Photos of NURTW member shot dead at APC rally in Lagos – Graphic

Ismail Afeez, was an National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW member shot dead during a crossfire between hoodlums at the All Progressives Congress (APC’s) governorship flag off Campaign on Tuesday, 8th January 2019.

Photos of NURTW member shot dead at APC rally in Lagos lailasnews 3
Photos of NURTW member shot dead at APC rally in Lagos

According to reports, three journalists – The Nation Group Political Editor Emmanuel Oladesu, New Telegraph correspondent, Temitope Ogunbanke and Ibile Television cameraman, Abiodun Yusuf, were also hit by stray bullets during the crossfire.

The chairman of NURTW in Oshodi, Musiliu Akinsanya a.k.a MC Oluomo, was also stabbed in the neck by hoodlums.

Afeez popularly called Legacy, was shot in the head allegedly by a security detail of NURTW Chairman in Idumota.



  1. The thought of this election gives me chills
    God save us all
    And to think that this is just campaign

  2. I fear for what will happen during presidential election , if they can do this during campaign of governorship election , may his soul rest in peace

  3. It’s gradually becoming deadly. May Gos see us through in this election. May his soul rest in peace

  4. That’s sad, every time stray bullet. Violence has become the order of the day. Soon God will destroy all wicked people who cause others to suffer

  5. If this happens during campaigns, i wonder what will happen during election
    This is sad…. Rest in peace

  6. That is why even to vote I won’t near there because one thing all the other happens, look at the man shot.

  7. This is sad, why can’t we conduct violence free campaign in this country? RIP to those who lost their lives in the incident

  8. jesus crist … this guy life just wasted for some idiot that dont even give a damn if he lives or not….rest in peace

  9. Should rally be taken ones life. Can’t rally be done peacefully. Who knows if the guy is the one taken care of the family. Rip

  10. APC and violence what is it, just because of politic I guess now someone is death, my condolences

  11. So sad just campaign and this happened what will become of the main elections only God can tell. May his soul rest in peace.

  12. RIP Afeez. this is an offshoot of Nigerian politics. always a do or die affairs. one funny thing is that you can’t see children of the aspirants among the deads.

  13. We don’t need blood shed , God please help Nigeria politics, people just died for no just cause.

  14. Hmmm, the way we waste life in the name of politics it bothers me, it shouldn’t be a do or die affair

  15. Chai this should not start now why violence it’s call democracy not violence now this man is dead what will be the fate of the wife and children now.

  16. That’s how Nigeria politics his very dirty and blood shed very sad for the family of the deceased I hope the government will do something about this fighting among each other

  17. Rip, see what is happening in this country just campaign an one just death what about the presidential election

  18. When is my country going to graduate from political killings. With time, no one will be attending rally again.

  19. This is just rally so February 16 will be bad.. If the government cannot protect life then what’s the essence of gaining power?


  21. fear for what will happen during presidential election , if they can do this during campaign of governorship election , may his soul rest in peace

  22. This is not good news at all. Please they should leave the poor , let those that are putting this fire harm themselves and leave others alone for God’s asked. We are pleading. God help us.

  23. when will we Nigerians will leave this democrazy attitude and practice democracy for real in this age shooting in rally.

  24. This one that I have applied for ad-hoc staff during the election.. hmmm fear is gribbing me already. Just a campaign nawa o

  25. May God safe and protect us from untimely death.may his soul rest in peace and quick recovery to MC oluomo

  26. So it wasn’t just stabbing.. Another person got shot… This is really sad.. Those who engage is this unscrupulous act should be apprehended and brought to justice.. And the political party in this matter should do something about its security.. Things are getting out of hands.. How do you expect people to show up at your rally when they don’t feel safe. How do you expect people to come out to vote on election day when they don’t feel safe with occurrence like this?

  27. What went wrong. Is just rally, sensitization, awareness and is this bloody. What will happen at the election proper. Plylets tighten up security. And it will make people not to come out due to fear

  28. Just take a good look at how your life just ended I have told you always embrace things of peace and not something that can bring war… May your soul rest in peace anyways

  29. I dont know why people will just engage in violence during campaigns when they are not the ones contesting , Rip to the dead

  30. Crazy things happen during all these campaign rallies.. Hope that the security system will be tightened

  31. All this thugs will never listen they will pay you to fight naw u loose ur life n u wnt witness the GOVERNMENT that you fought for….NONSENSE PEOPLE may God forgive you

  32. Despite all the awareness of a violent free election still something like happens in lagos of all places despite claiming to be one of the most secured states in Nigeria.. If a campaigne rally could be this bloody i just don’t want to imagine the worse for the upcoming general elections.. But what is the connection between all these NRTW agberos with politicians are they into politics, they jump and follow politicians all because of money now he is dead what did he gain.. I am just picturing how many people will fall as a result of this nonsense that involved Mc Olu-omo of all agberos.. Oshodi residents will feel the impact.. I pray for people who live around that area

  33. This weak me down, this occurred during Rally, so what is going to happen on election, may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  34. This is so sad, if this is happening during campaign what will then happen during election. We have to be careful.

  35. Is this what politics is all about? Those you have laid down your lives for are relaxing in their homes with their families while your family have been thrown into mourning. We need to have a rethink.

  36. must they waste life before they did election this has been tradition in Nigeria politics I still pray for peace full election

  37. This election is very deadly I most confess. God see us through. Let the government employ some security agent to look into these incidents

  38. We are just starting campaign and this is happening God help us all to be peaceful in the coming election

  39. Rip to the dead and people should be extra Careful during the campaign… There will always be some bad eggs among them

  40. This is a sad news to hear, and these politicians told us that this year election is going to be violence free,so what are they using gun for all in the name of campaign,may God have mercy on us in Nigeria.I pray God will take over in this forthcoming election

  41. Oh no….this is too bad,wat Will happen then during election when their mouth speak free election but their actions says oder wise

  42. let those that are putting this fire harm themselves and leave others alone for God’s asked. We are pleading. God help us.

  43. Why the violence i dont want nigerian politics to become do or die affairs if it become some thing lije tbus it will cause a big problem for the country

  44. What a bad omen may the dead rest in peace, some don’t like peace at all. Police should do a clean Job and fish the hoodlums out

  45. And you died for nothing, the nonsense politicians you lost your life are there enjoying themselves. I pray the youth of this nation will receive sense and stop putting their life at stake for this politicians who doesn’t care whether they live or die.

  46. This is terrible… elections has not started and people have started dieing… what will happen when it starts proper.

  47. What a pity, now that election have not start people have start killing their self, I wonder what will happen when election start.

  48. This sooo terrible may almighty God always protect us the issue of this politics is now something else

  49. Is This what we call democracy? I think Nigerians have to be extra careful this time around.
    May his soul rest in peace

  50. Let everyone be extra ordinary careful during this election period, may his soul rest in perfect peace

  51. That is why to vote I won’t near there because one thing all the other happens, look at the man shot.

  52. This is just rally, and one person is already dead and many wounded,,,, does that means the election is gonna be bloody??,,,, may God help us ,,, and may his soul rest in peace

  53. This is a tragedy, we should all leave politics of acrimony, I dont know why our people derive funs in killing their fellow human beings. The perpetrator should be brought to book

  54. Is bloodshed a must in Nigeria politics? OMG! this is serious…rip.speedy recovery to those that are recovering from stray bullet or those that got stabbed.this is bad oh…i just imagine what will happen wen is election time.

  55. This is too bad what will these political party members gain in killing souls are the suppose to carry guns during rally? this matter weak me oh, rest in peace bros.

  56. Just because of party rally, we are killing ourselves… This is very bad… May the guy soul rest in peace..

  57. This is serious during rally bloodshed already what will happen during election may God save us from all this in our state and country

  58. Poor man caught amidst the trouble of politics…
    When will nigerians become civilized, must all elections be violent?

  59. Nigerian election period HSS started collecting blood already. God help and protect us thought this period oh.

  60. Can we for once have a peaceful election. See what is happening in rally then imaging what will happen in the real election.

  61. Apc can’t even ensure security in their rally not to talk of a state,its like insecurity follows them may his soul rest in peace.

  62. This is sad, but I hear the police has arrested two persons believed to be masterminds of the violence.

  63. That’s the dangers of the type of politics we play in this country. Let his soul rest in peace.

  64. This is so sad. Rallies are meant to be free and fair not a die hard one . A particular party interfering in another party rally is not right . I call on the police to bring down this injustice and persecute those guilty for this

  65. Now that you are dead all in the name of politics, does it stop what will be..
    I think this issue political hooliganism should stop. May your soul rip legacy

  66. All this rubbish should stop, not because of just rally it should now be taken peoples life.. Say no to violence….

  67. What is going on in this country? Why do people have to fight and kill themselves all in the name of politics (election). God help this country and the people in it. What a lost, rest in peace Ismail.

  68. Nigerian youths wasting their lives for politicians while their own kids are abroad. Our mumu never do.

  69. Politics without blood shedding, may his soul rest in peace and may God give the family members to bear the loss.


  71. Power corrupt, absolutely power corrupt absolutely. This is what Nigeria democracy is all about.


  73. This is just as a result of election and politics, may his soul rest in peace and may God grant his loved ones strenght to bear the loss.

  74. God will heal him, but nawa for this politicians is it a must they cause havoc during campaigns

  75. This is really sad. May his soul rest in peace and may God give his family the fortitude to bear the loss

  76. When will Nigerian politic be without violence and this kind of dirty story. Meanwhile all the peace packs on earth has been signed. Young people wise up.

  77. Politics isn’t a do or die affair neither is it a must to tussle for a post that will take life. Nigeria wise up.

  78. If a life can be lost during a mere rally, what will happen during the forth coming election. God help us

  79. One day we will get it right,
    Both factions shooting each other now went to Ekiti and Osun states during governorship election as supporters of APC, many innocent people in Osun state shoot at killed or wounded went unreported, immediate family members are left to morn or care for their family members

  80. The same APC rally?
    May his soul rest in eternal peace.
    Quicklm recovery to those that were also hit by stray bullets during the crossfire.

  81. This is unfortunate, may God continue to guide and protect his children, and also comfort the family of the departed soul, it is well

  82. They have started this is just the tip of the iceberg more death will be discovered again in this campaign

  83. What has NURTW has to do with APC rally? This election should just come and go so that Nigerians will know what the future holds for them

  84. Now politicians within APC has used them to achieve their aims. All people souls can not rest in peace and you out there want to be thug for any politican, think of what maybe be your family’s faith after your death

  85. It was an unfortunate incident, that was totally avoidable
    Condolence to the families of the deceased ,quick recovery to the wounded

  86. The results of violence is death and tears we gain nothing from it… Elections should be a cause for violence

  87. Wasting your lives for useless politicians who can’t remember you when they get to the position. May his soul rest in peace

  88. can’t they conduct a peaceful election, imagine common rally they are killing people then imagine how the election will be. I pray God help us…. O

  89. Such healthy person shot dead just like that all in the name of political rally and the painful part is that this politician of which he died for may not even give a hoot about the berieved family

  90. This one that they are already killing their selves if the really election comes how are they going to do it Lord have mercy and deliver us from the wicked

  91. May the souls of those that lost their lives rest in peace. How I wish people would learn from this.

  92. Wow see how handsome he his rest in perfect peace, Oga ooo no body is safe in this our country again

  93. If a life can be loss in a mere rally; what then will be the fate of the masses in the upcoming elections? God help Nigerians

  94. May his soul rest in peace. This is a careless death. May God give the family the heart to bear this loss. People should avoid allowing themselves to get killed because of nonsense politics.

  95. This election should not be a do or die affair for us. We can do rally even without shedding any blood. Rest in peace to all the victims And quick recovery to the injured

  96. This is what happened when both leading/ruling parties are not in good terms,
    May his soul rest in peace.. i hope this killing stop someday. my condolences to his family.

  97. Honestly this nonsense has to stop in this country. Can you imagine in just one state election so what will now happen last month

  98. Plsease this is disheartening. Did people follow them there just for this or what.
    we don’t want a bloody election this year abeg

  99. Nigeria politics is a dangerous game everyone should be careful. May his soul rest in peace ,i feel so bad for his family and loved ones.

  100. They should have settled things before going into the rally…thats bad for people in the same line..

  101. These violence should stop please, the way this is going now is something else Pls let’s just try and make this peaceful

  102. Ordinary campaign they are killing people what will now happen during electionary? May God help us

  103. This is one of the reason why i don’t like voting. Nigerian politics is a dirty game. May his soul rest in peace and may God comfort his family.

  104. The day they decided to j ooo n this sect was the day they signed their death, they just didn’t know how soon. Rest in Peace

  105. What a world! Nigerian politics God help us. Rest in peace. May God grant ur family the fortitude to bear the loss.

  106. Just imagine how he died for government who care less of him Chai this is really bad.. Nigeria politics is a dirty game to involve yourself with

  107. This is serious oo just tally people are dying already what will now happen when the election start.

  108. Nigeria politics and bloodsheds. I fear for what will happen during a presidential election if they can do this during a campaign of governorship election. May his soul rest in peace.

  109. its is only in Nigeria i know that politics, hooliganism and violence are siblings. Why did they even appoint them for the flag off rally in the first place.

  110. How lives are lost. So this new year like this, u no see reach the 10th… Gangsterism don’t pay.

  111. Guns blazing without any sanctity for human life. They follow orders of politicians who are in the comfort of their homes with kids and wife.

  112. I sympathize with the family of the deceased. Nigerian politics is an absolute dirty game. Not encouraging at all.

  113. What can cause shooting?why fighting and killing?only God knows what will happen during the presidential campaign Lord pls save us may his soul rest in peace

  114. God pls we don’t want blood shed in this coming elections. May God help him. God bless Nigeria

  115. This is brutal. Is this a sign of what is to come in the forth coming election? Lord please help us in Nigeria. May his soul rest in peace.

  116. All these because they are loyal to one man. If they tell this deceased man to stay back home and not to go to that rally, will he stay back? No. He would rather pledge his loyalty to one man all because of money. Now see how it ended.

  117. Elections has not even started and this already happening, I wonder what will happen when the elections begins. May God almighty save us all. RIP to the departed souls..

  118. The security should investigate and know the candidate this people are working for and arrest and prosecute them to help stop election violence in the country.

  119. See the way people are dying all in the name of election, one has to be careful wit this rally as election will still hold even when they die.

  120. Rest in peace, careless death…wasting your life for politicians who doesn’t know you are in existence

  121. I really wonder the kind of politics that is practice in Nigeria, doing primary election we record death, campaign we record death.during election we record more deaths, most our electoral process be blood bath?

  122. Why all this violent outbreaks all in the name of politics.People killing each other for this dirty game called politics

  123. What a loss to his family. If he was told not to go for the rally it will be as if you don’t like him now he will be remembered in the grave

  124. In the name of election… Plz my head will not be seen.. We Nigerian should be very careful about this coming election.

  125. This our country self…
    Election in this country is just war
    God pls save us ooo..may his soul rest in peace Amen

  126. Bad news surrounds this election that us upcoming
    I pray for the security of my friends and loved ones

  127. This is so sad.Rest in peace to Afeez.I keep saying it that politics is a dirty game.Now, lives are involved. I hope the people in critical conditions get better.NURTW palaver

  128. When will it be in Nigeria that they will do election peacefully without any form of blood shed?
    RIP man! It’s just so unfortunate

  129. This is a sad news
    May his soul rest in peace
    Maybe he haven’t even gotten anything from this people he is campaigning for and he lost his life like that

  130. I will not agree with this to be not a political issues there must be something hidden behind his death

  131. It is a pity that this is what we see from our political leaders….people we claim to be our leaders by share stroke Of The pen, they snuff out lives with impunity…. God is judge of all.

  132. It is high time we learn to be mindful of these politicians. Their children are save somewhere

  133. This is very bad. Since we all know that it is very close to election time. We need to be very careful.

  134. Oh my God, they’ve thrown his family in a great tumult, rip to him and quick recovery to MC Oluomo

  135. Election is coming, you guys have started killing yourself, so bad, people should be warned, may his soul rest in peace,

  136. Hoodlums! Who are they. Nigerian life is not valued why? Unauthorized people carry gun and lives are lost still no one is held accountable. Imagine if campaigns are like this, how will the elections be? God deliver us oooo.

  137. Apc party of lagos thugs and they have nothing to offer, seeing this one now leaving behind his family behind such a sorrow moment for his family. RIP

  138. Election election.. Nigeria politics is something else
    May his soul rest in peace ….
    We all should be careful

  139. This is so heart breaking, may God help Nigerians and this politics that always involve blood she’d.

  140. This is a very terrible news…. I feel sad for the pain his family has to go through… May his soul rest in peace and may God give the family of the deceased person the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen.

  141. What a pity see a promising young man throwing his life away because of one politician who may not even recognize him. Come to think of it when will our people stop following this politicians as thugs while their own children are in UK and US.

  142. That was too bad condoles to his family and friends resurraction hope is certain wen they are going to see him again

  143. Political internal crisis! But the politicians are not affected but the innocent ones.why are we wasting our lives for all this selfish politicians who eat in Nigeria and have their anus in abroad

  144. Nigeria election do or die affair which is not they just waste this man may his soul rest in peace

  145. A soul has gone all in the name of politicking. May the soul of the departed rest in the blossom of the lord.

  146. Chai! May God grant them rest eternal and send the Holy spirit to console those they left to mourn them.

  147. Journalists always put their life in the line while doing their jibs. May his soul rest in peace.

  148. this is very terrible. election has not started and yet people are already dying for it. God should protect us in this election period.

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