First photos from Omawumi’s traditional marriage in Warri

Few days ago, there was a viral report that ‘If you ask me’ crooner, Omawumi will be tying the nuptial knot traditionally today with her husband, Tosin Yusuf, who she already has two kids with at her hometown in Delta State.

First photos from Omawumi traditional marriage in Warri lailasnews 3

Here are first photos from the ongoing wedding in Warri, Delta State.

First photos from Omawumi traditional marriage in Warri lailasnews 1

First photos from Omawumi traditional marriage in Warri lailasnews 2


Recall that in a quiet ceremony on January 16, 2015 at Ikoyi Registry, Omawumi got married to Tosinn Yusuf who had been her longtime boyfriend and baby daddy. The marriage came after the singer got engaged to her baby daddy, Tosin Yusuf in late September 8, 2014.

Here are excerpts from a 2013 interview Omawumi had, on the her relationship with Tosin Yusuf, the man who impregnated her when her career in the music industry was still taking shape.

I never hid my child’s paternity but I felt that since I’m not married, I don’t need to come out and say this is the father of my child. It is always ideal for someone who wants to marry you to be the one to identify himself. Another thing is that he might not want to identify himself because he is not an artiste. He might not want that part of my life. He might just love me and my child. So I like to respect people’s privacy.

I also strongly feel that it is my job as a musician to entertain you and if you feel like my personal life is your business, it doesn’t mean I feel the same way.

Initially when I got pregnant, I didn’t feel the need to come out and start telling people that this is the father of my child. I didn’t feel I owed it to anyone.

My family and my close friends know who the father of my child is because we’re in a relationship. We have a very healthy relationship and our families are intertwined. I don’t think I need to start telling people all this.

I felt so bad about the stories people are writing about my child’s paternity because normally, controversies don’t get to me and my daughter don’t have to be part of this. So when people start putting that kind of stuffs in print and my daughter stumbles upon it when she is old enough to read, it will hurt her.

Considering the kind of upbringing I had, I’m not that morally bankrupt that I will now fraternize with a married man that is like a father figure to me.

You want to reveal his identity?

I don’t feel that will be necessary. I just want to use this opportunity to tell people that I will try as much as possible to be a normal artiste and I want to encourage people to try and enjoy my music. They should know that I’m a human being and they should try to understand that I tried to be a person that people can look up to.

It’s not easy but they should just try not to be concerned about my private life.


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