Police arrest one chance robbers in Abuja, female underwear recovered

The FCT police command have arrested 2 One Chance robbery suspects who specialise in robbing their victims of valuables and using dangerous weapons to inflict injuries on their victims, The Nation reports.
On 10 November, 2018 at about 0200hrs following a discreet investigation operatives of the Anti-One Chance Squad arrested one Onyebuchi Ifeanyikwu ‘m’ 40 years and Anthony Sunday ‘m’ 35 years at their hideouts in Tungan Maje.
Police arrest one chance robbers in Abuja, female underwear recovered lailasnews 3
Police arrest one chance robbers in Abuja, female underwear recovered

The suspects robbed and inflicted serious injuries on a lady who boarded their car as a passenger en-route Nyanya from Arab road Kubwa on 9th November, 2018 at about 0530hrs. Few minutes into the journey, the suspects diverted their victim to Zuba axis where she was robbed of her cash, phone, two ATM cards and other valuables before she was abandoned.
She was rescued and taken to Police hospital Deidei Barracks where she was treated and discharged.
The following were recovered from the suspects as exhibits: four sharp knives, one nail, one wood containing a nail, one screw driver, some female under-wears, one infinix phone, some jewelries, one bag containing women clothes (belonging to one of their victims) and a golden colour Honda Accord car with registration no: FST 662 BG.
Efforts have been intensified to recover items robbed from their victims which are said to be with one of their cohorts who is now at large.
On 2nd November, 2018 at about 0900hrs following a compliant, Police operatives from the Command Anti-One Chance Squad arrested one Usman Ali ‘m’ 19 years and Sani Bala ‘m’ 19 years who operate in a tricycle to rob unsuspecting members of the public.
The suspects were arrested after one of their victims who was robbed by the gang at Gwarimpa axis complained to the Police operatives who swung into action and arrested the above named suspects. The following items were recovered from them as exhibits: two daggers, one Samsung phone and one tricycle used for their robbery operations.
The suspects will be arraigned in court upon the conclusion of the investigation. DSP Anjuguri Manzah Police Public Relations Officer FCT Police Command, Abuja.


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  1. This country is getting worst everyday corruption is encresing in this country, this thieves most not go unpunished they deserve great punishment.

  2. Why is it that robbery is becoming the order of the day here and there. This two men 45 and 35 years respectively. Are supposed to have their own home and family. Why are they out there harassing people and collecting their properties and even beat them on top. And this two boys 19-19 respectively, are supposed to be In school and now they are here robbin people. May God have mercy on our land.

  3. Why don’t you kill them straight…. I still feel like seeing them One day where they are caught, this people has caused my gf a lasting pain.

  4. Why are they out there harassing people and collecting their properties and even beat them on it? They are supposed to be In school and now they are here robbing people.

  5. The long hand of the law has caught up with him. People are doing just anything to make quick money these days. People please, be careful.

  6. Good job to my country Nigerian police, if police is ready to do their job, they must collect an accolade. FG please do a better salary package for all our security forces in Nigeria. CRIME DOES NOT PAY , STAY OFF CRIME.

  7. Thank God they were caught instead of them being useful to themselves they prefer being rubbished by the devil they should face the wrath of the law they should be punished well for their offence

  8. People wants to get rich at all cost today. It’s quite unfortunate that people are so desperate to seek for wealth in a barbaric way.

  9. Yes this a fantastic news and it will serve as a deterrent to the rest. And I wish they can be brough to the pack and burn them to death. It becoming too much in Abuja and people are loosing a lot because of this tyrants

  10. When security agencies are deligent with their work much success can always be achieved like in this case,since these criminals have refused to work ,decent jobs let them face the penalty of their actions. Thumb up for those police men

  11. Police will release all this people if the investigation gets them no results. Allow mobs to almost beat this people to death before the intervention of the police

  12. Wicked human being…they dnt have a heart…i just hope the remining ones will be caught..well done to the Nigeria police force..

  13. This is good work by the Nigeria police force..and am happy about this..the rate of evil doer in this country increases per day and they don’t want to stop this

  14. We all have to be careful in these last few days of the year…the rate of killing and kidnapping is at it’s alarming best……everybody wants sort cut to wealth dese days

    Kudos to the Nigerian police…job well done……let the perpetrators be held accountable to their crimes and dealt with accordingly

  15. the rate at which female underwears get missing, one needs to be careful (especially the ladies) the way and where they spread their stuffs after washing. like someone warned through a video, that panties are stolen and sold to people that use it for one thing or the other which is definitely fetish. all these things should be kept out of reach of anyone, not children this time around but everyone.

  16. This is becoming too much in Abuja….my friend experienced this, thank God she is safe.
    Please we all should be very careful..this people are everywhere in abuja

  17. Ewooooooo!! This country is turning into something else everyday, since these hoodlums have vowed never to stop and desist from their henius crimes the penalty for such crimes should be death sentence, by doing so such crimes will reduce. May God continue to save us from evil doers in Jesus name Amen.

  18. The year is running to an end now , many things are started to happen, robbery everywhere, taking of pants and election is on his way also we need to be careful and conscientious of our movement .may God Help in this country.

  19. Robbery all over as Christmas approaches. More power to your elbows the police in your quest to bring more criminals to book.

  20. I know that most of them can be arrested if the government wants this one chance to stop but as the supplies humans for their demonic sacrifices,the authority turn blind eyes.Lagos is their haven especially during festive periods.

  21. Evil in the heart of people is just way too much, police please deal with him so others will be scared to carry out such act

  22. This is not how to tackle with the problem of unemployment in Nigeria engaging urselves with something meaningful we help alot, Old men that supposed to make meaning to their lives see what stupidity has landed them

  23. Robbery! Robbery!! Robbery!!!, this issue of robbers here and there is becoming much more alarming and going rampant day by day, even to the extent of stealing undies. Shey won shepe fun yin ni.

  24. The police force in Nigeria ain’t one to b trusted,,thank God they caught the robbers n I pray they don’t give up in their investigations

  25. I wish doom will continue to fall on this criminals. The issue is not just the arrest, what is the punishment, in most cases, the culprits are released by the police in no time to roam the streets and continue the havoc. I therefore appeal that such people should be jailed for life.

  26. Lol I trust naija police and masses. Dem don already disfigure one of them face lol. Nigeria is the worst place to steal as a common man. Only politicians are allowed to rob. Just put all of them in a bus and as the bus gains acceleration, they should he “helped” to jump out of the vehicle. It is likely they haven’t experienced this kind of fun before. Just a suggestion o.

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