Pastor arrested for alleged N28 million fraud in Bauchi

A self-acclaimed pastor, Anu Ojo Olakonori has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), over an alleged N28 million fraud.

Pastor arrested for alleged N28 million fraud lailasnews

The suspect was arrested by the EFCC on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. He is the founder of Angel on Guard Ministries.

Olakonori was arrested following a petition by the victim who alleged that sometime in 2016, she was introduced to the suspect by a pastor of hers in Bauchi state for prayers and cleansing because of the difficulties she was going through at the time.

The suspect, under this guise, started requesting for money from her and she made transfers to him in different tranches amounting to N27, 900,600.

I did not steal Nigeria's money - Diezani Alison-Madueke cries out

The investigation has also revealed that the suspect used the said sum to purchase various properties – house and cars, for himself. The EFCC made it known that he will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.


  1. I cant blame that pastor because he prayed for her,and again we humans likes were there is miracle and they dont even no what all this pastors are into.

  2. These are hungry people using the name of God to steal from innocent people. After receiving punishment on earth, he will receive in heaven if he didn’t ask for forgiveness

  3. The woman should have known that he’s not a genuine man of God, I believe she must have heard what’s going on in the world today about false prophet so she allowed herself to be used , women seeking for prayers from one pastor to the other when they can seek God face by themselves






  5. God save us. So now people who claim to be servants of God are not to be trusted. I’ve heard of many men who claim to serve God who in reality are fraudsters

  6. His he a pastor or a fruadster?
    No he’s not a pastor but a fruadster he should be punished here on earth and on the judgement day ,using God names to fruad.they are much more pastors like him i pray they are get cut in the name of God

  7. All this wolves in sheep clothing posing as men of God God will expose them like He has exposed this one. Yeye pastor.

  8. What kind of issues or prayers will make you pay a so called pastor that amount. You are very sick. Well the man obviously has seen a money machine. So fake of him to take such money

  9. When will people stop using the name of God to cheat their fellow people and when will people know that is not a man that needs money to save you.

  10. May God forgive u for toying with his name in that manner. And you sist, the gift of God is not to be bought. Be wise

  11. This is very disgusting ! A pastor collected that huge amount of money from his follower just for his prayers for her I can’t believe it ? Anyway,lets the police put more effort to conclude the investigations and charge him to court

  12. Not all man of God that are truly man of God. Some come in disguise to rob humans of their hard earned money.

  13. Some Pastors are evil, they will acquire money from their church members through cleansing,
    Only God can save us, we don’t even know fake pastors with real pastors nowadays

  14. Thank God he is self acclaimed pastor, because the way people hide under the name pastor to commit atrocities is becoming alarming. He should be punished severely

  15. These are hungry people using the name of God to steal from innocent people. After receiving punishment on earth, he will receive in heaven if he didn’t ask for forgiveness

  16. All this fake pastor’s every where they are disgrace to the church… He should be set as an example

  17. Fake pastor everywhere people should be careful and there no anywhere a genuine pastor will ask for money before praying for you, those pastor who some to for prays does it means that they don’t have problem make people shine they eyes well we’ll oo

  18. Women are the most gullible who always fall into the hands of fake prophets or self acclaimed pastors. You can take your matter to God alone and He will hear you.

  19. Fake pastor’s every where it’s very hard for me to even attend friends church why because I don’t trust all this new and young pastor their love for money is too much than their love for the word of God you’re a disgrace too some man of God

  20. Wicked men parading themselves as pastors. So has he now fulfilled his own side of the agreement? Jobless man

  21. A whole Pastor,when you’re not a yahoo boy,I don’t know what this world is turning into,may God forgive him,is not by force to be a pastor, most people calling theirselves pastor are just bearing the name because of money

  22. This very bad
    Pastor for that matter
    He should not go unpunished
    He should face the consequences of what he did

  23. I believe she willingly paid the money to the pastors account herself, so why saying that pastor defrauded her. Why didn’t she say know when the pastor asked for the money.


  25. Most pastors have really gone astray these days because of material things of this world. It’s a pity.

  26. Fake pastors everywhere using God’s name to do wickedly. Its high time people become wise especially women. Let’s stop falling victims to these false pastors. He should be made to produce all the money. What a wicked and greedy man

  27. Everyone want to be rich even pastors because they are seeing other pastors like them with private jets cars so he goes for his own

  28. Man of God that is into defrauding people is not a genuine man of God but a criminal that must punished accordingly as required in law.

  29. See our pastor of now adays what example are they live for the church members he need to be purnished

  30. All this atrocities in the name of man of God, well u can deceive man but not God.
    This serves as a lessons to those who looks for miracle instead seeking the face of God.

  31. If it should be more harder than this many will deny their faith. We need to stand firm at all time especially in a time like this.

  32. The pastor should be punished severely, he is scamming people and claiming he is helping them, he is a real thief.

  33. Why will the woman trust a man like that, genuine pastors don’t do such things, they have the fear of God

  34. Pastor of the world, extorting money from member, is that what God asked you to do, government should punish him before God will punish him.

  35. The woman in question sees what she is looking for. You are looking for miracle now you see wonders. How can you transfer money up to 27million to someone just for prayers. For her to transfer such money for prayers she must definitely be rich. Who knows where she even get the money from.

  36. This is why God said that his jugement will start in the church. Pastors of now adays are now doing what is against the law .

  37. You want to make it by all means and called your self a pastor,not that God called you.Good thief may God just help you.

  38. Hmm even pastors do fraud oh what a disgrace may God forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing

  39. You can imagine the so called Man of God.Judgement awaits him.He had the mind to defraud the lady and I’m sure she’s not his only Victim.He should pay for his crime

  40. Please my people let’s get this straight Jesus never collected money from people for cleansing or !miracle why would you give pit your !money then! Please stop enriching all those fake pstors jare

  41. No real pastor demand money from members, they depend on God for miracles and he always see them through.

  42. How can somebody be asked to pay for cleansing and the victim also did, Jesus has died and ressurected for us all and through him all has found live, that man took the victim out of ignorance, good job from EFCC

  43. All this one are not men of God oo, one needs to be very careful from this people claiming to be pastor.

  44. Be should be charged to court because it’s his kind that bring bad names to the church God have mercy.

  45. I’ll keep wondering the kind of prayers that would require such amount of money. Well thank God he was arrested.

  46. This is the result of looking for miracles in the name of problem. Even if you have problem common sense should not be skipped in this instance, up to the extent of transferring that amount of money to the so called Pastor.

  47. Man of God why? Stop relegating ourselves in d name of wealth acquisition, may God forgive and come to ur aid,

  48. it is not fraud because the woman paid for the services the man rendered to is the woman that came for him and not the man

  49. She was going through difficulty and she has that kind of money,,I wonder the type of difficulty,,things are happening in churches sha,,Bible prophecy is truly being fulfilled

  50. We should be careful about some people we call pastor we share our secret with.he must refund the money only God know how many people he has defraud

  51. Hmm. Later they will say that they are men of God. Maybe it’s Good that ask them to still the money.

  52. After receiving punishment on earth, he will receive in heaven if he didn’t ask for forgiveness oh

  53. She was looking for miracle and she paid for what she looked for, the pastor sold his services , God help us in this generation.

  54. Hmmmmmm. All this end time pastors.. Thank God you have been caught it will serve as lesson to others of his kind

  55. Pastors of today especially pastors of new generational churches are solely out to make money off unsuspecting church members

  56. the Pastor blood is too hot, he need money badly. Well it not a new thing.
    That’s what a pastors do now, but codedly

  57. May God have mercy on this wicked generation.. A pastor using the name of God to cheat on people. What is this world turning into?

  58. fake pastor exposed at last … what people do to do get money in Nigeria now a days is so bad may God forgive you

  59. I believe she must have heard what’s going on in the world today about false prophet so she allowed herself to be used

  60. this are fake pastors that call themselves pastor. let him go for the consequences of his fraudulent act

  61. Stealing in the name of the Lord….. This is signs of the end time. The man should be made to forfeit all his assets.

  62. All these self acclaimed pastors keep deceiving the simple. Nigerians be very careful and be on the look out.

  63. All this things are just to get rich on time, don’t know why people will never have sense, you were asked to bring such amount of money by a so called pastor and you did.

  64. So unfortunate that men will lie with God’s name without fear. They surely will pay for it
    but how the woman not suspect until she has lost that huge sum. She was simple minded

  65. Fake pastors are still around using the word of God for money may God have mercy and saveus from this

  66. I think the reason for the petition was not because of the huge amount, but because the purpose of that money was not met, that is why it became fraud.

  67. Nigerian pastors and the love for money, this is how they’ve shame Christianity. You will surely face the law.

  68. Pastor by name,fake pastor,may God deliver us from them.This man must be punished after the investigation is perfectly done.wicked soul

  69. Self acclaimed pastor indeed. This should be a lesson to all these women that are running from one church to another in the name of miracles. And for the pastor, be has met his waterloo.

  70. Self acclaimed pastor indeed. This should be a lesson to all these women that are running from one church to another in the name of miracles. And for the pastor, he has met his waterloo.

  71. All these fake pastors he have used something on that woman to collect such a huge amount of money God save us from them

  72. Am tired of this bullshit in happening in this time all the fake pastors are disappointed are religious

  73. Well, this is end time and everything is possible.
    I dont really see it as a new thing cause it is very possible.
    Instead of rolling with the inner man, the flesh lead

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