Paris naked restaurant closes due to lack of customers

Paris first naked restaurant is closing due to lack of customers, despite France’s reported 2.7 million practising naturists.

Paris naked restaurant closes due to lack of customers lailasnews

The nudist restaurant in the east of Paris, called “O’Naturel”, opened in November 2017 and got rave reviews from customers who were expected to shed their clothes in the cloakroom and leave it there along with mobile phones to prevent people from sneaking a photo of other customers.

They were then given slippers to wear to the dining area, although women were allowed to keep their heels on if they wanted. In spite of the positive reviews, they still couldn’t get enough customers.

Twins Mike and Stephane Saada, who own the restaurant said they will close for good on February 16.

“It is now or never,” they urged the curious “wanting to experience a last nude dinner in Paris”.

“We are counting on you to support us,” they wrote on Facebook. “We thank everyone for taking part in this adventure. We will only remember the good moments and the great people we met.”

News of the closure sent a chill through the French naturist world, but campaigner Cedric Amato said the restaurant was ahead of its time.

“It may have been a little early” for an all year round nudist establishment in Paris, he told AFP.

“I ate there many times and it was very good,” but the fact that it was in a residential area and did not have a terrace for good weather counted against it, he said.


  1. What is this world turned into someone will be naked and go to restaurant to eat ,to is better the close the restaurant

  2. Infact we are living in the last system of things, thank god that such kind of things have close right now

  3. This is madness of the highest order, eating naked all in the name of a naked restaurant… May God have mercy

  4. This world is getting to an end…,people are not even ashamed to go there and eat naked ,is better to close before it turns to something else.

  5. How on earth will such a venture get many customer. You will pay to off your clothes and eat naked. What sort if fun is in it if I may ask. Please shutdown and stop spoiling the world more

  6. Does that even make sense because I want to eat I’ve to be naked what is this world turning too its better to close it up and find something better to invest your money into thus is total rubbish

  7. Why will the business move, when all you wanted is for everyone to display their nakedness, let’s have some morality please.

  8. Which responsible human will work up on a faithful day and give to a necked restaurant just for meal.

  9. We human take the freedom given to us by God for granted. How on earth will think of establishing a naked restaurant. This is really bad.

  10. Crazy and stupid idea in the first place.. How will it even look sef, bunch of naked adults will come order for a meal, sit together and be eating calling themselves naturists.. They are not serious at all.. Are they trying to bring back Adam and Eve or what.. And the owners expects people to patronise them, nonsense they will eat their food by themselves.. Rubbish, nonsense and ingredients

  11. They owner should find out the reason why he or she losses customers and try to amend it

  12. That’s the best thing to do the name even sound awkward how can you established a nude restaurant and expect if to grow and people go there naked to eat this is really end time. May God help us not to see what we kill us.

  13. Nothing somebody will not see in this world. Well, last last, every human is entitled to their own freedom of choice whether it’s acceptable to others or not

  14. If they come and open this type of restaurant in nigeria, they will make a lot of money, they should give it a try

  15. Wonders shall never end,,,God is just patiently watching dis ones…cos if d wroth of God kom on dem,dey will b complaining

  16. I don’t see any sense in opening the restaurant in the first place. Thank God such nonsense didn’t work out well

  17. This is an epidemic. How could someone in the first place think of such an idea? The world is gradually becomming a place where insane people are discovered every day. I support the closure of the place.

  18. even the devil is afraid and or ashamed of going there, hence closing for lack of customers. why not find out what’s preventing customers from patronising and improve upon? rubbish!!!

  19. Lol. Wonders shall never seize.. Restaurant for people to come in and dress naked.. The reason why they may not not be getting customers as expected may be because the so called naturist are very shy of their nature.. Lol or what one of the customers said about the environment of the restaurant I quote “I ate there many times and it was very good,” but the fact that it was in a residential area and did not have a terrace for good weather counted against it, he said.

  20. Some people are just crazy, thank God the restaurant is closing down, Glory be God. It will close never to be opened again

  21. Is it a restaurant or a chalet where one is restricted on putting on slippers and using of phones.Why won’t it close down.

  22. This is funny, what makes the owner of the restaurant think the Nature of this business will sucesseful? Surely it will go down.

  23. the world is too much with us
    Naked restaurant!!!
    I guess we’re going back to Eden where it all started

  24. I think it’s best if they close the restaurant cos I can’t imagine eating naked in a public restaurant

  25. Glory be to God… It’s a thing of joy that finally this restaurant is closing down… I can’t believe my hearing that this kind of a shameful thing still exist.

  26. Why won’t it close down.. Just imagine what they are doing.. This world is becoming something else..

  27. Comment*that kind of restaurant need be closed o.I can’t believe that people will come in to eat naked

  28. The two factors working against the restaurant should be looked into and restrategize, for the the business to bounce back.

  29. Please let’s the restaurant close, what am i seeing naked people eating. God is taking charge now.

  30. I have not seen this type of thing before,nekad restaurant may God have mercy on us thank Hod is closing

  31. Its a pity that the level of moral decadence is on the increase. The owner should be ashamed of himself.

  32. This is an abomination that can never happen in Nigeria… What nonsense… Please close down we don’t need such ventures in the society

  33. the evil of man shall not last. its good they are closing down. what is the world turning to?

  34. I like as they closed it’s not good for people to be naked while eating. I wonder the kind of restaurant that is like this. Many customers will not like this kind of restaurant. The restaurant needs to be restructured for it to be open.

  35. Please don’t tell me that this is really happening in this world, a naked restaurant, let it be close as soon as possible

  36. What sort of thing is been naked and serving people, how will one eat.. May God have mercy

    Thanks God is closing down

  37. Hmm! The world has turned upside down as I have said many times, people will be in nude in a public place, for what now? So many things are happening around the world, Nigeria is better only that our leaders are our problem. May God open their eyes

  38. It’s better shut down, where has morals and decency gone to. The so called adults that are suppose to teach the younger people are the ones misleading them into bad conduct. On wonder we have many broken marriages.

  39. That’s sad…
    Such a place is an avenue for new experience…..
    Anyone who hasn’t had such an experience should try it before the restaurant closes…
    Cause i doubt you would not see such a place in years

  40. This is madness imagine getting to a restaurant you first enter a room off your dress before entering d main restaurant to eat it is unimaginable thank God they are closing it down

  41. What is this world turning to..nude restaurant? What can I eat there that I can’t eat at other places? Besides I have to show my nakedness before eat I totally disagree..thank you government for not allowing such in Nigeria

  42. The world is coming to an end , see all kinds of evil happening in the world today. well I believe that men will realise that such restaurant suppose not to exist, it is against the will of God.

  43. A naked restaurant and you think people will patronize you? You don’t even think at all before you do it

  44. End time. If naked church was established, naked restaurant shouldnt be surprising. But those concerned should remember that God is watching them because that is not His plan for mankind.

  45. This is not encouraging at all this doesn’t give or portrayed one to be a citizen.God made us naked at the beginning but we find a way to cover ourselves since then we have been covering ourselves.

  46. Lord have mercy!!! There’s such a place in this planet Earth?? I’m just knowing and thank God they’re closing down.

  47. This world is really coming to an end, a restaurant for naked people?am surprise, well thank God for the decisions of closing it is a good one.

  48. Is not making sense @ all in a restaurant you have to stay naked to eat. What is this world turning to?

  49. How do you expect to have customers when everyone is naked in the restaurant just turn it to prostitutes station instead of restaurants

  50. The world is gradually coming to an end, sodom and Gomorrah is coming back again. Jesus is the answer.

  51. lol…. how do they expect to have costumers, thank God is closed down due to obvious reasons, naked restaurant indeed.

  52. Naked restaurant!. This is my first time seeing this. It doesn’t make sense to me though.

  53. This is disgusting and what positive reviews are mike and stephane saada are talking,I hope this really close for good.

  54. Good will always prevail over evil this year. Pack your loads and close mr man. The world don’t need your service

  55. Mommy. Poor to read this… How on earth will a manured man and woman be naked just to eat food in an open place… Thank God it closed

  56. This is insanity of the highest order. No responsible, respected individual would come to such a place . it should be shut down.

  57. It should be shout down because the people does not want it. Find something good to do rather than that restaurant where men and women are naked. Not accepted restaurant.

  58. God! Wonders shall never ceased to happen!!!! Come to think of it ” is the food for free” unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Hmm . Wat is dx world turning into. Jx to eat in a resturant u will have to be naked. This are signs of endtimes

  60. How can someone wear clothes to a restaurant, then take them off when in the restaurant?? All in the name of being natural,,that’s madness ,, Abeg the restaurant better close,,,

  61. I think it should have been clear to you guys that it won’t work, but is like you are still trying well not now and ever.

  62. See what the world has turned into.. Naked restaurant again.. Hmmm
    Closing it down for good is a good idea..

  63. Well its their decision to close down so let them be. And no one forced all those nude people there so they are not to blame

  64. My generation has thrown away morality and decency, what is nude restaurant may God forgive them

  65. Useless people the restaurant will remain close forever, promoting immorality. Is this the way to make money?

  66. Thank God it is closing down, this has added to the decades in the society. the light of God must shine.

  67. Wonders shall never end in this world o nudes restaurant ki,thank God is closing that is how all of this kind of business closed as well.

  68. lol.. and they expect to have customers, thank God is closed down due to obvious reasons, naked restaurant indeed.

  69. Well this not a funny matter honesty this very bad indeed how can a person went to restaurant nakedness this really mad..and they are crying for customer….nawaooo

  70. Humm, Beginning of madness. why will i dress up from home only to go nude because i want eat. May the Lord heal you

  71. Closure of the restaurant is the best idea. Who are you expecting to be naked. The world is really coming to an end.

  72. You will pay to off your clothes and eat naked. What sort if fun is in it if I may ask. Please shutdown and stop spoiling the world more

  73. That’s not very practical, nobody enjoys eating while they’re naked, not even breakfast in bed, u still want to hold on to the sheets.

  74. Madness at its peak which one is eating naked in a restaurant. The closure is coming late, this would have bn done long before now. You were expecting sane ppl to come eat naked.

  75. This world is coming to an end, naked restaurant ….the resturant should better be close down permanently

  76. I support the closure , naked restaurant is not encourage otherwise elevate the mind of the evils in the society.

  77. That’s madness, restaurant for naked people only.thats a bad has to be closed down because who in their right sense will go to the restaurant

  78. Please go and close it up, it’s not necessary. How can normal human beings decide to go back to the stone age era where you go nude? People should go and look for more tangible things to do and forget about all this nonsense that they claim is their right to live anyhow they want. Some people don’t really know what they want if you ask me, and that’s why they make wrong choices most times like committing suicide and all that. Let’s be more reasonable, not everything that comes to the head should be tried.

  79. The person that brought the idea of naked restaurant must be out of his/her senses.All because we want to eat,we should now strip ourselves naked?.Thank God it’s closed down

  80. i urge them to come and open this type of restaurant in nigeria, they will not run at lost, they should give it a try.

  81. Oh! And I was planning to visit that place oh! I can’t believe my ear Lolzzz crazy world we are in

  82. What a world, please let me ask u people ooo why will u guys have customers wen they will be nake just because they want to buy ur food

  83. Na wa oo.. Shaa my prayer is that the restaurant shouldn’t close because that is someone source of livelihood and I believe there people in this world who likes it.

  84. Infact we are living in the last system of things, thank god that such kind of things have close right now

  85. This world has really turned into something else
    Naked restaurant!
    Why won’t they loose Customers when God is gradually opening the eyes of his people

  86. Hmmmm,,,they even call it naked restaurant,, hmmm,,why won’t you people lost customers? You people are not serious,, wonders shall never seized to end.

  87. satan church…snake church…and now naked resturant what the hell is wrong with humans …..totally outrangous may God forgive them

  88. This is really terrible and disgusting…. How on earth will there be nude restaurant and people patronised them? Its too bad

  89. This is so unbelievable. What is the world turning into? I wish you never see a single customer before your deadline for final closure.

  90. The environment matters because some people might not want to be seen going there, and the whether too matters. Its a nice idea but it does not say well of them

  91. this is not normal, may God show them mercy that ever ate at that very restaurant to come to know JESUS

  92. Lol
    Eating totally naked
    Its not ahead of it’s time
    It’s coming far after it’s natural time
    And so it can only not possibly work
    This is an advert yo get it back on track by having a last meal

  93. Tell mW why they would not close down who on earth in his or her right senses will patronise nudity restaurant good riddance to bad rubbish

  94. This sounds somehow to me, naked customers! Who are those customers? This kind of restaurant should not be exit at all.

  95. God forbid this evil… Sodom and Gomorrah in our time… How can people be this demented. Come and eat while you watch naked people and after do want…? Think and eat evil… God pass them.. The will definitely CLOSE

  96. Wonders shall never end. Blood Of Jesus. God save us . What is this my eyes are seeing. Ooooo! Thank God it is closing down by the grace of God in Jesus name amen.

  97. Is better they close down, what is the idea for the buildup of such restaurant, what do we stand to gain

  98. This people won’t kill us with their over extreme behavior, naturel restaurant where people dine nakedly… How will they be able to face a stranger they are meeting for the first time nakedly?

  99. The world is really turning to something strange how will a restaurant not closed when all the people petronising it work naked this is abomination

  100. Comment*The world can be better than this…. I won’t say is abominable but being responsibility is a choice.

  101. How can ppl concentrate on their food as they see naked body? Jesus is Lord! I can’t go there at all…this is terrible..naked restaurant? Na wa oh..May God help them…

  102. What is this life turning into? How could they think that kind of business will last, eating while naked.

  103. My God you are really enduring many things from your creatures ooo
    What kind of life do they live in France that was really disgusting my Lord

  104. This is sad that a business is closing but if it had something that attracts people than just being nude

  105. What will I not hear or read about on media! Nude restaurant? Can’t even fathom it. Closure is a sign that majority are still sane afterall.

  106. Why won’t it close running business in such manner is totally against humanity. Some people are just so shamless

  107. This is funny. Restaurant were people go naked to eat? I can’t imagine my self going naked in a restaurant. Maybe others felt same way thats why no more patronage

  108. I wonder what manner of people would go out to such a naked restaurant. France people are people of shame and cultured people. They would not indulge in such a bad act

  109. It’s better they close. Which kind naturist world is that? God doesn’t want such restaurant to exist, that is why they re loosing customers.

  110. Thank God they closed up, this is so bad, in every thing to do is opening a resturant of naked people.

  111. That’s kinda sad, where will the naturalists feel comfortable dining if the restaurant is closed down?

  112. hahahaha . omo nah naked life sure pass. imagine seeing Brest and ass that is bigger than your wife’s own lol you will enter trouble. they should close it . put security in your restaurant to avoid stealing

  113. Why is this world turning into??? Going nude in a restaurant… That’s awkward…its obvious such can’t last

  114. Incredible!
    So such a place exist in the world. If possible close it down today.
    A very big shame to Twins Mike and Stephane Saada.

  115. This is absolutely the total showcase of sanity in a modernized country. Thanks be to God for this dispensation if not they would have been wiped out by the dispensation of God the Father.

  116. well this is not the first time am hearing about a naked resturant, but its not a new thing. more crazy things are soon to happen

  117. they will never sell for the indecent act of opening a restaurant. This is very bad aND is against God will.

  118. It’s bad for this restaurant as there are no turn up of customers. Maybe it disgusts people to eat in the sight of naked adults. Change your market strategy.


  120. When I saw the heading at first, I though the Naked meant something else, I was really shocked after reading to realise that it was plain nudity. Good you guys finally shut it down, now go and give your live to Christ.

  121. This serious
    Wonder shall never end
    This end time
    All manners of things is happening
    May God have mercy on us

  122. Oyinbo, don mad finish, where all Dis madness they come from biko?na wa oh, thank God the place don close.

  123. Wonders shall never end, things are happening everywhere, so someone has to be in nude before you can patronize the restaurant, I think that’s is why they were not able to get customers.

  124. How on earth did they even imagine that such kind of immoral restaurants will operate successful. Thank God is closing for good.

  125. Is this for real? What is the connection between food n being naked? Does it aid in digestion. God pls, ask Angel Gabriel to blow the trumpet. Another Sodom n Gomorrah is here.

  126. Whites can just come up with one nonsense and you see peple inbibe it atleadt thanK God they are coming to their right frame if mind. As for the owner of the restautrestaurant nothing will make that restaurant to be revived because is abnormal God is against it empncourages immorality

  127. They really have to close if they are not making it, nudism aside, businesses are based on profits, period!

  128. Hmmmm this is really serious…. what’s this wirld turning into? Just when you think you have seen the worst the bigger one pumps up.

  129. Even the name of the restaurant is bad luck why wouldn’t they close. Shameless attitude and white culture

  130. Eh!! Just because I wan chop I will go nude and my cucumber will be dangling like national flag. God forbid!!

  131. Why would a reasonable human being patronize you. You people are not following the way of God

  132. Oyinbo people with there style of living, this is the first time I will be hearing naked restaurant where someone will remain naked

  133. Lol.. Madness thoes these kind of people still exists.. This is rubbish now
    It really need to be closed down..
    This is not making sense at all o

  134. How will you expect someone to be naked in a public. God is at work to make sure the restaurant is closed down.

  135. They had better close down coz I don’t see it usefulness. How can someone go to a restaurant and eat naked. Hmmmmm, this is serious.

  136. Lord have mercy this one is not civilization or improvement but is what we call foolishness and carelessness abeg ,they must close the restaurant because they will not even make profit

  137. It looks like is a place of fun to be in. But they closing it due to lack of customers, is pretty not good, I think they should give it more time.

  138. how will you get customers for you guys to even come this far self is a miracle nonsense and ingredients

  139. This is really terrible the world is now something else…… Nekad restaurant!! Unbelievable.

  140. Wow! my first time of hearing this Nude restaurant in Paris, France
    This is a serious one… it should be closed down forever since no customer patronizes the restaurant……

  141. Thank God people are going back to their senses for not patronizing that kind of restaurant

  142. But alot of men likes to see naked women,so am actually surprised that it would close down due to lack of customers.

  143. Oh my God is it Sodom and Gomorrah restaurant, you guys are getting God angry with all these rubbish that’s why it won’t work out… God have mercy on you people

  144. If this doesn’t happen,the words of the prophesy won’t be fulfilled. End time.The restaurant won’t revive ijn

  145. They should close down who care, white with immorality ehn, and they are the one that introduced Christianity to us

  146. Please don’t tell me that this is really happening in this world, a naked restaurant, it’s as they close it.

  147. Wonders shall never ends, this world is really coming to an end. How can a restaurant be operating with nudity ? I think it is better as they have closed down.

  148. End time is actually drawing near, how on earth did they come up with such unthinkable idea, naturalists my foot. Its a good thing its closIng up, after all we are no more in the stone age.

  149. This is the madness of the highest order, eating naked all in the name of being a naturalist? May God have mercy.

  150. What’s the meaning of this nonsense. That is insanity, I wonder how humans are now turning into lesser animals who go naked. Pop

  151. There is no doubt that the restaurant could have survived if it were not nude one
    I know that moralist will not patronize it

  152. The doctors kept keeping normal people in the hospital saying they are sick in the brain. Pls, are these not sick people? Very soon we will have nude universities. God bless Nigeria

  153. The sign of the end is very clear, how can someone opened a restaurant just for people to naked before they could have their food, these people are worst more than prostitutes, in short satanic agents are seriously at work to lure the public into hell fire. Will you call this a business, God will intervene to save those lost souls. That business of Satan will stop, Those who establish it should repent and beg God for forgiveness. Only Jesus can save you now by His precious blood. The Blood Of Jesus Cover Us.

  154. The world we live in just in every day in and day out experimenting all sorts of things to just make each day go crazy as we hear about different lifestyle of people. And this one again ”living a natural life”

  155. Hand work of God, why won’t it close, its even suppose to got burnt I swear, naked restaurant, many things are happening

  156. so this has been going on in this world. God! thank God is closing down will never rise again Amen.

  157. How will such a place not loose customers when their business is nudity not food they are selling.

  158. That is very good what did they expect, what kind of devilish restaurant is that, are we going back to the time of ignorance, while will a man/woman with right state of mind strip into a restaurant. It is inhuman..

  159. Why won’t it close when what you people display is immorality. Thank God the world is changing from bad to good

  160. This world is coming to an end. Let’s just wait for the trumpet to sound. If people can go nude in a restaurant, who knows what will happen in the future.

  161. Well am in support of the restaurant is closing down because I don’t see a relationship person that can go there.

  162. They deserve to close down.What kind of a business platform is that? Just when I thought I have seen it all and this one now.The lack of customers shows people are beginning to get some sense

  163. My God can you imagine?
    I can’t believe this
    How can this be
    Thank God you’re closing down!!!

  164. It’s good they’re closing up before they’ll start having sex in the restaurant. how they can they even feel comfortable being naked while eating.

  165. This is total madness that is very difficult for me to believe but seeing the nasty pictures are enough evidence. Am very much in support of the closure of the rubbish restaurant.

  166. It’s better for the restaurant to be closed forever…kilode. How can someone go naked because he or she wants to eat

  167. You people should better close… Why the stupid idea… Because you want to eat you go naked.

  168. Maybe the customers got tired of such immoral behavior, i wonder why someone will go totally nude to have dinner.

  169. What kind of nasty restaurant is that , good enough it’s closing down already and i wish it to remain so.

  170. This is real real nonsense and rubbish and a big wonder to me. The restaurant should be shut down for good.

  171. This is my first time of hearing this.naked restaurant,how will they be able to eat upon seeing others nakedness.

  172. I’m so sorry for your business crash… It was a waste of money…waste of time…. Irrational idea…. Take heart.

  173. You better close. How can you bring something from the pit of hell and you think God is not alive…

  174. why will they come in the first place, we are always shy and never for once a fool neither also

  175. Nudist restaurant… Another story
    I can’t believe is very shameful pls
    God save the world

  176. Nawaaa ooooo this is the sign of end time
    Shame on you
    You better repent before it will be too late for you

  177. I wish it closes and never re-opens. What is the world turning into? So they thought by opening a nude restaurant it will boom, God has disappointed them.

  178. Never heard of this before..don’t know what the world has turned into,please God deliver this sinful world

  179. My people on this platform, this one no concern me o, how person go go chop and hin no go wear cloth? If them wan close make them close abeg. Which kaind rubbish be that?

  180. Finally this people are not alright… Like do they come naked from home? Or they’d undress themselves in the restaurant… Ahhh

  181. What kind of nonsense is this… Nude restaurant ke.. People are their weird business ideas though.

  182. I tot the reason for going naked is for more customers to come but it seems reverse is the case. this world is turning into something I don’t understand. just to eat food, you have to go naked. These things should be checked properly by the government.

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