Police arrest 4 suspects linked to Abule Egba pipeline explosion

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested four suspected pipeline vandals in connection with the Abule Egba pipeline explosion on Wednesday, December 19, 2018.

The fire outbreak, caused by the explosion from a vandalized pipeline, destroyed at least 100 houses, 100 shops and 50 cars, Sahara Reporters reports.

Police arrest 4 suspects linked to Abule Egba pipeline explosion lailasnews 2
Police arrest 4 suspects linked to Abule Egba pipeline explosion

In a statement released by the command‘s Public Relations Officer (PRO) on Thursday, the Police said it had arrested four suspects in connection with the incident and declared the principal suspect wanted.

The statement read:

“During interrogation, the four suspects gave vivid account of how the fire that emanated from a vandalised petroleum pipe engulfed a fraction of Abule-Egba community and escalated to parts of Agege area, destroying properties worth millions of Naira. They also mentioned one Hon. (Amb) Prince Adedipo Dauda Ewenla as their ring leader.

“Based on this, the Command extended invitation to him at his last known address, but found out that he has fled to Ogun State in order to evade arrest.

“He is hereby advised to come out of hiding and report himself to the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja or to the nearest Police station in the state, to defend the allegation against him.”


  1. Thank God they have been caught. The fire was terrible. It burnt all the vehicles of a car dealer.

  2. Look at how your selfish act cost people of their houses and cars the police should not relent until they find the brain behind this

  3. Why do we also act when it is late? Nigerians are always waiting for something to happen before investigation. No investigation now on roads until major accidents occur.

  4. Yess ooo
    I love this , he’s not coming out of hiding to defend anything
    He’s the ring leader ..arrest him before he leads another troop

  5. Leave is precious so should be protected from lost, there is no need to hid come out and defend yourself

  6. Kudos to the Nigeria police. They have done well. The so called leader should also be arrested so they can all face the law

  7. This people want to finish the whole state with fire because of money. They should be jailed for that act

  8. After the arrest what next. This one honourable is involved. Look at the pain their greed caused the society

  9. That man must be fished out, and punished severely along with his cohorts, and they must pay damages to people who lost their properties in that fire.

  10. Which allegations? For him to run away means he is guilty. He should come back and surrender to avoid worst condition for him and his loved ones

  11. Nigerians need iron hand a lot of property were destroyed just because some people looking for any how way to survived

  12. All because of Xmas money putting the lives of your fellow citizen to death. I congratulate the police provided they are true suspect of the crime

  13. Good for them. Let them face the consequences
    They are so mean and wicked. Imagine destroying lives and wasting people’s means of livelihood.

  14. What a wicked act… They should not waste time in charging them to court because they must pay for the damages

  15. This is what greed and selfishness can cause. Vandalising pipeline and causing havoc. Hon. you better come out of your hiding and defend the allegations

  16. Hiding doesn’t solve a thing, let him come out, apologize and see how to make up. The Nigerian police and armed forces are really trying… I celebrate them.

  17. Just because of greed of some few men many have lost a lot which they might not recover from soon , God help us all.

  18. People are very wicked, how can you destroy peoples houses, shops and cars for selfish reasons all the same the police have done a great job let them face the law

  19. They should be held responsible for all the properties that were destroyed in the event. Stupid and selfish people who only think of their selfish gain

  20. That’s a good job by the police. May they be properly prosecuted for destroying peoples means livelihood in that area.

  21. Even if they are not afraid of losing their life, what of the life of people around, and their properties. ..

  22. People are really taking risk, going to vandalise fuel pipelines, which they know when explodes, spares no life around it…The leader should come out and defend his self, since he was the brain behind it.

  23. People with how they risk their lives,it’s good they have been arrested.It will serve as lesson for others involving in such act.

  24. These boys them have mind ojare when the government dosnt provide jobs any way is a way I dey with them all the way

  25. A lovely step. This will serve as deterant to all other vanderlisers out there, the wrath of the law should be accorded them.

  26. This is just the beginning other ones will be caught sooner or later. People please stop crime is not good

  27. What a devilish act to destroy people’s properties from your own selfish interest. They should not go unpunished

  28. Thats really pressing,the police should torture them for them to spill out the remaining people who are also among

  29. Kudos to Nigeria police for doing a great job of reducing crime of vandalism in our country today, the suspect should be brought to book of law for terminating life of innocent citizens of Nigeria and also destroying people’s properties regardless of the hardship in the country today, business are ment to yield profit not loss, justice must take its place.

  30. Proper investigation should be carried out and if they are find guilty then they should face the consequences.

  31. The woman is a super woman for her to have that kind of wicked mind for his fellow human being because his stalking her, she should be arrested & charge to court for justice seek, God said in his word thy shall not kill.

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