#pastorbiodunfatoyinbo: Live Reports from COZA church service in Abuja

A twitter user @RodneyAVO is giving live reports from COZA church service in Abuja, amidst the protest on-going at the preemies of the church

The senior pastor of the church Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is currently under fire for allegedly raping Timi Dakolo’s wife, Busola Dakolo when she was just a teenager.

Live Reports from COZA church service in Abuja

Nigerians however decide to stage a protest today at the church to force the pastor to step down from his position as the leader of the church.

See the live reportage by @RodneyAVO




Once the Senior Pastor @BiodunFatoyinbo face came on the screen, the crowd went wild. The brainwashing is elite level.
Testimony time! Bogus names and Bogus stories. God just coming through for people like it’s Christmas day. And the crowd goes wild!!! BRAINWASH
Getting into the premises was wild. They banned jotters, searched bags, and had extra security just to make sure ‘enemies of the church’ don’t sully their platform..
Ok now they have women coming on stage, sharing their ‘encounters’ with the pastor. This is some real PR/damage control. “Pastor this. Pastor that. Pastor”
Every one of them on stage looking tush af. Not one hair out of place. Everybody got on some blinging jewelry.
One of them said, “Pastor touched my life” me and my guy giggled. The crowd cheered! Brain what? WASH!!!
All the ushers are on high alert — On the look out for any ‘rotten apple’ that bypassed the security checks. Any protesters who will disrupt the service. I’m here for this!
Everybody’s testimonies involve money💵… It’s like Coza’s God doesn’t do mental health problems or matters of the soul. Everybody getting rich in this bitch. Maybe I should join..
Only women giving testimonies. They’re all speaking about how Pastor changed their lives. They are really dick riding this dude. Like their salvation depends on it. And it’s only 10am.
Apparently, They paid a bunch of Hausa boys 10k to come and protest. Coza Mafia!!!
Pastor also announced the cancelation one of their upcoming events because their guest speakers didn’t want to be associated with the scandal. Not a good look.
I have to say COZA’s PR machine is topnotch. The damage control they did ehn… Even I couldnt tell if I was at the correct location. Women praising this dude like he is the second Coming of Jesus


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