Police arrest 4 people for producing fake Dettol in Lagos

4 people identified as Francis Ume, 32; Chidubem Achezie, 44; Peter Ume, 44; and Ejike Jacob, 41, have been arrested by the Lagos Police for allegedly producing fake Dettol disinfectant and Air Wick air freshener in the Okokomaiko area of the state, Punch Metro reports.

Police arrest 4 people for producing fake Dettol in Lagos lailasnews 3
Police arrest 4 people for producing fake Dettol in Lagos

The state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, told journalists on Wednesday that the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the Okokomaiko Police Station, CSP Aliyu Lukman, acting on a tip-off, mobilised his operatives to the suspects’ operational base and arrested them.

He added that the operatives also impounded a truck loaded with cartons of the fake Dettol and air freshener valued at N7m.

Any police officer that collects money for bail is a kidnapper, Lagos CP
Police arrest 4 people for producing fake Dettol in Lagos lailasnews 3
Police arrest 4 people for producing fake Dettol in Lagos

Imohimi said,

Does this look like the original Dettol? But this can easily confuse anybody in the market. These are fake products and I am sure that the company that manufactures Dettol and Air Wick will be interested in this because their products are being faked.

“The Divisional Police Officer in charge of Okomaiko Police Station, CSP Aliyu Lukman, following a tip-off, which turned out to be credible intelligence, was able to monitor the activities of these four suspects and in the process, discovered that they had rented an apartment where they were manufacturing these products. After manufacture, they bottled them and pushed them into the market as original.

“So, you can imagine when mothers are using this type of fake Dettol to bathe their children or use it for medicinal purposes and it’s not working. People will begin to question the original company manufacturing Dettol that they are reducing the efficacy of the product.

“We have impounded a lorry load of the fake items estimated at N7m. I urge everybody to be vigilant when they go to the market. And that is why most of the manufacturers of products usually tell members of the public to look out for certain trademarks or NAFDAC approval when they buy their products.”

The CP added that investigation was ongoing and that the suspects were still being interrogated with a view to discovering their other outlets and accomplices so that they could be shut down andthe other suspects would be arrested.


  1. That’s good, their are so many fake products out there. NPF fish them out let them pay for their sins

  2. That’s good, their are so many fake products out there. NPF fish them out let them pay for their sins

  3. They should be fine in the court of law, and they should be employed to work by dettol company, since the can produce the fake then they can be trained by working with the company. Talent and ideas are always in the hands of the unemployed people.

  4. Why police have to arrest them? Let The Government assists them in other for them to d better one nah, everything arrest, arrest

  5. Why should people always waste their money to produce fake product. And at the end of the they they get caught and loose all. Laziness!

  6. Kudos to you nigeria police…. If not because you have arrest dem nw dey we have continue producing fake product to the people’s of the country

  7. They should have seek help from the main company if they think they can utilize their knowledge than like this.

  8. That’s how they will be producing fake products for us
    God will be leaking their secrets one by one

  9. These people are amongst the cause of troubles in this nation, they are producing fake dettols, why cant they become productive by bringing their own product into existence, they will face the law

  10. That’s a good job for the Nigeria police forceses the guys should be jailled.so that others will learn from their mistakes

  11. Police you are doing a great job these days, I will urge you not to desists from doing it, they are still many out there, who manufacture fake product, only God can safe us from fake product

  12. That is good work from the police men,they should be punished for producing substandard goods.

  13. Honestly, they really tried, the company of those products should just employ them to work and produce the original

  14. Good, there many fake product and items on the market today, that is we must be care on thing we buy in holdups.

  15. Nigerians can go to any length just to achieve their selfish desires. Producing fake product all in the name to make earns means.

  16. That is why most of us patronise foreign made things because the rate at which fake things are being produced in this country is much, let the sectors that are in charge to do this work effectively

  17. kudos to the nigerian police, fake things are just too much in the country They should be punished and charged to court instead of using their efforts to produce good ones

  18. That good news to hear from our police…they are many fake fake product in the market,you don’t no the difference between fake n original..I think if our nafdac can join hand with police to work hand on hand to catch more people n let them face law.

  19. This are people that are making things worse in this country….mist you fake things around……hie much does those materials cost that you can’t afford it….endangering people’s life for no just cause……please the government should work strongly in all this faking act…

  20. thank God for there capture, this were those people who spoils some people’s products by producing fake of it and sell it cheap price.

  21. Why is it that people dont think and and bring out there own product unless they copy other peoples work?

  22. Eyaa……. But they shouldn’t have used dettol as the brand name. There are different antiseptics in the market. Get ur own brand name.

  23. That’s how they fake products the original manufacturers suffered for, thank God they are caught

  24. They should have use this their great talents go for franchise but they involved it in a criminal way

  25. This are the evils that create news headlines like
    ‘Several people died after adding dettol to their bath water’
    God forbid
    It will not be well with these ones

  26. If you can produce something like this why can’t sit down and produce something similar and name it differently than spoiling others product.

  27. is only human being this people are not producing in Lagos….. We don’t even know the original of many products again

  28. Can you imagine this??that’s how they spoil the product of the original companies. This wil teach other people that produces fake product a lesson.

  29. This is how they go producting fake things that can cause problems to the masses. Thanks to our police

  30. This country want to kill us finish,,,, they are now producing fake disinffected,,, skin infections is now becoming rampant,,, God please help us

  31. It pays to do the right thing…it might out of frustration that led them do this, but they are causing harm to the owner of the real dettol company and this product of theirs might harm health of people who use it

  32. the way they arrested them is very good. y should they be producing fake Dettol? is too bad for them o. God expose them

  33. It is nice that the police were able to fetch them. More investigation should be ongoing because not only this but many other things are been faked as well

  34. Instead u guys to look for a work to do u are there making fake detol u want to ruin their company,thank God that the police have catch them

  35. My brother from the south east. Is OK. I am not comfortable with the way they produce fake things that can cause skin damage. Let the law take its course.

  36. I don’t know why people can’t engage in a better business. This is a criminal offense and must be punished by the law. Just imagine this fake products going into the market and when used you find out is not working. The company starts to lose there integrity and image. Hope more of this tip off will continue to clamp down on this people because they are every where. Good job by NPF.

  37. Dats illegal. If they have their own business name for their disinfectant and air freshner it would have been better dan to adultrate dettol and airwick. They shld face d law

  38. That Is Very bad, But They are EveryWhere now Not Only lagos But My question Is that What of people producing Morningfresh at home selling it in the market? Even air fresher

  39. Let appropriate action be taking so that others in the same fake business can learn from there

  40. Thank God the police were smart enough to know that these men produce fake product. Dettol and airvick freshener should sue them to court to face the law but meanwhile, their N7m goods worth is gone first

  41. Good job from the police force, they should still do more investigations to clamp down some other hideouts of such people producing fake things

  42. That is a wonderful achievement in the Nigeria security and economy sector! Kudos to you

  43. They could have say down , thought about something else they could have done like start up a soap industry of theirs on a small scale but no they won’t . They prefer fake soap. They should be failed for life on attempted murder

  44. According to law is an adoptrated, and it is punishable, but on other side they should be considered and allow to open their own brand of the disinfectant and continue the production than to stay idle, and join bad group,

  45. Please investigation should be done deeply because this guys must have being doing a lot of deadly thing.

  46. Producing fake products just to become rich… People and there dubious way of getting rich quickly is getting out of hand… All this is as a result of greed and lazines

  47. I don’t see any reason why these young men get arrested, is it because they didn’t register in nafdac? What about those that is producing other detergents have they also arrest them? Police should free them because they are trying to help.since the original dettol is on high cost people can equally get their needs at the lower price.I dnt see anything wrong with their product.

  48. They should just warn them and release them. I believe they were just trying to make ends meet. But they should be advised to get there own brand name that’s all

  49. nigerians pls be watchful of everything you consume is now fake and cloned the country is turnig something else

  50. But this Igbo people sef.. After reproduction of babys
    They are s next wen it comes to reproducing things

  51. doing a great job these days, I will urge you not to desists from doing it, they are still many out there, who manufacture fake product

  52. Is this news? We all know that fake products are the order of the day in Nigeria.. So no surprise here, thank God the police caught up with this ones

  53. That’s really bad. If they want to produce fake things they should try it with something that is not related to people’s health

  54. Good one Nigerian police. That means that are still good policeman out here. And others that keep producing fake products, their time is near.

  55. Wickedness of humans, would have been better producing their own to compete with dettol and not adulterate their product. That shows that that product will be dangerous for the human body. Make them face the consequences of their actions to teach others that it’s wrong to do things this way.

  56. Thanks for this information.. Very important
    Those thieves must not go unpunished because they have just spoilt the name of dettol producing companies

  57. This people are making a nice Entrepreneurship but in an illegal way. They should have seek for support to help them improve and go forward in their entrepreneur business and they are illegally abusing it. Its I pity, it isn’t their fault.

  58. People are so wicked we are the one doing ourselves imagine they should just be punished according to the law only God knows how many lives they will have waste.

  59. Many people have been going through skin infection nd cancer u guy re the cause
    Nafdac should really be involved, this is a bad one

  60. their crime is that they gave their product a brand name that is not theirs. the law enforcements should understand that and tamper justice with mercy.

  61. Haba Bro since you can think and produce fake product, you can get your own brand, and have your name on it, you want make it quick, see your life, Kudos to Nigeria police, they should be investigated.

  62. This guy’s should have tried something better than this they should had engaged into a legal business instead of this one.

  63. That’s very bad of them.
    They should face the law.
    You have material can not make you to put someones live in danger.

  64. Instead of making fake products why don’t they just have their own brand of antispectic ….they just spoilt their name

  65. We must look for our daily bread to survive, but let’s try to do things legally to survive and not by illegal means of livelihood…

  66. May God help us in this country ooh, I don’t know if we are going forward or backward, some people don’t have better things to do with their live, I pray they keep fishing all of them out let them rotten in jail.

  67. Well,I can’t blame them,if the government have provide jobs,nobody would have think of committing evil, government should provide more jobs in Nigeria and persecute those that just find pleasure in doing evil

  68. They must be punished for this wicked acts, these people if care is not taken can kill.
    That’s exactly what they’ll do if the products were edible.

  69. They would have invested their knowledge of production on something more genuine and honest rather than producing fake products….so bad

  70. This is a piece of good news, because it is the customers that would have suffered. Let them face the wrath of the law. No mercy!

  71. That’s good, their are so many fake products out there. NPF fish them out let them pay for their sins

  72. Dettol that has been in existence for ages and they are known as a reputable company with excellent product, now 4 group of people wants to spoil their good name. They should be dealt with and made to spend their Christmas in jail.

  73. Nice job Nigerian police, there are so many fake product in the market now, they should try and fish them out.

  74. For me, they should be rehabilitated and their skills honed in production of other safe goods that are not consumables or injurious to health instead of sentencing them to jail

  75. Kudos to you nigeria police…. If not because you have arrest dem nw dey we have continue producing fake product to the people’s of the country

  76. Can u imagine that! I wonder why they have not started producing fake cars and other technological stuffs.

  77. This is indeed mysterious, thank God they are arrested.. I pray May God continue to reveal their secret

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