppose to look into very well because is totally intimidation
    What is happening in this country

  31. His celebrity status couldn’t even save him. When did we get here ? . All this injustice act must all stop

  32. Sometimes i dont understand this police people , why would they beat them up when they are suppose to help them?

  33. It was SARS brutalizing citizens initially before they were sent out.. now it’s common police men acting rogue.. really painful

  34. I don’t really know if we have security or otherwise.
    People that are supposed to protect us are the ones making us feel we are not protected

  35. The way the Nigeria police harass and intimidate people is appalling! They will shoot someone and allege the person with crime he knows nothing of. This country is messed up

  36. This country is no longer safe,police that suppose protect us they are the one harrasing the citizens, God please save us

  37. Just a simple request. Nigeria police thrive in chaos so that they could benefit by extortion. Too bad. Most of them are the bad eggs that should be flushed out from the system.

  38. Police are those killing citizens now, I don’t know where this country is heading to, God help us

  39. He must do something in other for them to beat him. Tomorrow you will learn to control your selves

  40. nigerian police can only be strong when they meet his citizen who has no gun but trouble who carry gun when they see them they run that is nigerian police for you stupid people

  41. Nawa o, i hope the state commissioner gets to see this and make sure that everyone of them that was involved pay dearly

  42. If its were to be the army people will say it’s because he is an army man now it’s police we are going some were soon we will get there

  43. Police and their brutality. You Have your right to sue him. Because he does not have any reason to beat you. One of their duty is to protect you and not otherwise. Get up and do what you are suppose to do so that others will take caution.

  44. What is the nigerian police turning into sef…..beating innocent people up na wa ….the governor of lagos state should look into this

  45. Why would the police behave like that, how can they settle an issue of an accident with beating, these is just out of hand, the government must not ignore this

  46. The nigerian police self they own don too much for this country oo, & mr. President is even trying to increase they salary hmmmm

  47. I guess that police officer was drunk
    How can u beat someone that came to seek ur help..
    That police officer has gone gaga

  48. Police trouble in this country is becoming unbearable,, I don’t know if that saying “police is your friend” is actually true

  49. Police with their wahala again, maybe they ask for money and they were not given so they beat them up, because police like money well well

  50. Other country’s police are business doing their duty with all diligence and humility. Our own is to harass and bully innocent people

  51. These Nigeria police, when they need them to do their jobs, they won’t. Instead of listening to their complaint, they pound on them. Lagos State gov should do something about this police brutality bcos police is no longer our friend

  52. I wonder if truly the police is the citizens’ friend as they used to say. These days, they are even worst than the hooligans.

  53. After they will be telling people that police is your friend but see what they did to an innocent man, this country is really turning into something else, the government should try and do something to stop all these

  54. thats why I hate police officers. I hate them with passion. In short any police officer that true me.. i dont care if anything happens, I can’t kill that man and go to jail. They are brutal and their heart is full of evil and wickedness

  55. This harassment is getting too much from the police officers. Beating people up for no just reason. Something has to be done about it

  56. This is sheer wickedness. Beating up innocent civilians just because you can. The governor should step in and penalize these offenders. The abuse of power by the police is too much.

  57. now the police that are assigned to protect us are the disturbing us what are we going to do now

  58. hahahahahahaha no be small beating o what did he do na. or did he steal? please DPO you have to talk to your boys o

  59. Hungry police….thank God for your life dey did not kill you….I hope something should be done about this injustice.

  60. Take Heart My brother, we are in a country where human rights are trampled upon by the very people who are assigned to protect it, its a good thing you’ve reported to the relevant authority

  61. Are you sure sure they are police? No police on his right senses would do that,, some people disguise as security personnel and commit somany forms of atrocities,, because no police on his right mode would try such

  62. The entire Nigerian armed forces is got a fault. If you see the way people are being intimidated most especially by the police and army.

  63. Abuse is not only when a civilian molests another, it’s even worse when officers that should execute and put things in order when it seems difficult to understand turns to be the ones violating the law. Nigeria is sleeping, we hardly do things right, and it seems people don’t complain about these issues because when you do it lands on deaf ears. Members if the house are not doing much to protect the citizens they claim to represent but their pockets. I pray revolution finds it’s way and force this country to the way it should be to benefit the whole country, and not a selected few.

  64. The way most of these police men behave is too bad.The government should better do something about this

  65. What was His crime?did he kill someone or steal something? Nigeria police should take things like this very easy.

  66. This is what we face every day but who is going to speak for us… Nigerians are suffering in silence may God help us

  67. That’s what we see in Nigeria on daily basis and I append it’s so unfortunate this trend must stop

  68. That was really unfair, the police men should have looked at both side of the accident to know who is at fault or not before judging them.

  69. This is serious o those that supposed to b protecting us r now d one carrying out injustice it is well.

  70. The police men are very wrong on this one what is there work after all is not to protect life and property?

  71. No matter the offence, police out so called friend are to suppose to beat any civilian. Do u know his age.

  72. But why will they beat citizens with no offense….such officers are meant to be punished for that….please let pray for this country…God should raise good people who will serve us well

  73. The Nigeria police force need serious orientation .
    They molest people at slight provocation.too bad.sorry for the beating.

  74. Nigeria police will never cease to amaze me instead of them to settle the case on ground they were busy turning someone to a punching bag

  75. This is police brutality on innocent civilians. I suggest the victims should report this incident to the authority to be investigated. And since he knows one of the police officers name, should take him into account and let justice be served. This is pure intimidation.

  76. This is very unfortunate. i dont know why the nigerian police can not just change. well i hope the relevant authorities will take this up and do something about this

  77. Lassma is taking too much. Harassing people is it also part of their duty. Abeg Governor do something

  78. If the police who are meant to protect the citizens are now the ones harming the citizens, then I wonder where we are headed to in this country

  79. No security in Nigeria, police that is suppose to maintain peace and order now beating up people… Hmmm

  80. They will have it in their achievement that they once beat a celebrity. Lol God will vindicate you Brother.

  81. Police is our friend, Police is our friend, Police of nowaday are unfriendly, they suppose settle the matter amicably. they just beat him up

  82. This is an insane act on a citizen of nigeria. No policeman on his right senses would do that,, some people disguise as security personnel and commit so many forms of atrocities. Sorry Gideon

  83. that is the reason why I don’t like police,look at what happen to them,i just wish I can bound police force and those stupid things calling theirselves police men must face the court of law because no body is above the law

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