Parents and alleged victims of R. Kelly to present evidence against singer

Parents and alleged victims of R. Kelly are set to present evidence of sexual abuse and other crimes against the singer.

Parents and alleged victims of R. Kelly to present evidence against singer lailasnews

According to TMZ, at least 1 alleged victim of R. Kelly and families of 2 other alleged spoke Tuesday night, planning to present Chicago prosecutors with what they believe is sufficient evidence to prosecute the singer for sexual abuse and other crimes.

A family member of one of the alleged victims was the leader on the efforts, and he will put together an evidence packet for the Cook County State Attorney.

State Attorney Kim Foxx yesterday she was “sickened” by the Lifetime docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly” and asked anyone who was a victim or has information about a victim to come forward.

An attorney for another alleged victim who does not live in Chicago made it clear she was going to contact the appropriate authorities on behalf of her client.

As for the two women who are still living with R. Kelly, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, they are hiring lawyers in an attempt to stop their parents from their efforts to reclaim their daughters and get them out of the singer’s house. The parents have been leading the charge against R. Kelly and believe he’s brainwashed their daughters.


  1. Am very in support of this. The parent and the alleged victims should provide tangible evident that R Kelly assault them, they shouldn’t destroy his image publicly for nothing done against them.

    • Am he claimed he is innocent. Why can’t people just accept and apologise for what they did immediately?

  2. what exactly is all these allegations about? They just want to run him down like they do to other blacks.

  3. Den dy should provide a standard evidence na,
    Why do peeps like tarnishing someone image self.peeps sha

  4. Things are really happening in this life
    I hope they have enough evidence to prove the allegations

  5. Am speechless don’t know what to say, did he brain wash them or they were blindfolded for money. hope this won’t affect R Kelly carrier

  6. Am very in support of this,thats how they operate,enough evidence before any persecution

  7. I’m patiently waiting for the drama to unfold. only cogent, compelling and convincing evidence can settle this issue.

  8. Seen is believing, when he have something to present to proof him guilty he will be set Free.

  9. Wonders shall never end, while waiting for evidence, two babes are still enjoying themselves with R.Kelly. why does their parents think they are been brainwashed ? Are they Minor’s.

  10. If truly he assaulted their ward they should present evidence and come to court but if otherwise they will be punished so I advice they think twice before proceeding to court

  11. If R.Kelly raped her why is it taking this long to conclude the case? Would he just leave evidence everywhere in order to commit a crime? Please they know what they are doing….get it over with!

  12. If really this is what Rkelly did them he should just face his crimes and face his fate , a lot of people are testifying against him

  13. That is a very great move.If R.kelly was really involved in all these sexual abuses, Then they should present their evidence so that he will punished and this case will be sorted out once and for all as the people interested in the case are ready

  14. If they truly have an evidence to prove he assaulted them fine then they should present it, getting tired of this whole stuff

  15. This is a nice one they are supposed to present an evidence to show that they are really saying the truth

  16. That is good, i hope allot of peoples we come with there evident for what he had done to them

  17. Am very in support of this. The parent and the alleged victims should provide tangible evident that R Kelly assault them, they shouldn’t destroy his image pub

  18. Nawa ooo I think am interested in this story I will love to see the end of it I hope they have concrete evidence

  19. If truly you have enough evidence to back up your claim bring it forward instead of you tarnishing R Kelly image let the law defend you its not good to dishonor someone integrity

  20. And their brainwashed daughters have been feeding them with R Kelly money all these while. What a sarcasm.

  21. Anyone with tangible evidence should step forward and showcase it, And for Mr Kelly he should come out and clear his name. Enough of this controversy.

  22. So even at the time of this crisis, he still has girls living in his house. Let the evidence be brought so he can face the law once and for all

  23. I think with their presentation of substantial evidence, they will be able to proof him guilty. God will help them to fight through

  24. Justice must be done, the acts have been done. It is very unfortunate that R. Kelly got him in to this message.

  25. Please wrap up this Kelly issues and let both parties move on. Don’t know why they are bringing this issue up now after all this year’s.

  26. They should go ahead and bring out the evidence they are talking about but i think all of this are plots to tarnish the image of R. Kelly and ruin his career but God will surely vindicate the singer if he is really innocent

  27. Something else is seriously happening I don’t to believe this, confusion everywhere.I don’t understand,be careful R Kelly.

  28. If the parents has a proof of evidence, they should present it in court and if r Kelly is found guilty he should be prosecuted

  29. this is serious oo, my dad use to say that when things like this happens to a man it means something great is coming his way.

  30. With his fame R Kelly has really go against the rule of law by taking advantage of young ladies. If found guilty, he should face the consequences to serve as a deterent to other artist in his shoe

  31. If they could not provide a useful evidence for there claims on R Kelly, I want Kelly to take them to curt for causing damage to his carrier.

  32. Why will the parents of the two girls living with him hire lawyers for him saying that he brainwashed there daughters ,are they not old enough to make decision on there own.

  33. I fully support the idea, they should present the evidence and let this issue be taken care of once and for all

  34. I agreed with them they should provide evidence so that if R Kelly is guilty of the crime he can be prosecuted.

  35. Why will the parents of the two girls living with him hire lawyers for him saying that he brainwashed there daughters ,are they not old enough to take decision on there own to know what is good and wrong

  36. If truly they have tangible evidence fine they should proceed to court. But it will be very annoying if the evidence is just stupid..

  37. This is getting very serious, if the have the whole evidence that will lead to his persecution, they should not hesitate

  38. Why is it that most celebrities get involve with one scandal or the other? RKelly used to be the crowd favourite at some point in life and now he has become the disgrace of public life with lots of allegations around him of late. I wish after all he would trace back his steps.

  39. They should provide all the evidences to prove him guilty. I just pray that R.Kelly survives this. These people really wants to shame R.Kelly. This is a very serious issue. All evidences should also be investigated.

  40. This is very serious, so there is now an evidence, all I know is that there is no smoke without fire.

  41. Let the case be settled once and for all, if R. Kelley found guilty he should be prosecuted and if otherwise should be discharged acquitted

  42. There is nothing like brainwashing their daughters. They must have seen something that made them still stay in R.Kelly’s house

  43. “Brainwash their daughters”
    Thats a very stupid thing to say….
    These girls are old enough to make decisions for themselves…
    They just want t9 dead that mans name to the dust
    who wouldn’t want to stay around a superstar….

  44. A good evidence should be provided by the acclaimed victims so as to prosecute him,that is making the news factual, if not R. kelly should sue them for defamation. Anyhow sex abuse should be shunned in our society.

  45. Me I thought this guy is cool but I really don’t understand what is going on.. Why all this allegations against him..

  46. R.Kelly and young girls sha.. people like Kelly should be taught a lesson not to mess with other people’s under age daughters.. Its so terrifying to hear that we still have young women still living under the roof of Kelly and trying to stop their parents from suing Kelly.. Its either this girls ate being drugged with mind control pills or they are really enjoying R.Kelly’s Money and don’t want to leave… Whatever the case maybe, Kelly must face justice this must end like the boondocks animation. If you know what I mean. Lol. I also saw the documentary one.Kelly and where a former friend and a colleague of his john legend who is a woman right activist claims that R.Kelly has put a lot of tears in the face of many women.. If a friend of his can testify to this, then I think its time Kelly should go to jail..

  47. Leave The king of RnB alone the pull down syndrome is enough please, must you people in the US bring every black enternainer down at a point in their career, some say he has brainwashed their daughters, what kind of rubbish talk is that..

  48. Let them provide the evidence to prove him guilty,but but if they are unable to provide a tangible evidence, then there is no case.

  49. If the parents have enough evidence they should come forward. This attitude of R.Kelly is really disturbing.

  50. I never really thought of Rkelly as someone who was as bad as that.. I guess celebrity life ain’t pure

  51. How does he brainwash them. I want to be convinced that the girls are the ones who decided to stay in star house. Same happen here in our country where some girls leave their homes in the sake of living with a musician

  52. Nemesis is finally catching up with R. Kelly, atrocities of past years are fast catching up with him.

  53. Anyone with valid evidence should step forward and present it, and for mr Kelly he should also come out and defend himself.

  54. Those parents did not want to accept defeat, they are gathering evidence to charge him, if it is true that R. kelly did such,he should be punish.

  55. I think it is better everyone should come out with their evidence because to me that docu-series is not right to me

  56. Am in full support also,they should provide a concrete evidence against R.kelly and if found guilty he should face the law accordingly

  57. If the evidence are incriminating then R.Kelly should be put behind bars for life unless he genuinely repents and turn around he should face the consequences of his actions.

  58. Since the parents are sure of his allegations I support he’s guilty but let them present the evidence as early as possible

  59. Am so so tired of this fruitless accusation.. Whatever needs to be done should be done and let this story come to an end.

  60. Making noise won’t solve the problem it’s very simple go and get evidence against him..R.kelly and girls

  61. The parents believe their daughters have been brainwashed, really? They could also file charges for practicing black magic on their girls. They’re just looking for excuses to ruin him

  62. It’s funny how nemesis catches up with people. His accusers should have concrete evidence though

  63. Why done they leave the gentle man alone….. No secret can be hiding forever, if he his guilty or not only God knows… And he will be punished for his actions

  64. Allegations? am not seeing these as one, after all the two girls are leaving with him and their decisions shows that they are happy.

  65. If he really messed up with those children then he should apologize to the families and also be made to pay for damages. Its not about he being black or not but should pay for his bad conduct if he did what he is accused without consent from the victims

  66. Let them present their evidence against R Kelly,,, let the law decide if he is guilty or not,,,, I believe their act is just to tarnish his image

  67. Why can’t they just leave him alone of trail if found guilty should go in for it instead all this ranting

  68. They should allow him be na haba rape rape is he the only one that have committed this crime did he even do such a thing mbok is enough joor

  69. Of it is in my dirty country Nigeria now.. He will use money to buy the lawyer over. Wonders shall never end..

  70. The dude is already guilty. We all know that fact. They just want to use the case of evidence to prevent him from being prosecuted and their plan will not work

  71. If this is true, then let them go ahead. I all of these, I know at the end the truth will come out because it is indestructible.

  72. They should provide evidence to backup their allegations against him if not R. Kelly should sue them for defamation.

  73. this is what i called intellectual racism. must he be brought down by this US people because he is black? if they feel their daughters are brainwashed that the love for he music they have derived. but in all if found guilty please let him be punished to serve as deterant to others on sex scandal like this

  74. If they are sure they are with the evidence to prove R Kelly guilty as they say, then they should come fort with it

  75. Yeah,they should provide a concrete evidence to support their allegations.but I don’t think that R. Kelly will escape this thou

  76. This case is a serious one, The parents should provide the proof and they leave him instead of all this allegations on him.

  77. Well I think those girls love him that’s why they are still with the singer if not American dose not take time to divorce.

  78. I thought there was a case against him years back that was settled, those girls came on their own. Do they want him in prison.

  79. OK ooo… Things are happening in life sha
    I pray the evidence is concrete enough if not his going scotfree

  80. That’s how is supposed to be, if your accusing someone let there Bevan evidence as a back up. They should bring it forward, if he is found guilty let him face the sentence given to him.

  81. They should provide all proofs required and if found guilty he should be penalized severely. That’s double punishment for him

  82. If they really have evidence then they shouldn’t hesitate to come forward with it. The truth must come one way or another.

  83. For me these guys should let this go and find a lasting solution between themselves. What’s done is done, they should not allow this to create more problems for them.

  84. Let justice take its course, if R.kelly is guilty let him face the law but if he is innocent, those who attempt to spoil his name should be jailed.

  85. They should stop prolonging the matter,if they are sure that Kelly is guilty then they should bring the right evidence out

  86. If they have enough evidence then it should be presented so that the truth can come out once and for all

  87. I love this. One the evidence is provided, it settles the issue. When I say evidence I mean concrete one

  88. No body is above the law, if he is found guilty let him be jail. Others will learn from him. You been a super star doesn’t mean u are above the law.

  89. This are very serious allegations brought forward against you Kelly. Let’s hope it’s not true cause if it is,your definitely doing some time o

  90. This is a nice one they are supposed to present an evidence to show that they are really saying the truth

  91. This kelly’s story is getting more complicating, Only God knows who is telling the truth. Time will tell.

  92. I so much enjoy R Kelly’s songs, why all these scandals against him? If he’s guilty he should be punished and if he’s not he should be exonorated.

  93. I like western world for this, they don’t judge based on assumption or mere accusation

  94. That’s life now when you’re doing bad things and think no one is seeing when it will come out it will be as if you’re being destroyed

  95. R Kelly just decided to ruin his life,fame, career and name completely…. Let’s see the evidence first and we will know the next step to take

  96. It’s about time the truth is established. Get the evidence out so this case can be laid to rest.

  97. Brainwashed your daughters?
    I don’t really think so
    Its what your daughters actually want
    But truth must be said all these persons attesting to these crimes cannot all possibly be lying
    Evidence is needed to shut down the singer for good

  98. Enough with this R Kelly scandals. Yes he has done harm. That why we need to be careful for your past will hurt you down and still follow your generation. Trade with caution young men and women

  99. The girls must be enjoying R. Kelly and his wealth since they don’t want their parents present the evidence. Oyibo people can stress issues, shaah

  100. As far as I know or understand u don’t catch him red handed,so a evidence should be provided

  101. This will be the best of they can proof their tangible evidence against R. Kelly instead of selling his careers on what they haven’t sure.

  102. That is the only way he can be convicted of the crime but if there is no evidence then no crime committed

  103. We are waiting for the proof…enough of allegation here and there.In any rumour , there is an aota of truth..

  104. My pple l lack comments on this R Kelly matter because I don’t know what and who is telling the truth for close to a week now we are still on one matter

  105. I’m totally in support of the the idea, they should present evidence that show R.kelly assulting the victim. The allegations is getting much

  106. I am hindred percent in support of this if the parents have tangible evidence they should presents it

  107. This people are really ready to kill R.kelly for sure. Why are they still using his past to torment this old man for crying out loud.

  108. They should come out with the evidence, and R Kelly should come out and speck with his own evidence. So that this case will be shut and done with.

  109. I totally support this . If there are evidences go back of this claims then they should come forward to present it . There is no room for a serial child rapist like R kelly

  110. They should provide the evidence of the crime R.kelly committed, if he find guilty he should face the punishment

  111. Evidence is a clear proof that the alleged crime really took place. Let the accusers bring it on and show their claim for sexual abuse by R Kelly. Meanwhile, the two ladies at his home still
    desire to be with him, so the family is wrong to accuse Kelly for brainwashing the adult ladies.

  112. Choii r kelly own don finish nah so them plenty ? If R kelly should survive this many people go hear am o he is going to be a billionaire. OR he is going to jail .

  113. I believe no sinner will go unpunished but the way am viewing the guy case is just as if they want to destroy his career using am the bad things he had done in the past. I pray he scape through because everybody has a terrible past that we are all ashame of.

  114. I really support that initiative, because such person like R. Kelly need to be punish. He must no go free.

  115. This serious R.Kelly need to put up strong evidence to prove the accusers wrong. Only God can save you through mercy R.Kelly.

  116. They should present evidences so as to speed up the workings of the case, if the evidences are enough to lock the singer, “good”, if not, ” good”.


  118. Very good others too should bring up their evidence too. All these rapist and indecent celebrities needs to be dealt with seriously.

  119. What R.Kelly is doing is called damage control….all fingers point at him for act. Now they got evidence against him.

  120. They should present the evidence but do it on a low key they should not tarnish the guy image

  121. I believe the two ladies living with R Kelly are of age and they know what is right and wrong,for the evidence the parent wants to provide,it should be a concrete evidence,because the ladies are not even in support with what their parent is doing so why are taking Panadol on their daughters headache

  122. These are very bad and challenging times for the great singer R.kelly, these where also the things late Michael Jackson faced, i pray that the evidence will not tarrnish his image.

  123. That’s will be nice, let tangible envidence be shown to everyone to see but I hope is a genuine one

  124. Am just surprise why stars this days are being accused of rape case. And the parent of the alleged victim should provide a stong evidence.

  125. This is getting interesting with each passing day well let them come up with their evidence and lets see how the case unfolds. My prayer is that R Kelly should be innocent at the end

  126. Please, if R-kelly association with each parents daughter is not good then why associate with him in the first place, I do not understand o

  127. Imagine all this kids that ought to be is school are wired already
    How will they listen to their parents
    To their parents, let them provide the world with evidence of their claim

  128. Please they should show us the evidence o. That’s all we want to see. But since they have the evidence why didn’t they bring it out since.

  129. The alleged victim and the parents should provide physical evidence that R.Kelly assaulted them.

  130. why are these people bent on destroying this guys life…
    OK let them bring the evidence at least that will make us know the truth

  131. All this plan to destroy the image of R.Kelly won’t work. God will surely purnish whoever that is in support of this.

  132. if they are dieing to know the truth they should go for the suggested lie detector

  133. There is no big deal about it since they have their proof as they claimed let them come over to present the envidence

  134. If really there is evidence they should present it, so that this argument will end once and for all

  135. This is very serious, it seems like trouble has become R Kelly’s best friend. He just move from one problem to the order.

  136. rkelly am scared for you,you one American artist I love Pls let this evidence don’t prove you guilty cos that would be bad of you

  137. It’s now getting clearer by the day that R Kelly is in deep trouble .His past is out to hunt him.

  138. If the parents have the evidence, let them bring it out to allow the judgement to take place in time.

  139. Thats good ..the case it getting clearer .so the real people with evidence should show up

  140. This is going to be a serious battle considering the fact that he’s a celebrity but I trust d western justice system. Those women living with him have psychological brainwashed.

  141. This case actually becoming be much more…
    Please let them settle this case amicably with both parties agreed on terms and penalties to close this case and let go of this man.

  142. This is the possible and the right thing to do which is for the victim to provide an evidence for the sexual abuse and other necessary things attached to it

  143. R Kelly can not continue denying this seriously with evidence to prove you committed this crime I don’t think he will get out of this.

  144. Let justice take its course, if R.kelly is guilty let him face the law but if he is innocent, those who attempt to spoil his name should be jailed.

  145. This is a good development and if he is found guilty, he must be prosecuted and charged to court

  146. This is indeed a good move. The parents of the victim should provide tangible prove against R Kelly.

  147. With the love i have for this great artist, i must say i am highly disappointed with these reports and claims if they eventually turn out to be true. I find it so hard to be believe, why must they all go in the wrong paths?.

  148. Am very in support of this. The shreds of evidence are the only thing to prove that R. Kelly is guilty of the allegations, they shouldn’t destroy his image publicly for anything done against them.

  149. Concrete evidence is what is required from to nail him
    Since the ladies are not willing to leave their parents should leave them alone


    A LONG TIME AGO, A SAGACIOUS MAN ONCE SAID”For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light”.





  151. It is such so touching for all these allegations against R.kelly, anyway has been said that anybody with tangible evidence should present it against him to let all these allegations lay to rest jare

  152. As much as I love him, I’d he us guilty, he should be punished accordingly, if not, those soiling his name should be punished as well. God bless Nigeria

  153. Karma is a thing that takes a long time but it works so if the facts and evidence are there who’s R Kelly not to face the law

  154. These people and their allegation should let the the case die down. As this does not in any affect R kelly’s career.

  155. Victims should prove their case, enogh evidence. This is a celebrity case. Some people like spoiling other people’s image

  156. Good one. If the facts and evidences are really strong without any iota of doubt…then he will surely face justice

  157. With all these stories, then R. Kelly is not innocent as he claimed and is possible he has brainwashed the ladies. He must be properly investigated.

  158. It is only celebrities and those who has money they usually drag to curt for sexual harassment or other charges ,why?.

  159. For this people to take this thing too far is an indication that R. Kelly is not innocent, let the evidence be shown and let’s know the truth

  160. Is better for the parent to provide a good proof and solid evidence, or else, he will be punished

  161. It is only celebrities and those who has money they usually drag to curt for sexual harassment or other charges ,why

  162. How can these ladies be preventing theur parents from making case with R. Kelly? Then is a clear indication that R. Kelly must have brainwashed them and he must not be spared.

  163. Oga R Kelly, who did this to you? After giving us hope in the 90s, is this how to end a blessed career like yours. This is sad, especially coming to know that some of these girls still live in your place and are even stopping their parents from prosecuting you. This is shameful, we in Africa are disappointed

  164. It shouldn’t be a cooked one…
    Let it be a clear witness
    And every thing should be properly taken care of


  166. I will be waiting for the evidence to be brought forward to see how this whole story ends… Let the truth come out… because the accusations are just getting out of hand.

  167. If the parents of the victim have the evidence let them provide not to destroyed R Kelly’s image

  168. They should provide the evidence if not both the so called victims and their parents must pay for damages.

  169. I cannot judge now, R Kelly is innocent until he is proven guilty. So the parents should bring forth evidences. And if really he is really guilty, the law should take its course. He should be punished according to the law.

  170. R Kelly I pray you survive this trying time. And come out strong, c
    Because I want to believe they were your past!

  171. norms who will they support in the first place and this case is getting more flames and stronger also

  172. When will Kelly be free from all this abuses on ladies? Innocent or not, R Kelly should grow above all these

  173. R Kelly is always having controversies in his life, let him start living a clean life so that all these will stop.

  174. Good one. They should show good evidence of being assaulted by him. I just hope all these are false accusations.

  175. They should produce the evidence, and if found guilty, let him face the law so others can learn. Though I pray he survives this trying time.

  176. The parent and the alleged victims should provide tangible evident that R Kelly assault them, they shouldn’t destroy his image

  177. Kelly has always been known with this kind of scandal ever since he sang trapped in the closet…whoever is right or wrong one thing is certain victory must prevail

  178. These guys should please leave my R Kelly for me abeg.. This people are bent of putting him to suicide

  179. This is a very serious matter. If there is a prove they should provide it immediately so that we will know who is right and who is wrong. May God help him from this situation.

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