Photo of a man found in a bottle flowing on a river in Ghana

‘Wonders they say shall never end’. A strange photo of an unidentified man has been found in a bottle flowing on a river in Ghana.

The bottle which looked like a spell cast on the man has some fetish substances alongside a crucifix.

Photo of a man found in a bottle flowing on a river in Ghana Lailasnews 1

According to reports coming out of Ghana, the bottle was found on the Bonsa River at Tarkwa in the Western Region of the country.

Witchcraft is quite popular in Africa and it is not an uncommon sight to see fetish substances in public places across the countries on the continent. Although this is not limited to Africa only, as just last month, it was reported that another bottle of a man was found along the beach in a Caribbean country.

A Facebook User Keneci Taylor has shared her shocking experience at a Beach she visited. According to Taylor, she saw Photo of a man tied inside a red bottle as Juju to tie his destiny, Though the man’s name is unknown, but its sure looks scary.

Photo of a man found in a bottle flowing on a river in Ghana Lailasnews 2

She wrote ;

This is how some people are wicked look what wash out of the beach water on land people be careful of some of them people here

These kinds of bottles are known as spell bottles in the western world. In Central and South America, especially in Peru, spell bottles are created and are customarily filled with a variety of hand-made and natural botanical lucky and protective amulets and curios.

Most of them contain a combination of native folk-magical charms and religious artifacts such as holy prints, the crucifix and small hand-painted soapstone

When put into action, the bottle is filled with oil mixed with the concocted charms and then the photo of whoever needs to be spelled is then inserted into the bottle and sealed. Incantations are then made over the bottle and then sent into exile, either through the sea or a flowing river.


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