Passenger forgets huge sum of money in Keke Napep in Akwa Ibom

An unidentified passenger reportedly forgot a huge sum of money in Keke Napep (Tricycle) in Akwa Ibom, as confirmed by a journalist Harrison Essien.

Passenger forgets huge sum of money in Keke Napep in Akwa Ibom lailasnews

According to Harrison Essien, efforts are being made to locate the person who forgot the large amount of money in the Keke Napep which he or she boarded at Itam Junction in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, during the festive season. He further disclosed that an honest tricycle rider brought the money, which is now in the custody of the Marketing Directorate of the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting corporation.

He wrote;



A large sum of money (amount withheld) forgotten in a tricycle was brought to our newsroom today by the honest tricycle rider.

The money was forgotten by a passenger in the “keke” which plied Itam Junction in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, during the yuletide.

The money is now being deposited in our Marketing Directorate.

The owner of the money or members of the public who have knowledge of anyone, who lost a substantial amount of money are requested to come to AKBC Corporate Headquarters, 3, Udo Udoma Avenue, Uyo, with adequate proof of ownership to get the same amount.

Passenger forgets huge sum of money in Keke Napep in Akwa Ibom lailasnews 1


  1. Wow! I love the honesty of the keke driver. But how can someone be moving such a huge some in a commercial vehicle, in this cashless era, this is serious matter.

  2. There are still honest people in this country despite the hardship. God will reward the tricycle rider

  3. Forget the number of bad happenings and ritual killings, there are still goof people in Nigeria

  4. But wait what is the passenger thinking . people still carry huge amount of money for this modern days. Hmmmmm

  5. Wow what a honest Nigerian! This kind of people is very rear I am very impressed with this disclosure.

  6. Honestly, the Keke driver is a patriotic citizen and may God bless him mightily.
    This should also serve as an important lesson to every Nigerian. I believed that God in his infinite mercies will make Nigeria a better country a

  7. What a good samarritan indeed. We hope the owner cones back for the money before another snake swallows it

  8. I now believe that there are some patriotic Nigerians that can still be trusted with money. God will surely bless that man for being honest, his kind is rare…

  9. May God bless the keke driver, because it is not easy for one to expose such kind of money forgotten in his custody in this hard time, for the passenger ,what is he thinking to forget that kind of money, let him thank his God he met a God fearing driver.

  10. Good people still exist…i keep saying it… The money owner is still wondering where he could get the tricycle.. May God help him recover it

  11. Infact he is a honest person and since he has brought back that money God will bless him and enlarge his coast

  12. Omg!!! This is wonderful, we still have honest Nigeria’s in this country, even with the way our economy is . The oga keke desire an award….. Weldon Sir!

  13. How will somebody forget such huge amount? If it’s true then the tricycle operator deserves some accolades.

  14. Interesting to know that,Nigerians with integrity and honesty still exist, Godbless the kekenapep man.

  15. Good, the man that return the money is real a man of God , and has shown a great lesson to the whole world.

  16. Despite the economy situation we still have sincere Nigerians. Thumbs up to the keke rider. God bless Nigeria

  17. Wow this is a great good heart from the keke napep driver…we all knows that millions of Nigerians wont do such only a few with soft heart will do…i pray the owner comes to pick it up and recognizes the help rendered to him or her by this keke driver

  18. God will bless that Keke driver. In this time where there’s hunger, a Keke driver didn’t get away with the money? Knowing fully well that the money could be his way out of poverty. He tried.

  19. good work, good Samaritan #kekerider thereby projecting both the group image and that of the country at large. God reward him abundantly.

  20. Wow the keke driver is a good man ooo upon how Nigeria is now so we still have men that are trust worthy

  21. The keke man is really honest, but honestly speaking, I don’t think such people are still alive

  22. This is not the first or the second keke napep rider that will announce such thing, I think people riding tricycle are always honest

  23. There are still many good Nigerians even among the lower class. It is cheering to note this act of honestly and sincerity. Let all borrow a leave from this Keke driver.

  24. That shows that we still have good people despite all the negativity being written about Nigeria and Nigerians.Thank to the man for returning the money.

  25. That’s very good of the keke man, but come to think of it if the owner of the money did not show up then what happens to the money

  26. Many would this young man do such is good too five it back but not in this way. He should have just keep it the owner silly surely go too any radio station or…

  27. Wow! So we still have drivers like these on this nation. Thank God there are still honest people in Nigeria.

  28. The keke rider should be appreciated greatly. But I think the person carrying such huge amount needs to be apprehended

  29. The driver is very honest I’m surprised this happened in Nigeria and the driver did not run away with the money

  30. We still have good people in this country the tricycles driver must be and honest man is not every body that can do that may God reward him.

  31. Yes,I know we still have honest and trustworthy people in our country,God bless the driver

  32. Despite the fact that economy is not favour of Nigerian citizens and you return the huge amount of money to be owner you deserve to be reward abundantly!

  33. That money is God gift to that man, but he misused the opportunity, then opportunity comes but once. sorry to that man, as for the money , before we know it we wont hear any thing about it again

  34. Unbelievable so this kind of people still excessed in Nigeria God will bless that man but let them still keep the money o until it get to the owner

  35. Wow,,,dis is a gwd citizen of Nigeria bt let kom to think of it, hw can one b moving such huge amount with keke,,,Mr honest man,,,I guess u still like riding keke,kip it up,,,mumu

  36. How could someone has forgotten his money in a napep this New Year, that keke napep man his very honest, that’s so much integrity

  37. It’s very difficult to find persons like this in Nigeria who will see a forgotten money I’m his tricycle and return it instead of saying God has blessed him through the means. Kudos to the driver

  38. Wow that is very good of him.. People like him is hard to find in this country Nigeria.. Am very surprised at him. Imagine people like may even probably have money issues but still yet he would not touch money that is not his own. God thank God for your life bro.

  39. I don’t think It’s possible to forget such an amount of money (considering the size of the bag in the picture). Must have been left deliberately, for weird reasons maybe.

  40. The keke man is a rare gem and i hope he will be rewarded not only by the owner of the money but also by the government

  41. This driver honest die. But what baffles me is that anyone with that amount of money is usually conscious of his every move with the money, but him forgetting the money is a bit suspicious

  42. God will reward his honesty. He is indeed a good man, such amount of money can be tempting and hope it is not a ritual money o because someone can be transporting such huge amount around in public

  43. This shows that there are still good and honest people around. God bless the tricycle rider for doing the right thing. It’s not easy to return such huge amount of money, the tricycle rider could have kept the huge amount of money for himself but he didn’t. I just pray that the passenger who forgot the huge amount of money will go and collect the money from the marketing directorate.

  44. God bless the keke rider for honesty and God will open way for him and move him from nothing to something .

  45. If the owner doesn’t show up after 3days, pls let dem honestly give d money to the keke napep driver… No fowl play pls.

  46. Such money was stolen or probably does not belong to the person who boarded the tricycle.. Because I can not imagine how somebody will forget such a huge amount of money which he/she carried and boarded a tricycle.. If the person who forgot it come to claim it he/she must be seriously interrogated, because I can not understand how somebody will be moving around with suge huge amount of money in that festive season

  47. I seriously don’t think that the passenger forgot the money. I think is a new way for ritualist to get people. A carried a bag and entered a Keke and you just got down without the bag and you said you forget please what where you thinking. Let’s be careful and more watchful.

  48. Hmmmmm that’s very good oooo
    The keke man is really a good citizen
    Not all persons we have that courage to do such a thing..
    God will reward him

  49. I salute that driver, with the present condition indeed his a God sent I pray they find the owner

  50. It’s by choice. There are few men in the world so she is helping to reduce our work of having many wife’s

  51. The driver of the Keke Napep is a good and responsible man. The owners of the money should thank God and when they get it, they should not forget to reward the driver.

  52. I thank God for the life of the keke napep driver who returned the money that’s to show that there are still some honest people in this country. I pray that the owner will be located soon to collect back his/ her money.

  53. The driver is a responsible man and should be rewarded for this when the owners of the money come to reclaim their money.

  54. God bless the keke rider for this gesture. The society will thrive higher and better if we had more if his kind. I pray the owner gets his missing money

  55. Great God, so we still have many good Nigerians even among the lower class?, It is cheering to note this act of honestly and sincerity. Let all borrow a leave from this Keke driver.

  56. No matter what, we still have honest people in our midst, but if no one comes to claim the money, they should give it to the keke man

  57. This is very unbelievable in this same country that we a huge some money was returns bag yet the owner is not yet found this man deserves some honor

  58. Hmm. Am really astonished my his level of integrity and honestly. His kind is rare. My God richly bless and reward him.

  59. That is a very generous man. For him to have done that. How many Nigerians can be that honest? We need this kind of people in our society

  60. The passenger will till be identified. Maybe he has been looking for the driver of the keke he boarded.

  61. Firstly I want to thank you Keke driver for returning such amount of money, secondly if this huge amount of money belongs to you person that Lost, he should by now reported the incident to every near police station he sees but in this case, police a waiting a asking for the owner hmmm very very strange. God help us ooh

  62. Firstly I want to thank you Keke driver for returning such amount of Money God will reward you immensely , secondly if this huge amount of money belongs to you person that Lost, he should by now reported the incident to every near police station he sees but in this case, police a waiting a asking for the owner hmmm very very strange. God help us ooh

  63. Hmmm! Am wondering how the man just forget such a big ghana must go, filled with money, something is just not right somewhere.

  64. No matter how the society may be corrupt, there are still honest people. That’s so good of a kind heart

  65. Wow…not easy to find someone like this Keke driver…may God reward him for his good deeds.

  66. How can somebody forget his money inside a napep, what was he thinking about that he forgot a huge some like that, that keke man is honest o

  67. What a good and sound citizen the Keke rider is. The owner should at oncevreport himself na.

  68. That tricycle is a good hearted man imagine the situation in naija he still take the money to newsroom I’d it’s me ehn

  69. Some good disciples still remain amongst us here on earth. More blessings and grace to do better mister

  70. Firstly I want to thank you Keke driver for returning such amount of Money God will reward you immensely , secondly since the owner who left it in the Keke is not looking for it, i suggest that they share the money to needy or use it some project. But this is so strange seriously

  71. I never knew that honest people still exist in Nigeria. The keke driver is a very good man and needs to be rewarded. If everyone in the world was like him, this world would have been a better place.

  72. That was very good news
    God bless the keke man
    This singular act of honestly in the present Nigeria will make ways open for u

  73. So there are still good people in this country who are honest.
    The keke driver deserves so.e accolades.

  74. Anyways the driver did well. But who knows if it’s a trap by the evil pple,up till now the pson neva remember say him forget money.story for the god’s

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