Pastor arrested for allegedly impregnating 16-year-old girl in Akure

A pastor has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting and impregnating a 16-year-old girl in Abusoro, Ijoka area of Akure, Ondo state.

The suspect Josiah Akinsuyi, is the pastor of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) in Ondo state.

Pastor arrested for allegedly impregnating 16-year-old girl in Ondo lailasnews

Parading Josiah Akinsuyi before newsmen, the state Commandant of NSCDC, Pedro Awili, said the suspect’s act was brought to light after the victim confessed to her father that she is four months pregnant and that the pastor is responsible for her pregnancy.

The victim and her parents were taking refuge in the church building when the pastor seduced her and started sleeping with her.

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The NSCDC commandant said the pastor who was transferred to the church last year was introduced to the girl by one Sunday Babatunde, who had also been sleeping with the girl. He added that one of the sisters of the victim knew about the development and from the investigation of the command, the girl’s sister had to intervene before the victim could cooperate with the pastor.

“Our investigation revealed that the pastor has been sleeping with the young girl for some time. A pregnancy test had been conducted which confirmed that the girl is four months pregnant. We also discovered one of the elder sisters of the girl knew about the whole development.

It was gathered that the young girl rejected the Akinsuyi overtures the first time he talked to the girl but her elder sister intervened, urging the young girl to cooperate with the pastor and she has been sleeping with her since then. The young girl said the man has been sleeping with her in the classroom of one private school owned by Pastor Akinsuyi’s wife. Though the pastor denied having any intercourse with the girl”

The pastor denied the allegation, saying it was a calculated attempt to smear his image. He denied having sex with the girl.

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The matter has been handed over to the police and further investigations is being conducted.


  1. Pastor in trouble.. If man can withstand the temptation of sex, he can resist any other temptation.

  2. The man is a disgrace to pastors. Someone that suppose to be a Shepherd turns to be the Fox.

  3. What kind of a sister us that. And what a pastor as well. If this is true. Everyone involved is faulty on his or her path. Why didn’t the girl speak to get parents when it started

  4. A fake pastor he should be punished and be removed from been a pastor in the church they should force him to marry the girl if he’s a bachelor

  5. I hope the allegation is false pastor
    Because this doesn’t portrait a good image of God
    Investigation should be conducted before we conclude

  6. This day we don’t know what to believe anymore in this country, anyways investigation need to be carried out in order to authenticate the allegations

  7. Most men are not to be called men of God at all. They are not to carry the mantle with them. How can a man who called himself a man of God allowed the devil to use him to that extent, impregnated the minor and still lying that he never had sexual intercourse with her, when even the girl’s elder sister is aware of his sexual relationship with the younger sister? He must be charged to court after the whole investigation and he is responsible for the pregnancy and still marry her as second wife. What a disgrace?

  8. This pastor just allowed his flesh desires to rule him. The most painful part of it is that he is already a married man. This situation is tough and i pray that God gives the elders of the church the wisdom to handle the situation

  9. No problem if you’re truly innocent of the accusation, let him swear with the Holly Bible. Wonder shall never ceize to end

  10. It is possible he was telling the truth, someone was framing him, a DNA test should be conducted on her baby to check the paternity of the baby. God will vindicate him if they are framing him up

  11. Oh my God, a pastors? What is the pastor impacting on his members, may God save us from all fake pastors.. He should be punished severely.

  12. Na waha… I don’t comment on issues relating to men of God, so I don’t have anything to say.

  13. Na waha… I don’t comment on issues relating to men of God, so I don’t have anything to say.

  14. The police should carry out a proper investigation on this rape case. It looks like there are some hidden truth about the girls pregnancy.

  15. If this is true then it’s very bad and sad, how could a pastor that is suppose to be examplary be doing such a thing

  16. Not every body that can be called pastor, pastor pastor. Some are not really a pastor but that the use that name to cover so that people will hardly discover their atrocities so please let’s know when we use the name of God in vain.

  17. If its true,is a very big shame to the pastor. He was not able to resist the sin of fornication.

  18. Hmm. Wat are we nt goin 2 hear. Let the police do der job. If the pastor is quilty. Den let him face d law

  19. This one is not a pastor abeg, impregnating 16 years old girl… Haba this people don’t fear God o

  20. Hmmmmm…what is this world turning into…a pastor sleeping with sixteen years old girl…he should be punished for this.

  21. Pastor Akinsuyi is a today cursed and no longer fit to work for my father in heaven. This kind of people forced themselves into God’s hands. He never called them. The man should be dealth with and jailed. His accomplise, the elder sisiyer of the little should also be met to face the law

  22. Things are happening in this world, you can imagine a pastor going on this act that is shameful

  23. In 5months time the truth will be revealed. Aside from resemblance they can carry out a DNA test when the baby is born to ascertain the truth.

  24. Religion leaders are the ones that are crossing the line who is going to preach to the ordinary people when found guilty

  25. Pastor again o. Some re just spoiling the name. Its not mandatory to become pastor, if you re not called, don’t force yourself.

  26. I don’t like to comment in pastor issues, only God will judge them on the last day. And no one is above mistake and temptation including pastor, because we are all human in flesh

  27. another pastor again.. This urge for sex ,if not controlled can lead to something terrible
    Your time is up..face the consequences

  28. This is an abomination to be coming from a so called man of God. But why will a sister encourage such act? If he is found guilty, he should be terribly dealt with.

  29. Thank God for technology, they should use church money and go for DNA test, and let the devil be put to shame, he has gotten himself a second wife.

  30. This absurd
    Pastor for that matter
    He should face the consequences of what he did
    Hr should not go unpunished

  31. All these men of God that are perpetrators of evil all in the name of almighty God. God will continue to expose u all

  32. A man of God sleeping with a 16 years old in a class room, God must be cursing in anger at the sight.

  33. this is a disgrace to the name of God, to God’s servants if this is true. may God forgive you.

  34. Let be careful bcus some pastors are fake they uses God words to commit evil that God everyone will give account of what he does one day

  35. Putting a 16year old in the family way is not acceptable. This matter should be investigated thoroughly and the culprit brought to book.

  36. Pleasure of sin is for a while, soon nemesis will catch up with the sinner. Straight to prison for Pastor

  37. Why will this man that called himself a man of God did such a disgraceful thing. he must be punished because what example is he laying down for his followers

  38. Wonder shall never end. A clergy man engaging in sexual misconduct despite the fact that he is married.

  39. This is bad and preposterous. It has left me flabbergasted. The so called pastor should be punished in accordance to the law.

  40. What is happening to all this man who called themselves man of God,what does he gain in sleeping with that small girl. May God continue to help us

  41. Just because she took refuge with her family in the church premises doesn’t mean she should be treated as such. We have so many unclean people in the society parading themselves as men of God

  42. Sex has caused more damage than good. He took advantage of the young girl, and should be severely punished. He didn’t even respect his own wife.

  43. Flee youthful lust! The devil has prevailed against him.. Watch and prayer for you not to enter into temptation!

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