Paul Carsten calls out Facebook page claiming Atiku will give away parts of Borno to Boko Haram

Paul Carsten, a Reuters Journalist has called out a Facebook page ‘Make Nigeria Worse Again’, which claimed that Atiku will give away parts of Borno to Boko Haram for a ceasefire.

Paul Carsten calls out Facebook page claiming Atiku will give away parts of Borno to Boko Haram lailasnews

The post from the Facebook page read;

We must stop Atiku’s hellish plan to GIVE AWAY parts of Borno State and oil to Boko Haram in exchange for a cease-fire. Share this video with all your friends we MUST STOP THIS HORRIBLE PLAN!!!

However reacting to this, Paul Carsten who called out the Facebook page, disclosed that he almost believed the claims made on the page. He wrote;

Oh wow. I got a video ad on Facebook claiming @atiku plans to give away parts of Borno and oil (what oil?) to Boko Haram in exchange for a ceasefire.

… Amazing how many replies I got thinking I believe this. Also it’s interesting, if you try and report the ad to @facebook, they didn’t have an appropriate choice for the kind of content (they had things like nudity, hate speech, fraud, impostor account, etc) – but on another ad I could select “False News” and similar.

This is coming barely few hours after Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, disclosed that fake news caused him a marital crisis.

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  1. This is one of the fake news that tears things apart. Who be this one again. Does the north have oil, can he really give where he didn’t belong to ? Well in Nigeria nothing is in long as you have power.

  2. I can’t believe this. I guess the enemy has done this just to paint Atiku black and red for him not to elected. This must be be investigated properly.

  3. Hmmmm… Wonders shall never seize to abound.. Take counsel together and it shall come to naught.. It shall not come pass!

  4. This should better not be the truth, so many people are already rooting for Atiku as the next president of Nigeria, this kind of news can change the mind of his supporters.

  5. we know who to choose so they should stop wasting their time, they can’t kill us before our time period

  6. I have never heard such thing in my life. I just pray this is not true because I dunno why our leaders are just too callous

  7. People spreading fake news on social media be warned ..this isn’t right at all..doesn’t even make sense

  8. That Man is is very stupid and moreover what did he know about Nigeria. He sponsors by some people who against PDP.

  9. Politics is indeed a game, anyone can rubbish anyone’s name to get favour from the public. Don’t take what they say to heart make ur own investigations

  10. Hate speech every were in the name of power, vote wisely, if you think you are better of under this government then vote for them.

  11. Fake news is being spread than good news. this should be stopped how can atiku do such a thing, it’s not possible.

  12. He has already said he will sell the 4 refineries and privatize NNPC… So him giving out part of Borno and oil for cease fire won’t be hard to him

  13. How can a full grown man say this kind of thing to human,u giving them out its for help or for them to be killed

  14. What a scandalous way to get one angry and irritated. How can? We need to be careful of the kind of false news we share on social media.

  15. Una don start again with all this political propaganda people should stop all this lies you are carrying about everywhere.

  16. Where on earth did this man get the news from? This write up is tantamount to hate speech that is preached against in Naija today

  17. I don’t think Atiku is planning of that. I believe is a hand work of people trying to stop Atiku from wining

  18. I can sense the truth in that story, Atiku can do anything worse for the people of Borno since he knows they don’t like him

  19. How can outsider give a news of a man he don’t even know, bit this should never be truth cause people are standing out for atiku

  20. You are not from Nigeria , how come you are talking about Borno and Nigeria at large? be careful! this is fake can be persecuted for it.

  21. All this fake news broadcaster should be abolished. Which one is Atiku and Borno and oil doesn’t make any sense to me.

  22. Something need to be do about all these ” Fake News” issues seriously. It’s really getting out of control

  23. Where is this rumor coming from, politics can be so frustrating and full of lies. I hope they resolve this issues

  24. The Buhari supporters must be the ones behind it.They want victory by all means but they won’t get it.I just hope people will get to report the page because such an information is indeed misleading

  25. how did you know that atiku will do that, you are not in Nigeria and you know what is going on, since you have the video, plz don’t hold it back show us the evidence, I don’t believe in what I do not see evidence

  26. Please whose report are we going to believe. We don’t even know who is telling the truth and who is lying. I hope this is not the hand work of Atiku ”s political opponent.

  27. I hope this is not another plan of tarnishing his image but if it’s really true he should be look up to

  28. This is a hate speech and should be banned from social media plss the last time I checked,Atiku is not from Bornu,so where is all this coming from?

  29. The news can’t be true, in fact it is far from truth cos it can’t happen. It’s a political propaganda.

  30. The parts of Borno which you said he’ll give them, and the lives lost everyday, which is more valuable?

  31. When will politicians stop hiding all there secret acts and start being plane may God save us all

  32. The truth is that fake news and hate can set a whole country on fire, so let’s be careful on how we share news, pictures and videos on a social media

  33. Posting of wrong information and news is one issue Nigerian government should look into in other to correct most of the anomalies that are befalling this country. It will create more problems and divisibility in the system, and until it starts happening these things are just hear say.

  34. This is propaganda of the highest order.fake news ,hate speech from the ruling party APC.they can lie for anybody

  35. When sole Soyinka said fake news was going to cause ww3 and will start in Nigeria, he wasn’t far from the truth.. All this just for political votevn support.. Election is near, people are now making fake videos of each parties

  36. what that what Atiku told you? this might not be true…boko haram is politically instigated, aggrieved politicians using it to fight their assumed enemies.

  37. People should actually cause war in this country because of fake news..where they are getting it is what i don’t kno

  38. So u guys don’t have sense still circulating fake news, is atiku from borno, or u think atiku is not educated that he will do such nuisance

  39. Fake news everywhere, tarnishing people image and causing problem. I think that handle spreading such rumour should be jailed.

  40. If paul comes to nigeria to stay then we would take him seriously. Besides the state is not for atiku to privatise.

  41. fake or true non of us know until then, but am still laughing what does he know about Nigeria or maybe he has a CCTV in his bathroom.


  43. I won’t disagree with the post Atiku is worse than that he’s capable of doing that that’s y any Nigeria youth who want peace to reign in this country won’t vote Atiku at all am not saying the APC candidate is a saint but he’s still okay


  45. I strongly believe that all these propaganda and hate speech will end once elections are over. God bless Nigerian.

  46. I can’t believe this. I guess the enemy has done this just to paint Atiku black and red for him not to elected.

  47. Some Nigerians have started again with their fake news. Dont they know that are causing more problems to the people

  48. Each political party claim of been the best but after the winning you now see their true motive.
    God help Nigeria

  49. Just as Soyinka reveals that Fake news may cause 3rd word war, i believe him totally, this one is example of what he is trying to say, fake news all around the corner, i wonder!

  50. I believe atiku is capable of doing anything in Nigeria just to make his just stays relevant . Atiku has being a power and such a video on Facebook should not be taken for granted

  51. We can’t fall for these fake news again. APC at work here, this format is old source for another way. Nigeria politics is a total mess

  52. Is this another Lai Muhammad with his usual story nee please Mr man respect yourself and let Peace reign

  53. Nobody knows the reason behind Boko Haram killings. So I don’t think giving out part of a whole state will stop everything rather it will get worse.

  54. Politics! Politics!…….Don’t mind them with their rumor, this is just part of the compaign

  55. We don’t even know what to ignore and what to pay attention to anymore,but I don’t expect this to be true anyway

  56. Though I don’t know how true is this but I think Atiku will never use such as campaign and if it a lie then why will people want to destroy people image because of selfish interest. But God knows best

  57. Stricter punishment for creators of FAKE NEWS should be put in our law books before 3rd world war is started by fake news carriers.

  58. This can’t be true, if Atiku gives part of Born to BokoHaram it means he is empowering them to strife more.

  59. Nigerians should be careful of these fake news peddlers ohh other wise the prediction of Soyinka might come true.

  60. They are just playing pranks. Politics isn’t a do or die.. They should learn from their founder

  61. Wole Soyinka has said it that Rumour and fake news will be the one to cause 3rd world war and it will start from Nigeria.

  62. Is politics where hate speech and false aligation is the order of the day. Obviously this is the hand work of the opposition.

  63. This Is all lie.How can that happenm?Is atiku the owner of bornue state? I think this news Is fake.

  64. It is a fake news Atiku can not do that ,this is a plan from the opposition party to pant him black nobody should believe that story

  65. Fake news again, people should be careful with how they spoil someone identity, Mr Paul the fake journalist that keeps giving rumors are you a Nigerian, whats your proof.

  66. Atiku will not even get to power let alone giving parts of Nigeria to Boko Haram in exchange for ceasefire. Insha Allau PMB will be reelected

  67. Politics… You people won’t kill us in this country
    Wether hate speech or only God can save us

  68. All this are part of the plans the apc has put in place to tamper with the forthcoming general elections

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