Peter Okoye says: “I’m making more money as solo artist”

Nigerian singer Peter Okoye of the defunct- PSquare, says he makes more money now as a solo artist than before.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, Peter who now goes by the name Mr. P, said he enjoys more freedom now than when he was in the group.

According to him, he no longer have to split his earnings three ways and can cancel shows when ever he wants.

“Hundred percent, I am. I don’t have to share three ways. Call it greed or selfishness. It’s your own cup of tea. I share with nobody. Yes, my management and my team. Fine. But I’m doing my own thing. I’m freer.

I’m making more money. Freedom is key. I can get a call that there’s a show next week and it’s my daughter’s birthday. I can say, ‘cancel it’. As a group, I couldn’t do that. Moneywise, if I used to share three ways, I share alone.

What am I doing music for? It’s about doing it how I feel it. It’s not even about the money. But when it comes to that, I make more than I was while in the group”he said


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