Pastor who canceled couple’s wedding because they came late is dead

Nigerian pastor, Essa Ogorry who canceled a wedding because the couple were few minutes late to church has died on the same date his wife died.

Earlier this month, there was chaos in Port Harcourt church as members and wedding guests clash after the pastor refused to wed a couple because they arrived 5 minutes late to church.

Video of a devastated couple went viral after a pastor went to his office and declined to wed them at the came late to the church wedding.

The heartbroken bride was seen in the footage crying while the groom tries to console her outside the church building, as the pastor went in to his office while refusing to listen to the couple as they plea.

The church members were seen in the video defending the pastor while the wedding guests slammed the pastors.

Tributes are now pouring in for Essa Ogorry after his demise, and his church has released a video of him tagged: “Our cherished moments with Pastor Essa Ogorry.”

A member took to Facebook to claim the pastor was sick and came from Lagos to Port Harcourt for the wedding, which is why he was strict with the couple when they arrived late.

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