Passenger ‘trying to strangle woman’ on plane collapses and dies (video)

A male passenger collapsed and died on a flight after he attempted to strangle a female passenger in an air rage incident.

An unidentified 32 year old man on a flight operated by Red Wings airline caused a distressing mid-air drama on the plane, leading to an emergency landing in Moscow, Russia. The plane was flying from Moscow to Simferopol when the man grabbed a female passenger by the neck and was attempting to strangle her.

There was commotion on the flight as he also threatened fellow passengers on the flight saying:

“If you want to live, put up your hands.”

“We are going to die, the pilots are asleep!,” he added.

Passengers rushed to help the woman but he kept fighting them off but they later succeeded in getting the man off the woman. He was then strapped to a seat. Mirror reports that he later collapsed with a “cardiac arrest”. Unconfirmed reports said that the attacker received a head injury during the fight.

Doctor aboard the flight was said to have restarted the man’s heart, reports say. Then the captain decided to return and requested an emergency landing at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport from where it had departed.

At the runway, Police and ambulance were already waiting when the plane landed and the man was pronounced dead by paramedics minutes later.

“Paramedics who arrived at the aircraft started to provide medical assistance, but the man died from acute heart failure,” said Svetlana Petrenko in a statement issued by the Russian Investigative Committee. “There were no external signs of a violent death.”

A video of the incident shared online by a passenger named Daria Belikova captured the immediate aftermath of the violent incident.

She said in the video: “A man just started going mad here. He has been hitting a woman. They have tied him up now. He was yelling something and was hitting a man who sat next to him over his head with a phone.”

One man is heard saying: “Throw him out with a parachute.”

Another said: “Push him out without a parachute.”

Daria said: “I hope everything is going to be okay.”

In another video, Daria said:

“He started yelling ‘If you want to live, put up your hands. We are going to die, the pilots are asleep!’ We landed and this man is now being taken away.”

After disembarking, she updated her followers, saying: “I’ve got to say that this weird man has died. What a flight this was.”

Watch the video below.

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