‘Pastor Adeboye is a fraud’ – RCCG member

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An aggrieved Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG member and Twitter user @villageparrot, took to Twitter to slam the general overseer of the church, Pastor Adeboye and also stated why the Pastor is a fraud.

'Pastor Adeboye is a fraud' - RCCG member lailasnews

This is coming after Pastor Adeboye was caught on camera telling Pastors that anybody who doesn’t pay tithe won’t make heaven, a message he asked Pastors to take to their members. Here’s @Villageparrot’s tweets;

Pastor Adeboye tells pastors to tell their church members they won’t make heaven unless they pay their tithe. One word for him: fraud! We need to put an end to pastors blackmailing the hopeless and poor into giving what they don’t have.

Pastor Adeboye even disappoints me the most primarily because I expected more; secondarily because he’s my pastor. This is not how Jesus Christ instructed us to live in the Bible. He taught us so much more.

What would it take Pastor Adeboye on one night to ask congregation to donate a total of N500m to build hospitals, skills development centers, sports centers, schools for IDP camps?

What would it cost Pastor Adeboye to have a special outreach to help residents of IDP Camps? What much better way to preach the love of Christ is there than to do something for the less privileged?

The other day Pastor Adeboye announced 2 million people should be fed every Sunday. There’s a difference between feeding 2 million people and feeding 2 million HUNGRY people. But barest minimum Twitter said that was enough.

Only thing Pastor Adeboye knows how to do is stand on that pulpit to ask people to donate billions of Naira to build more church branches. Please, how is this any different from a business model?

Of course you’ll be right to say “taking care of IDP Camps is government’s responsibility” …but, the Bible didn’t teach that we should leave kindness and humanity to government, so…

I read my Bible properly, through and through. I attend RCCG and I am telling you that Pastor Adeboye declaring non-payment of tithe as the ticket to hell is FRAUD!

I know many of you will come and say “How do you know Pastor Adeboye is not doing this already?” My answer is NO! In furtherance, don’t be a fool to defend a pastor that doesn’t even know your name.

It’s time everybody came to full appreciation that churches in Nigeria are business establishments set up to extort the poor and hopeless.

IT IS A SCAM! How many rich men of this world give tithes? Dangote dey pay tithes? Okay, I know you’ll say devil gave them that money. Shut up!

If Jesus Christ was in Nigeria, would he ignore the IDP Camps and not bring good tidings to them? Aren’t they our brothers, sisters and neighbors? Why can’t Pastor Adeboye say “okay this month, we are raising N500m for our kinsmen in IDP Camps”?

Pastors acquiring private jets, building mansions, amassing stupendous wealth, but they’re teaching the poor masses “Heaven is your goal and home, this world is a journey” Isn’t that fraudulent?

Look at what Sam Adeyemi, for example, has done with DayStar. See how he tries to reach as many people as he can. He teaches. He nurtures. That’s what pastors are meant to do. Not arm-twisting people into giving what they barely can get by with.

But yes, pastors have managed to cage a lot of people by “touch not my anointed” and they’ve lied to you that “touch” includes talking. Well, all the ‘big’ pastors in this country are frauds and that’s that! Touch not my anointed my black ass.

Pastors that take money from the same politicians that have impoverished their congregation, is that a pastor one should respect?

Pastors that take money from politicians, then are the first to call judges (a member of their church) when such politicians face charges in their court. Nah, not today Satan.

Typical Nigerian church: – Preach prosperity – Ask for donations – Do thanksgiving – Ask for donation – Preach about tithe – Ask for donation. Money, money, money, money.

Guru Maharaji will make heaven ahead of some of your “anointed” pastors. It’ll shock you.

All the tithe RCCG has been receiving, what have they done with it? They successfully built a school that members of their church can’t afford. School built with their hard-earned money.

'Pastor Adeboye is a fraud' - RCCG member lailasnews 1

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  1. Oh Lord! What I see theez dayz is that scales are falling off of peoples eyes. What this guy just said is some of the things I have been saying about Adeboye and other thieving Pastors and some ignorant heads come spewing “touch not my anointed ass”

    All that the Adeboyes, the Oyedepo’s, the Chris Oyakilomes, Paul Adefarasin’s to mention a few teach are, deceitfully religiously woven but entirely wrongful messages intended to result in only their financial and personal gains, all the Pastors in Nigeria…or ok minus 1%.

    They are all: sharp practitioners, cheaters, swindlers, tricksters, deceit practitioners, deceivers, double-dealers, duplicitors, “zero conscience-treacherous human beans”, chicanery fabricators, skulduggers, impostors, embezzlers, crooks, hanky-pankers, shenanigan deceivers, flimflam, fraudsters, hoaxers, subterfuges, stratagemers. They are just vile, ruse, artifice and a whole bunch of stingy idiots masquerading as MOG…men of god just to swindle, leg-pull, racket and take away the livelihood of the weak minded.

    Let one of their ignorant heads come under this comment and suffer a wordy embarrassment, mtchew!

  2. God,s secretaries and personal assistants why not allow him to judge them if they are wrong abi him no dey see them.i m sorry for all of many of your poor neighbours,relations have you sent #1000 to ,but you are buying data to curse man of God .that is why despite all that you people are saying God is still increasing them on everyside it not enough for you to shut up.

    • Favour Onuoha, make I advise you, your men of god are mere thieves using people like you to live luxury lives here on earth while they render you poverty stricken. Stop being ignorant and read the Bible by yourself, you will become wiser, thank me later.

      • @annon16 why are you drinking panadol for another person,s headache,shey i am the one being used,i am happy to be used ,me and millions of people all over the world.we agree that we are fools ,you are the wise one for refusing to be used.then keep quiet now

        • Right, Favour-the-blessed, please show us yourself so we see how blessed you are, I guarantee u look like a left over food when seen, an impoverished wasted human beans giving away his income and drying up.

          Take a look at Adeboye’s and Oyedepos and Paul Adefarasin’s children, they are living large around the world while you cover your ignorant brain with their father’s teachings, making yourself poor and ignorant. People are realizing that these self-named Pastors are mere thieves who legalize their stealing with the word of God, people are paying less tithes and “religious cloaked levies, and your pastors are getting jittery and teaching more fears in order to get them in line, but they are failing, scales are already off these eyes.

          Show me in the New Testament where Jesus paid Tithes, show me where it is written. Nobody seeks to stop you from your idiocy, get on with your folly, it only shows you do not read the bible, that you are one of the people who take it hook, line, sinker and rod whatever these fraud minded Pastors spew says a lot about you.

          If you are not ready to show us your pic so we see how blessed you are, your next response will be ignored.

  3. Please, can all the accusers come out and set the right standards. God says in His word “Matthew 5:14-16″ You are the light of the world ” Accuser !!! hear me if your light is only writing & condemning others (YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A SOUNDING CYMBAL -(” NOISE”) ) and leaving the great “MISSION” God gave to us all “Winning a Soul” Proverbs 11:30″ He that wins a soul is wise in the other way round He that does not win a soul is FOOLISH. All this Accusers that have trillions of Planks in their eyes but are blind to see it rather pointing accusing fingers on others. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we need men & women like John Knox and not a noising cymbal

    • Oga Miracle, same way you have quoted Mathew 5;14, in same vein, please quote for us to learn, where Jesus paid Tithes all the time he spent on earth, I really want to learn and change.

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