Police hid me in toilet when Falana came to check on me – Evans

Billionaire kidnapper, Evans who is still facing trial over the crimes he allegedly committed, has maintained that his confessional statement was gotten from torture by the police.

Police hid me in toilet when Falana came to check on me – Evans lailasnews

While the police claims his statement was obtained under a fair atmosphere and could have even be taken in the presence of a lawyer if Evans hired one, however the billionaire kidnapper who was arraigned before Justice Adedayo Akintoye at the Lagos State High Court in Igbosere on Friday, alleged that human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), at the time, came to the Police station to see him, but the Police thwarted the meeting by locking him (Evans) up in a toilet.

Court sentences kidnapper Evans’ gang members to 41 years in prison

According to Evans, his wife Uchenna had contacted the human rights lawyer in 2017 but upon the lawyer’s visit to the Police station, he was told that he (Evans) had been taken out for investigation. Evans who further disclosed that he heard from the toilet he was locked up in, how Falana and the Lagos Coordinator of the Inspector-General of Police Response Team, one CSP Phillip, exchanged pleasantries upon the lawyer’s arrival at Phillip’s office.

Evans who was all tears during his testimony, further disclosed that after being told that he had been taken out for investigation, Falana warned the Police not to come back and claim that the suspect had been shot while trying to escape.

Court sentences kidnapper Evans’ gang members to 41 years in prison

He further insisted that he was forced to put his signature to an already prepared confessional statement by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, who had allegedly murdered several suspects in his presence “in Saddam Hussein style.”

“Immediately after my arrest, my wife called Mr. Femi Falana and he came to SARS.

“But CSP Phillip told two armed policemen to hide me inside the office toilet and to tell the lawyer that I was not around.

“I heard Phillip greet him, ‘Good afternoon, sir,’ and Mr. Falana said he wanted to see me. CSP Phillip told Mr. Falana that I had been taken out for investigation.

“Mr. Falana warned him that he did not want to hear that I had been taken for investigation only to be shot dead.

“He said he didn’t want to hear that I was trying to escape and then I was shot dead. He told them that if I had committed any offence, I should be charged to court.”

While the case was adjourned till December 10, Punch reported that under cross-examination by the prosecuting counsel for the state, Mr. Y.G. Oshoala, Evans maintained that his statement was not voluntarily made.


  1. This is not good at all! Why will the police hide Evans in the toilet when Falana came to see him? They should have allowed him access to see him after all he has a right to a lawyer

  2. The security operatives should do proper investigation, get evidence and end everything in court,if he’s found guilty,let him be given appropriate punishment.

  3. Why are the Nigerian police hiding him from facing the law court?
    They should allow him to speak for himself in the court of law than hiding him in the toilet

  4. This policemen self , you caught a criminal but you people will not allow the person to face the law in peace

  5. So even till today Nigeria is beating around the bush about this case,,, atimes I wish God should appear so quick and distroy some people,,Evans opened his mouth and his saying he made statement out of torture,, please if they want to release him please they should do that,, we all understnd,, afterall we already no how this case is gonna end so they should stop wasting our time..

  6. I still dont know on whose side to stand on this…but i suggest the police should be placed on watched..and he should face the law for the crime he commits

  7. This is terrible and wrong, if he has committed a crime he is to be charged to court. This is quite unfair.

  8. I still don’t understand why they are still delaying his case,they must act fast on this because delay is dangerous

  9. Even if you (@evans)see him your case is just clear ,it is simple to conclude for all the evil you done you deserve nothing than death

  10. They shld just sentence this man to death already….I can’t biliv dis trial is still on going after everything he did

    It’s obvious d dude has some serious connection

  11. I thought he has already been sentenced to dead after all the atrocities he has committed. I sense bribery working that is why he is still alive. Nothing money cannot do.

  12. This is one of the instances where the police is a stumbling block. They should let things be done accordingly

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