Paul Adefarasin advises Nigerians on who to vote for

Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on the Rock Cathedral has advised Nigerians to vote for leaders who would ensure a good economy and also fight against genocide.

Paul Adefarasin advises Nigerians on who to vote for

In a viral video, Paul Adefarasin stated that voters should check the resume of candidates and vote for those who will bring infrastructural development and unity to the country.

He said:

”It has been said that the Nation, rises and fall on the quality or lack of quality on that she has.

”We have the profound opportunity to choose our leaders and it is not hard to discern great leaders.

”look at what they evidence, look at what they have in their resumes and vote your values, vote for inclusion, vote against genocide, vote for economic viability, vote for economic democracy.

”Vote for infrastructure development and vote for and vote for our cohesive unity and harmony as a people so that together we can build a nation, whose builder and maker is the almighty God.

”Nobody can build a nation more than him and the people who are yielded by justice, righteousness, equity, and peace.”



  1. Pastor Paul, thanks for your advise. We know who we will vote for. Keep your advise to ur family a d friends.

  2. We have the right which is our vote and it really going to count, we need wisdom and common sense to tell us whom to vote for….

  3. I’m grateful for your input,but do they want to hear you out.Have you tried to go out there &tell them to get it right this time….its a herculean task really!!

  4. I feel that people should not be compelled to vote for certain politicians. I decide on who I want to vote for

  5. His advice is a good one. The implication of this statement is “Don’t vote for Buhari”. Anybody but Buhari

  6. Biko I’m Atikulated and obified. Business is not moving at all a cup of ogbono in the market is 800 naira. Poverty is too much hunger everywhere. The population of beggars now is too much. Ritual is too much.

  7. Nigerians already knows who to vote for, thanks for the advice sir. May God help us to choose the right person though.

  8. All this preachings still summarized in voting for atiku because he is the only candidate that can solve the problems we are facing now with his capacity.

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