Peace Mass Transit Chairman wins Integrity Award for returning N2.2billion wrongly paid into his account

Peace Mass Transit Chairman Dr Sam Onyishi has won the Business Integrity Of The Year award for Returning over N2.2billion naira wrongly paid into his account by his bank.

Peace Mass Transit Chairman wins integrity award

The Chairman of Nigeria’s leading transport company Peace Mass Transit, Dr Sam Onyishi has been awarded the 2019 Business Integrity of the year award by influential business newspaper Hallmark Newspaper group.

Business Hallmark recently held its 2019 Annual Business Hallmark People of the Year Awards with notable personalities, industry leaders and policy influencers as well as organisations that have contributed to the growth and development of their chosen career path and the economy at large, rewarded for the unflinching roles and impact they have had through the year.

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The award ceremony took place on Sunday, November 10 at Civic centre Victoria Island Lagos.

Dr Sam Onyishi was given the 2019 Prestigious Business Integrity Award due to the unprecedented action of returning over N2.2billion naira that was wrongly credited to his account.

While receiving the award from the chairman of the occasion Prof Anya, Dr Sam Onyishi explained to the audience what happened.

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In his words, he requested for $3 million from his bank only to be credited with $10 million N2,219,500,000 an extra $7 million which did not come from his money.

I wanted to take 3 million dollars and they paid ten Million Dollars instead. I called them and informed my bank that the amount they paid to me was more than the amount I requested. They told me that the extra 7 million Dollars was my money.

Immediately I got the alert, I checked my balance with my bank, the money did not come from my account balance with the bank as the account balance is showing that $3 million left my account and not $10 million.

I immediately sent an email to the bank in Enugu who replied back that the money belongs to me.

I replied back that how can I own a whole $7 million dollar and I did not know about that.

“I was angry with them. I asked them how come I have this kind of money and I’m not aware of it. I asked them how come they went ahead to invest my money without telling me so that I can use my money and then I can know how much I have.

“I told them that they have failed to give me a statement of my account even when I have demanded it severally. I discovered later that the amount was even more than what we are talking about because there was another person I asked the bank to pay money to whom they even paid extra.

“I made enquiries and they told me that I should wait until when it is time for banks to do reconciliation, they will discover whether the fault was from my bank, Central Bank or the receiving bank. I waited for a whole month and no one called me. I told the devil that he is a deceiver and a liar. He knows that I need money now that is why this thing is happening.”

So while this is happening, he was tempted to keep the money but in his mind, he said no, God blessing makes rich and it adds no sorrow.

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This money does not belong to him so he needs to return it, he concluded.

Dr Sam Onyishi emphasised that life is all about integrity and it means standing for what is right and upright even when one is alone. He stressed that the nation needs people that are driven by integrity, not eye-service and are not influenced by anything.

So on 6th of August 2019, I called journalists and bank officials and then returned the $7 million which is over N2.2billion naira which was wrongly paid into my account and this is why we are here.

While Dr Sam Onyishi was narrating his story, guests and co awardee like popular lawyer Mike Ozekhome (SAN) and veteran broadcaster Bisi Olatilo were on their feet clapping for the billionaire businessman for this rare act of honesty.

The award was presented by the chairman of the event Professor Anya O Anya and Chief Marc Wabara.

Business Hallmark Newspaper is one of Nigeria’s leading business and financial information providers. Its weekly and daily publication and online reports have become authoritative reference points in financial, business, socio-political news, features and analysis

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