Police officer detains lady for recording him after brutalizing bike man

Popular social media influence, Diary of a Naija Girl (DANG) was earlier today arrested and detained for filming a police officer after brutalizing a bike man.

In her post, she revealed that the Police officer had hit the bike man with a cane while on motion, causing him and his passenger to fall off from the bike and seriously injured.

Police officer detains lady for recording him after brutalizing bike man lailasnews
Police officer detains lady for recording him after brutalizing bike man

She was present at the scene and made a move to challenge the officer over his cruel act after which she started filming the exchanges between them.

His colleague was then reported to have seized her phone and ran away from the scene.

She was eventually detained at their station.

See her tweets below

Ife said she witnessed a police officer almost kill a bike rider at the Ikate roundabout. The bike rider and his passenger flew off the bike and fell to the ground following the attack from the police officer, so she decided to intervene.

Please help! A police officer Ogundairo N.O almost killed a bike man at Ikate roundabout by hitting him with a cane on high speed. The bike man had a passenger on board and both fell off severely injured. I witnessed this and also saw officer Ogundairo ignore this incident and

Proceeded to continue controlling the traffic. I alighted from my car and ran to help the lady who was on the bike. Then asked Ogundairo why he did what he did. I began to record him on video. His colleague, Joseph Ojomu rushed towards me and seized my phone. Took flight and

Entered a bus. My driver ran after him and entered the same bus with him. Right now, Joseph Ojomu of Ilaso Police station, Jakande first gate is still with my phone. Please tag whoever needs to see. I have not done anything wrong.

The bike man and the lady are still here.

I have been detained at the Ilaso Police station for recording a police officer. I have been told to write a statement and apologise to the police for recording him. Nothing I have said is being heard. The police is still with my phone.

Her phone was later released after a call from the Lagos State Commissioner of Police

THANK YOU! My phone has been released after the station was bombarded with calls including twice from the commissioner of police. Thank you Aleey Giwa for staying on the phone with me all through. I am safe, I am fine. I did not apologise. I refuse to be bullied.


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