Planet TV presenter Nomfundo Yekani berated for her outfit on Live TV

Planet TV presenter, Nomfundo Yekani, who is the host of news show, Newsbox, was berated by some viewers for her revealing outfit on Live TV yesterday.

The presenter left her viewers stunned when she appeared on TV screens in a bra top that exposed her massive cleavage.

Planet TV presenter Nomfundo Yekani berated over outfit on Live TV lailasnews
Planet TV presenter Nomfundo Yekani berated over outfit on Live TV

She however seemed to much confident in the dress that she presented the show so perfectly with her signatory style of presenting.

The video however found its way to twitter where some users have wondered how the station could have allowed the presenter to go on air in such outfit.

Some although argued that since it’s a Cable TV and not a directly Free-to-air terrestrial TV, the dressing of the presenter may not be censored.

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  1. I don’t know what is wrong with these presenter and indecent dressing. How can you appear on a national live TV broadcast with your breasts completely open only the nipples closed?

  2. How can the TV station allow are to dress in such manner to present, this is really bad, what kind of information is she trying to pass across to the viewer

  3. The dressing is not encouraging at all, she should know what to wear and where to wear it to. Disgusting.

  4. This outfit worn by a TV presenter, doesn’t make her look responsible. I don’t why how comfortable some people feel dressed half naked.

  5. No to indecency . She presenting on such a TV channel makes her a role model . So many kids are watching . The dress is a no no no for me

  6. The dressing is not good,no matter how good she is at presenting,the station shouldn’t have allowed her to wear such outfit.

  7. Does she even realise she’s promoting pornography, does she know how many minors watch TV, the word now celebrates immorality.

  8. I think some people should learn what is called “dress sense” . There is type of cloth for every activity , there is work cloth and there is equally a party cloth and others as well. You don’t wear a party cloth to a work or whatever type of cloth she is even wearing . Why on earth would a good presenter like Yekani dress like this!

  9. “Good at presenting” my ass! What on earth is wrong with we ladies ? Who she trying to impress? Should have gone topless cos that’s exactly what this looks like

  10. This is a bad representation of journalists. I blame her producer for allowing her appear on a tv news on that disgusting dress

  11. We should stop judging peoples likes,that’s her kind of dress and she love it.why disturb your head over someone outfit

  12. This is flat track nonsense…..y wear such thing on air

    I blame the producers…..Dey shldnt have let her go on air dresses in dat

  13. This is madness not even close to fashion.she just intentional like to expose herself and think is fashion

  14. Am not surprise at all , this is comfirmation of endtime people and endtime happenings , my lord anf savoir is JESUS

  15. Organizers of events should know that they have many audience so their presenters should be very modesty in their dressing.

  16. That’s good!!! People should be mindful of what they put on, the rate of indecent dressing all over the world is too much.

  17. Why did they even allow her to enter the stage for the first place?
    The owner of the channel TV is just after money not minding the quality of his Channel TV.

  18. This is the problem, she will now think people are judging her after all she gave them a reason to our bodies aren’t for patronise, people could not even focus on what’s she saying because of her dress thats bad so bad ladies please let’s stop looking cheap on the name of looking sexy

  19. This is absolute madness. How will she feel when she is walking on the street someday and see someone pointing at her saying you breast is shapeless and sagging.

  20. This is absolutely indecent!! I can’t take this even if its a cable viewing station. What examples is she passing to viewers. The manager too should look into it,please.

  21. Well she and the station have gotten the kind of hype they needed. I never new about a station planet TV until now. They new this would go viral and it sure did.

  22. Because of fashion and modeling work, girls nowadays exposing their body to me its very wrong it is not good all even if am not the one. Pls girls try to value your self’s

  23. This is insane. So their producer doesn’t see what their presenters wear before bringing to live television? This is really bad

  24. She just want to spoil the name of that TV station they shouldn’t av allow her to present in this kind of dressing

  25. What is stunning? This is nothing but in decent dressing, how could she dress like this for a public show.

  26. This is madness. What do we call this. Newscaster or sex “caster”. Pls ladies some things are better of kept private

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