Pennywise Wealth Management scam trends as disappears from the internet


Pennywise Wealth Management scam is trending after Pennywise Wealth Management website – seems to have suddenly disappeared from the internet.

According to reports online, Pennywise wealth management, a pyramid scheme that promised 2% daily ROI in dollars has crashed allegedly leaving with investors funds.

Before Pennywise website suddenly disappeared from the internet, there was no details about Pennywise Wealth Management address on their contact page. Also, there was no list of Pennywise Wealth Management company employeers or a management team. So there is really nobody Pennywise customers can contact to find out what is really going on.

According to Whois, Pennywise Wealth Management website was registered on the internet 23rd July 2018. At this moment, only Pennywise Wealth Management Instagram and Facebook pages are still available on the internet.

Pennywise owners had claimed they were undergoing a maintenance upgrade and will be back before 21st August, 2020. Today is 22nd August 2020 and is no longer available on the internet. An error message that says server not found is seen instead.

Worried customers who say they had invested so much money, dollars in the scheme have taken to Facebook to lament their fears and hopes that the site returns.

An investigation by NoGoFallMaga revealed Pennywise Wealth Management phone number as 08035216067 and 08083957580

These phone numbers were used by Pennywise Wealth Management on two Facebook adverts they ran in 2019 and February 2020 to promote Pennywise Wealth Management.

Searching google for the phone number 08035216067 listed on the Pennywise advert led to a service run by a “Wealth Producer” in Port Harcourt.

NoFallMaga also found connections between Pennywise Wealth Management and,



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