Police destroy hard drugs worth over N400m in Lagos

The Lagos State Police Command has destroyed psychoactive drugs and other substances valued at over N 400m in Igbe , Ikorodu area of the state.

Police destroy hard drugs worth over N400m in Lagos lailasnews

The Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, said the illicit items were recovered during a raid on criminal hideouts and two other sources based on intelligence gathering.

According to him , drugs and arms promote crime. He added that it was based on this that the command intensified the fight against hard drug sale and consumption in order to stamp out criminality in the state.

Imohimi explained that since the beginning of the year , the command had been able to seize large quantities of cannabis , cocaine, heroin , Tramadol , codeine and other psychoactive substances .

The CP praised the synergy between the police and other security agencies, noting that the collaboration had paid off in the course of his service in the state.

He also thanked the state government for assisting the police in tackling crime in Lagos .

Due to storage space constraints, the CP added that the police had to apply to the court for permission to publicly destroy the illicit drugs , noting that the stores where they were kept had been overstretched. Imohimi stated;

“ Between the first day of January and now , we have been able to recover the following categories of drugs : Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin, Tramadol , codeine and other psychoactive substances, with a street value of well over N 400m .

“ One good thing I am happy about since I came to Lagos is the assistance I have been receiving from both the state government and other security agencies . I went into early partnerships with the other security agencies , which are well represented here today , and most importantly , with the state government.

“ This synergy with them has paid off as we are witnessing the destruction of these psychoactive drugs and other substances.


  1. That’s good, hope the commissioner of police and other agencies continues to work together to combat this crime

  2. All thanks to the government for your support towards this huge achievement. The police officers have done well. God will continue to make his grace more available for greater work

  3. This is commendable. Taking of hard drug culminate to crimes. That is why when you see these criminals act you will be asking if they have conscience not knowing that they are acting under influence.

  4. The police should be commended for not only seizing the drug, but for also destroying same. How did they get into the country.

  5. Well done sir I hope you continued the good work to stop our youth from from destroying their life any longer thanks to the Lagos state government for there support too

  6. Good job,Surely police alone cannot achieve their goals to tackle such problems until fully supported by the government and other agencies.We really appreciate their effort !

  7. Work well done,if all the police men are like this Nigeria won’t be a corrupt country,he did well in destroying the drugs

  8. The police and security agents really did a good job destorying these illicit drugs which would have destroyed the health of the citizens.

  9. Good work Lagos state police command and Lagos state government, this quantity of drugs just in 10days is surprising and to think that people invest so much to destroy lives is something else.

  10. I must commend you sir and your team for a job well done, please more of this exercise should be carried on and the use of hard should be reduced to the lowest ground.

  11. The more they destroy these hard drugs, the more you still get it in the market. The appropriate agents in charge should never stop until hard drug is finally eradicated

  12. This is a job well done by the Police. It is a great thing that the government and security agencies are cooperation to stop the social problem of drug abuse. This should be emulated by other states in Nigeria

  13. The government and the security agents are really trying their best to wipe out drug abuse in the country

  14. Anything that does with pharmaceutical can’t be destroyed on everything i know they had to see it to the media that they are doing a great job but it is a damn lie. those drugs are being kept confiscated . they will share the money am telling you.

  15. That is a very good job from the government, it shouldn’t be only Lagos at least other states should be included

  16. But we all know that most of this drugs are used in the hospital for emergencies. Anyways, it’s alright.

  17. Nigerian police kudos to u ….Weldon let Dem continue destroying dose hard drugs since Nigerians won’t stop taking it

  18. So Nigerian police want me to believe that the found cocaine, cannabis and so on and destroyed them? They should tell that to the marines.

  19. Very good.all hands must be on deck to fight corruption in Nigeria especially in Lagos due to overcrowding and increased crime rate


  21. In as much is hard drugs, ride on Sir it will give room to good health and reasoning. Crime will reduced

  22. I wonder how drugs is good to some people in Nigeria
    police well done job for that. alot of business should have been done with the money.

  23. What in the name is this generation doing with all forms of drugs? These issues are becoming to much at the moment

  24. Nigerian police deserves an accolade for their job welcome. I pray that things should keep getting better in Nigeria

  25. That is indeed great.Both the police and other personnel are really doing a very nice job.Kudos guyz.All these harmful substances aid on destroying the youth and making most of them useless.They should publicly destroy them like they have said

  26. Good job Nigerian police,I wish you will continue from the point of stop,in order to have the reduce of crimes.

  27. Good development…they should keep up with the good job.welldone.they deserves some accolades.

  28. That the one they will go after fast for them to save life it will take them ages before they will save someone

  29. All thanks to the government for your support towards this huge achievement. The police officers have done well. God will continue to make his grace more available for greater work.

  30. Good job done by the police on that. Nigerians should stop killing themselves from the intake of hard drugs.

  31. If those that are supposed to do their job in securing life & properties do there jobs…we will surely hail them…kudos to police here..

  32. Wow that is lovely, I hope what dey did to does people’s we be inform of lession to other people’s that may wish to engage them self in a such business

  33. Good work Nigeria police, this will reduce the rate of hard and fake drugs in the country. God bless our police

  34. That is a job well done. Continue to maintain the synergy that exist between the Nigerian government of Lagos State and it security agencies

  35. Ofcourse drugs promotes crime and every other illicit behaviors, kudos to the police for this. We need to cut down on hard drugs to save our youths.

  36. Thumbs up to the Nigerian police.. Good job I must say.. Let this fight continue.. Say no to hard drugs.

  37. Let every other state also intensify the fight against illicit and pshcoactive drugs for us to have a clean and sane community.

  38. Thank God for this, also well-done to the police for the job done well. At least with this drugs abuse will reduce and premature dead of youth will also reduce.

  39. Thank God the police are helping the society to reduce the rate of hard drugs moving around but 400m being burnt, oh no please can this drugs not be converted to something legal. 400million is no small cash

  40. these set of officers that carried out this operation deserves some compensations they really did a wonderful job

  41. am so happy for this news. i pray the police get more information about these drug hide outs. it will benefit us all. Weldon to the police

  42. That is a welcome development. I think our security apparatus should engage in more of this kind operation. Nice one there. More grace from above

  43. Nna ehh, where are we heading to, people still find pleasure in destroying other people all in the name of I want to make it, Weldon officers more of this action

  44. Nice job, if this could be carried out in other states,I think we will have more reasonable citizens in Nigeria

  45. Good work to Lagos state police command and Lagos state government, this quantity of drugs just in 10days is surprising, and to think that people invest so much to destroy lives is a big problems to community.

  46. This is a welcomed development. May the police force continue to fight this war and save our children from dying. More grease.

  47. This is how proactive our security agency should be. When this individual behind this drugs have no more money, they will cause no more mischief.

  48. A good work from the police for retrieving/seizing hard drugs and destructing. Kudos to you people more of the good job.

  49. kudos to the police for recovering drugs worth millions naira,those drugs are really harmful to the body

  50. well-done let them start to arrest the bringers and the buyers destroy the heard drugs to help our youth

  51. Good development from the state government and police officers in tracking thus spot and destroying this hard drugs.

  52. Good job this is what u should be doing not insulting or killing people that u are mean to protect

  53. All hail Lagos police command, they have done a very good job, more power to your elbow

  54. That’s a great job from the police force, if those drugs get to the market, it will be devastating for human lives

  55. I hope they burn them safely and not hurt the environment doing so… global warming is real, I bet you a dollar to a doughnut, no one cares about this in Nigeria…

  56. That’s a huge worth of products to be destroyed but the country frowns against illicit drugs.

  57. The Nigeria police did a great job by destroying the hard. Drugs,they brought it to destroy our youth and society,I pray that they will continue to be exposed daily

  58. I congratulate the police on this wonderful job well done. People don’t pity for their lives, so let the police assist them to stay alive longer by destroying these things

  59. Despite the fact that so much money was lost due to the act, I congratulates the Nigerian police for it, we want a drug free nigeria

  60. Wasted money anyway The police officers have done well. God will continue to make his grace more available for greater work

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