Police allegedly arrests hair stylist for looking feminine

Men of the Nigerian Police Force, allegedly arrested a hair stylist in Lagos State for looking too feminine.

The claim was made on Instagram by the hairstylist, who goes by the name Idowu Oluwatosin Olakunle.

Police allegedly arrests hair stylist for looking feminine lailasnews

Olakunle who is seeking justice for being maltreated by the policemen claimed he was on his way to style his client when the policemen stopped him.

According to him, the policemen said his crime was looking like a girl, looking like a gay man and being too slim. See his full Instagram post below;


So this morning by 9am, I was on my way to style someone at Ogudu, I entered a public transport and was stopped by a guy at Ojota who asked me to introduced myself I asked why he said his police, they asked for my ID card I showed them, then he said I look like a girl and that was it they started yelling and calling me names then they took me and put me in their bus, took me all the way from Ojota to IWAYA POLICE POST then I asked what my offence was, they said I look like GAY, INDECENT ACT and I’m too SLIM. I was locked up from 9am – 4pm before they release me.

Please since when did been slim become an offence in LAGOS. I was unjustly maltreated today by the POLICE and I demand justice.


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