People mistake me for my daughter’s sister – Youthful 57-year-old woman

A youthful 57-year-old woman, Sharon Malczewski, who is always mistaken for her daughter’s sister, has expressed how she has to explain to people she is the mother.

Her daughter Andrea Malczewski, 34, also confirmed her mum’s statement as she said they’re often mistaken for sisters.

People mistake me for my daughter's sister - Youthful 57-year-old woman lailasnews 3
People mistake me for my daughter’s sister – Youthful 57-year-old woman

Mum of two Andrea says she has to regularly explain to people that Sharon is her mum, not her sibling. Sharon credits her youthful looks to regular exercise, a good sense of style, and always wearing sunblock, Metro UK reports.

They also both work as hair stylists, so their manes look pretty great too.

Andrea, who lives in Hawaii, US, said:

‘My mum and I are super close, and even though we live apart we still manage to catch up every day.
‘It is pretty funny when people ask “are you two sisters?” ‘But it’s no surprise because my mum looks more like she is in her thirties than nearly 60.
‘People are always complimenting my mum and saying how awesome she is, it’s good that she looks after herself and keeps super fit for her age.
‘She often asks for my advice when shopping, we tend to wear similar things, but she will never buy anything that would make her look like she is trying to be young.

‘My mum loves to wear skin tight midi dresses but would never wear a mini one like I do.’ The mum and daughter are super close despite their geographical distance and 23 year age gap, having run four marathons together and nine half marathons.

‘I grew up watching my mum being a hairdresser so I decided to follow her footsteps,’ says Andrea.

‘We both can’t trust anyone else to do our hair, so we only go to each other, even if it does mean a five and a half hour flight as I live in Hawaii and she lives in Washington.

‘She has been my hairstylists since birth, running partner and the listening ear that I can call anytime of the day or night.

‘She is my go-to-girl if I ever need anything as I am with her, I think I definitely help keep her young.’
Sweet, right? Sharon, who also has a son called Jason, 32, and two grandchildren, says she loves being glamorous.
‘I love going shopping with Andrea as she will give me an honest opinion and help me find something nice, we like to match as much as we can,’ says Sharon.


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