Police detain man after seeing Paracetamol, birth control pills in his bag

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to allege that some officers of the Nigeria police force extorted him of a sum of N10,000 after they spotted some paracetamol drugs in his bag.

Police detain man after seeing Paracetamol, birth pills in his bag

According to the man who took to Nairaland, the incident happened in Kogi State and he is calling on the Police to help him recover his money from the officers who accused him of being a rapist for being in possession of the drugs.

He wrote:

My name is David, On the 11th of July 2020 at around 11:50am, I was stopped by men of the Nigeria Police Force(Safer highways patrol) at the Ogori/Ageva road, Okene Local Govt, Kogi State. I was going to the market in company of a commercial motorcyclist whom I boarded his bike. When we got to the checkpoint, A police officer, ordered us to stop and requested to search my bag which I obliged.

While searching through my bag, they found a couple of drugs, precisely 4 tablets of paracetamol, 8 ferrous tablets, 10 folic acid tablets and a tablet of postpill, they ignorantly asked what the postpill tablet is used for, I told them it’s a contraceptive, the officer who searched my bag obviously didn’t know what a contraceptive is, I told him it is used to prevent pregnancy and next he exclaimed “Guy I don catch u, u dey use am do abortion abi”.

First, I thought it was all a joke, I laughed and started explaining all over again, before I could finish, one of the officers roughly pushed me from behind, held my trouser and ordered me to sit on the bare floor, I obeyed and tried not to be rude since they were all armed, they labeled me a a rapist and a muderer since they concluded contraceptives are used to commit abortion.

After a while, one of the officers came to me acting all friendly and asking me to negotiate with him so he can help me beg his colleagues because if I am taken to the cell at the area command I will spend nothing less than 3 days in custody asides the heavy torture I would receive. At this point, I secretly started an audio and video recording of the events.

While they kept harassing me, a woman who knows me came along and intervened, all her pleadings fell on deaf ears as the officers were insistent on taking nothing less than N100,000. At last they settled for N10,000 after all the harrasment, time waste, torture and emotional trauma. I have uploaded the video and audio recording of the incident as evidence.

I have posted it on the police PCRU twitter page, whatsapp number and even called their numbers. On whatsapp, the message has been read but no significant reply, and whenever I call their hotlines, they keep directing me to the social media pages and they don’t reply. I also posted on twitter with the pictures and video evidence, but I haven’t been able to garner enough retweets.

I am calling on the I.G of the Police Force, the Kogi State Commisioner of Police, all other relevant bodies and well meaning individuals to help me get justice, retrieve my money and bring this corrupt officers to book as soon as possible.

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