Passenger sues British Airways after made to seat near fat man

British Airways has been sued for £10,000 by an aggrieved passenger, who was reportedly made to sit near a fat man he described as an ‘extremely large man’.

Passenger sues British Airways after made to seat near fat man lailasnews

The 51-year-old passenger Stephen Prosser, who claimed that the incident in the 12-hour flight from Bangkok to Heathrow left him with personal injury and loss of earnings, further disclosed that the cabin crew ignored his complaints of getting injured if forced to sit next to the “extremely large” passenger, who he described as being 6ft 4in (1.93 metres) and weighing approximately 22 stone (140kg).

Prosser, who is 1.60 metres (5ft 3in), said: “he was that large that he had to force his buttocks between the arm rests of the seats. He sat with his knees wedged against the seat in front and the rest of his body was overspilling into my seat by some inches.

I was immediately aware that this was going to be problematic for me and I could feel the weight of his pure bulk putting lateral pressure on my upper body. This forced me into a position of unnatural posture.

Due to the size of him when he placed his arm down at times it would rest on my armrest, and he would accidentally turn the volume of my audio up to an extremely loud volume each time” he said.

However British Airways are denying the claims – stating Mr Prosser “did not not display any signs of injury” when leaving the flight. Timothy Salisbury, representing British Airways who claimed the passenger was exaggerating, said;

 “You say the man reminded you of the late rugby player Jonah Lomu. Would you say that’s a colourful explanation? An exaggeration?”  Prosser replied: “Not at all.”



  1. Fat people are really inconvenient to themselves not to talk of other,you know the kind of feeling when you seat with fat person

  2. Planes should have been made in such a way that fat people will have their special sit… But the guy really gone to far suing them

  3. it’s cannot be convenient for slim person sitting with fat person in bus talk less of plane. the British Airways most be Sue against this.

  4. They should just pay for two seats in cases like this or the airlines should have a special seat for the double size when on board.

  5. Hahahahahahaha this is serious!!!! The passenger must have passed through a hard time during the journey so he shouldn’t be blamed and all these extra size people should be paying for double seats sef cos they are always inconveniencing people sitting next to them.

  6. Kikikikikikikikiki, laugh have kill me o, fat people can inconvenience and frustrate someone life, the British airway should just pay attention to the fine

  7. And to think I v seen it all…..I think he’s just looking for attention

    If he wants to be comfortable then he shld rent a private jet next time

  8. Why complain when there was no harm done, abi you are just looking for free cash, the man paid what you paid to board the flight, you should have gone for first class na

  9. Hilarious. This guy must have really been vexed. I can imagine your plight. You paid for it, so you should enjoy your comfort.

  10. Seriously sitting near fat people is really annoying, it will make you feel uncomfortable,you can’t feel relax and you can’t enjoy your journey

  11. can this kind of thing happen in Nigeria…anyway I understand. It’s really uncomfortable sitting near fat people.. And also according to the passenger he complained but noting was done for him.. He even sustain injuries..

  12. He should have paid for the seat of two people if he is so fat. I don’t know why fat people don’t know that they are inconveniencing other people.

  13. Fat people can make one inconvenience, I wonder what he might have gone through because I hv encounter such thing.

  14. Fat people already have issues with their size, why compound it for them. Put yourself in their shoes then u will handle issues well

  15. It shouldnt have take it to that extent, it’s not his fault, the God created him he didn’t have option just to accept it

  16. He went too far to sue them this is actually bullying. Is it that if you are fat you can’t fly a plane again? Who told him to be slim hahaha

  17. This guy went to far o. Where did he want the fat man to sit ? Is obvious that the way the fat man was sitting was not even comfortable for him.

  18. Haha very funny. The man wouldn’t have agreed to board the plan na. Or the fat would have bought two tickets

  19. That man is too fat , and the airline should have make a special seat for him to occupy for him not to inconvenience others on flight

  20. This white people, at times they behave as if they are crazy,what is wrong if somebody is fat,so u can’t sit closer to a fat person

  21. Lolsss its now a crime to be fat
    Be fit and healthy sha, dont suffocate peoples shildren in a public trans kwa nawaoo

  22. He is right about that, because passengers are not just ment to be assured of a safe trip but also a comfortable trip.

  23. See wahala, he entered flight to enjoy his journey, they carry bulldozer give him to sit with, if na me,I no go gree

  24. That’s not a private aircraft, it’s for public so if you want to be comfortable in an aircraft then you have to go buy yours

  25. This is quite funny white people and their ways of carrying things too personal . This guys should make provision for fat people especially obsessed people

  26. He wouldn’t have inconvenienced himself he would have let them know there and then he can’t sit with the man instead of suing them after the journey. Anyway wish him luck

  27. Lolz, so people as far as that stuff exist dat their arm can increase audio volume. For me, I will sue the fat man let him ponder and reduce weight.

  28. I know how he feels I have had such experience. Fat people should be advise to pay for two sit in other not to inconvenient others and most times they don’t care to know what others are going through. I don’t blame him for sueing them.

  29. It’s not quite right when you pay for comfort and you can’t get it. I think it’s a reasonable argument pisser has put up. British airways should work out some sort off out of court settlement to avoid further embarrassment.

  30. It’s all about tolerances, am so sure this 51 year old man as some what little tolerances and find it difficult to tolerate the fat man and to me its not good enough

  31. Why complain when there was no harm done, abi you are just looking for free cash, the man paid what you paid to board the flight, you should have gone for first class na

  32. Comment*CNT stop laughing ooo ,d man really went far by sueing BT dey shld av respected his opinion.

  33. Do they want the man to suffocate and die,, how will they make him sit with a person who already is occupying a space of two

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