Pastor Emmanuel Iren clears air on finding his wife sexy during prayer

Pastor Emmanuel Iren who is the lead pastor of Celebration Church International in Lagos, has cleared the air on the statement he made few days back.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren clears air on finding his wife sexy during prayer

The cleric started a convo when he revealed on social media that he find his wife sexy whenever she prays and can’t wait for her to come discuss with him after the prayer.

While some social media users wished to get married soon so as to have such experience, some were quick to question why he would have such thought during prayer.

In a new post on his Twitter, Pastor Emmanuel Iren has now spoken more on the statement, stating that he wasn’t referring to fervent prayer.

See what he wrote below;

Hey fellas,
It’s been few days since this tweet of mine went viral (on instablog, Tundeednut and a few other platforms).
After going through some of the reactions, I decided to talk about it a little.

First, I’m encouraged that majority of the responses were “God when” responses.
“How’s that’s encouraging?” you ask. Well the fact that my marriage could stir people to want to get married as opposed to the popular dreadful narrative about marriage is humbling.

Make no mistake. My marriage is far from perfect. But my wife and I are committed to trusting God and loving each other. To know that people find our sincere attempt at that encouraging is humbling.

Other folks were bothered by the idea of a man admiring his wife whilst she prayed. Someone even implied that I won’t “make heaven” because of that.

Maybe their imagination of the tweet was an exaggeration of what actually happened. Or it’s a theological problem. Let’s discuss.

You see, not all prayers are the same in fervency, duration or even importance. Jesus often left his disciples to pray on mountains but also some times prayed in-between conversations with the same disciples Luke 10:19-22, John 12:26-28.

Some prayers are so sacred that no form of interaction with anyone is welcome. But sometimes, we worship and pray whilst we do other things e.g chores.
If you thought my wife was in an utterly FERVENT mood of prayer and I winked at her, you are wrong. I wouldn’t do that

Nonetheless, even if I did, the argument might be made that doing so would have been distracting, but not that it would have been sinful.

My full thoughts on this will have to be a conversation for another day.

Let me add that a tweet about a man admiring his praying wife isn’t the problem of the media space today. I could argue that it’s the solution!

In a world full of shallow portrayal of sex, a man admiring HIS WIFE is a helpful narrative.

In a world where the physical attributes of a woman is almost portrayed to be all there is to attraction, I find my praying woman attractive.

By all means, get yourself a beautiful woman like I did. But in all, a woman who loves the lord is “a treasure”.

Btw, by “sexy” I meant attractive, which isn’t an entirely strange usage of the word today. Come on. No one truly “goes off” on a praying woman.

The tweet was more on attraction than on sex.

Whilst it might have seemed like I couldn’t wait for my wife to finish praying so we could have sex, I didn’t mean that literally at all, neither has any such thing ever happened
That being said, let me reiterate that beyond physical beauty there’s a lot more to desire in a woman

– intelligent conversations
– a kind heart
– AND the fear of God

That’s the main point

I pray that you have the home of your dreams, being example of a good marriage and pleasing God whilst you’re at it. Amen

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