Pogba buys £250,000 Ferrari to celebrate child’s birth

Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba arrived the Carrington training ground in a brand new yellow Ferrari worth a whooping £250,000 (That’s over a hundred million Naira).

This is coming after he welcomed his child with his partner Maria Salaues.

Pogba buys £250,000 Ferrari to celebrate child’s birth lailasnews

To celebrate the welcoming his baby into the world, the Frenchman splashed out on his yellow speedster – a Ferrari 812 Superfast that retails from around £250,000.

The news of Pogba’s new born baby was actually revealed by Manchester United legend Bryan Robson. He said:

“When I saw Paul last week in Dubai with the United squad, I had a little chat and congratulated him on the birth of his baby. He just seemed so relaxed and easy with things.”

See photos of Pogba’s £250,000 Ferrari below;

Pogba buys £250,000 Ferrari to celebrate child’s birth lailasnews 1

Pogba buys £250,000 Ferrari to celebrate child’s birth lailasnews 3

Pogba buys £250,000 Ferrari to celebrate child’s birth lailasnews 3


  1. Nice one. When there is too much money, there is nothing you won’t do with it. Let him buy whatever to celebrate. Na him money

  2. He worked for his money, he should enjoy to the fullest. Congratulations to Paul. More blessings and achievements coming

  3. This amazing cos it’s a double celebration to the man utd midfielder.
    Congratulations to him and welcome to the new born baby.

  4. Wow….that is a very nice care he got for himself …congratulations and happy birthday pogba

  5. Congratulations. However, the display is ostentatious. Football career is a worthwhile career.

  6. Is like we united is spending much on players this time around almost everyone want to va his private jet

  7. When we talk about money, you will see it..double celebration..if you have it show it.. too much money is good. congratulations sir. I love your style

  8. Wao, congratulations on the arrival of your baby,God bless your family and the baby.This car is beautiful

  9. Indeed baby’s are blessing to the parents, welcome little baby and a big congratulations to the family of Paul.

  10. Congratulations baby, the next gift is Bible, because it supposed to be Bible but your dad made a mistake in buying you car, you get to grow up with the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom

  11. Enjoy your wealth because you worked for it. So happy for you. For your new born baby and your new ride. More celebration ahead

  12. Money is good my brothers if you’re in Paul Pogba shoe you will do the same thing that he did or even do more than that

  13. To celebrated his child birth he get pherri for that its good to have money congratulations pogba

  14. Wow am happy for you Paul, congratulations on the birth of your baby, congratulations to on your new car, this one na double celebration are blessed

  15. Why would he not be relaxed. Whom God has honoured no man can curse.. A baby, a home, a family a car and a good career .Congratulations to you Paul and family

  16. Oluwa bless those of us who can’t afford 3 squeal meal a day talk more of buying car to welcome a new born baby

  17. Pogba does not know what to do with his money. Fine, celebrating his child birth is awesome but buying this expensive car is out of it

  18. All these are for show up and notice me attitude because the car is not for child so what is the essence

  19. To buy car worth of #100″000″/000 is it not too much for only birthday for your child Pogba what of those I need

  20. To buy car worth of #100″000″/000 is it not too much for only birthday for your child Pogba what of those I need


  22. Pogba my best player in manchester united,wow the car is so extravagant, congratulations to your new car and child birth

  23. That is really nice and I think the car will give him joy and encourage him to play more. When you have money you can buy what money can buy, congratulations sir

  24. Wow ! Nice,we congratulates him for such double achievement ,also wish the new born long life and prosperity

  25. I think there money is not much because they where really getting plenty money from football so I think he worth it

  26. wow, the Ferrari is dope. who says money no good. money is good when you get it the right way and you will enjoy it. pogba Weldon bro, but your child wont understand

  27. Pogba that is good money speaks I wish your son a beautiful birthday Many more years to him

  28. A fantastic car to celebrate his child birth, that’s a double celebration outfit, congratulations

  29. When someone is happy, it not good to his it. Congratulations on your child birth and Ferrari

  30. Wow, we’ve been expecting this baby right from last year, congrats sir
    I’m really happy for you

  31. Congratulations for the new born baby and safe delivery. Buying a Porsche to welcome the baby is cool.

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