Police arrest Tekashi 6ix9ine kidnapping suspect

The police have arrested the man they believe pistol-whipped Tekashi 6ix9ine and kidnapped him as he was riding through the streets of Brooklyn.

Police arrest Tekashi 6ix9ine kidnapping suspect lailasnews

According to TMZ, federal agents arrested Anthony Jamel Ellison a week ago on a federal warrant. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, a grand jury indicted Ellison on 1 count of conspiracy to obstruct commerce by robbery, 1 count of obstructing commerce by robbery, and 1 count of carrying a firearm to commit a crime.

Ellison was hauled into jail on Nov. 6, and remains in a federal prison in Manhattan, awaiting trial. He pled not guilty to all charges.

In an interesting note, Ellison, who the celebrity news site says is a member of the Nine Trey Bloods, used to be a member of Tekashi’s management team before the rapper blew up. According to records, Ellison is currently being held in Manhattan Correctional Center. His next court date is Jan. 8.

At the time 6ix9ine was robbed, it was reported that he’d been robbed of over $750,000 worth of jewelry. Speaking with Angie Martinez for an interview a short while after the robbery, the 22-year-old rapper explained that the robbers had purposely crashed into the back of a car he was riding in before pistol-whipping him and throwing him in the back of their car.

After cruising for a while, he began to think about the way his fellow rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed during a robbery the month prior.

“I’m just talking to God and I’m thinking about the whole X situation and I’m just like, ‘Yo, do I really wanna lose my life right now just because I won’t give something up?’”


  1. The police should investigate more and 6ix 9ine you did the best tin life matters a lot we should be very careful

  2. The security men are doing their job on celebrity in other to be celebrated. How much attention is given to lowly ones?

  3. Proper investigation should be carried out and when confirmed, the criminal should be punished according to law

  4. The police should Cary out thorough investigation because he might not be guilty of the charges levied against him

  5. Thank God the rapper was not killed. I think Anthony Jamel Ellison has already been known as a notorious criminal, he therefore be jailed for life.

  6. They should be thoroughly dealt with,,, this is so unfair, they don’t want to hustle, giving people sleepless night

  7. That’s a good one from the police. Thank God he was not killed. He should be properly investigated and prosecuted if found guilty.

  8. The suspect has been caught. If evidence proves that he’s guilty, there’s no need tagging him ‘a suspect’. Well, let’s hear his case come Jan 8.

  9. I really think the police have to be careful because of 6ix9ine. He is too gang shii . But at the same time kudos to the police for a job weldone

  10. 69 sure has gotten a near death experience. comparing both photos up can can confirm that. i bet he never for one day thought he would find himself in such state and sure he is very lucky to be alive as it could have been worse. thank goodness he is still able to comprehend stuffs and know he was lingering between life and death. i do hope the suspect arrested can be linked to the kidnapping and at least make known the reason behind the kidnap that got the whole internet community talking

  11. He should be thoroughly investigated and interrogated to get him to confess. He might just have other accomplices.

  12. You did well by given your properties than exchanging it with you life at the end of the DAT they will still get away with it

  13. The suspect should be jailed if found guilty, 69 do please thank God and embrace Jesus as your lord and Savior

  14. He can’t just easily say the truth, so let the police not just let loose of him. In could be involve in anyway.

  15. Thank God you were not kill just try and be careful and repent before something worse than kidnapp happens to you.

  16. Thank your stars u were not killed . Kudos to the police,!!! Nice job… Let him face d dance of d spirit in that prison

  17. Violence doesn’t do anyone good it has to stop..let there be peace…that guy Will have to face the law…

  18. Bro,life is important too,if only you can ask the dead how much they want to come back to life. Earthly things are vanity bro,just thank God and let the police do their job.

  19. . If evidence proves that he’s guilty, there’s no need tagging him ‘a suspect’. Well, let’s hear his case come Jan 8.

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