Pandemonium over fire outbreak at 3 locations in Federal Polytechnic Oko

A fire outbreak at 3 locations in Federal Polytechnic Oko, reportedly caused pandemonium in the school environment as it reportedly occurred while students slept.

Pandemonium over fire outbreak at 3 locations in Federal Polytechnic Oko lailasnews

It was gathered that the fire outbreak at Federal Polytechnic Oko, occurred shortly after students objected the school management’s decision to move from CBT mode of writing exams to paper and pen.

Pandemonium over fire outbreak at 3 locations in Federal Polytechnic Oko lailasnews 1

While students reportedly slept last night, fire razed down down Exams and Records building, which is close to the female hostel just after the pen and paper examinations began yesterday morning. Eyewitnesses further alleged that a truck was also set ablaze in front of the Asorock building, and fire was set to the Computing Unit opposite the school’s bookshop.

Pandemonium over fire outbreak at 3 locations in Federal Polytechnic Oko lailasnews 2

Though the cause of the fire is still under investigation, however sources in the school alleged that it might be the handiwork of a student. The school’s exam has been put on hold, students have been driven out of the campus as the school’s gate has also been locked.

Pandemonium over fire outbreak at 3 locations in Federal Polytechnic Oko lailasnews 3


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  1. An unserious student who must have find out he has a very low grade must have set the computing unit, Asorock and the exams and records buildings on fire so that everything will be lost but once proper investigation is carried out the perpetrators must be caught. Some people go to school to live extra vagant lives and will never face their studies then later they will want everybody to partake in their failures.

  2. I believe it is student who set that fire.Oko is known for high level of occultism and its really a terrible environment for learning.

  3. Am sure that,all this is the handwork of the students..but I think they have overreacted to have done that,alot of properties have been lose due to there reaction

  4. Fire incident is one someone should never pray for . It’s so hard to stop fire atimes . I hope the school find a reason and why the fire enrupted

  5. Two things are involved, it might be students who doesn’t like the idea of cbe because you must pay school fees before you can login into your portal. On the contrary too, it might be a lecturer who can’t be sort because everything is now online. Investigations should be done properly. Same issue happened in federal polythecnic Uwana. Last month.

  6. Thank God nobody lost their life,the persons or person that set the school on fire must be very wicked, I just hope they catch them

  7. It’s student arrogance I thought, This is serious and suspicious, considering that it happened a day after students objected to the paper

  8. Now here is the problem because it happened after the student’s complained about a change in in writing exam to pen and paper the suspect will be the students even if its not them, hmmmmm that’s why sometimes its best we be silent on things

  9. Jesus!! Thank God there is no life loss, how sure it os that os from student, it may be due to carelessness of the management, it may be an electricity out bust, so I think thorough investigation should be made before anything.

  10. Fire outrak again I guest they recorded fire outbreak earier this year or last year,they should look into this matter to avoid any form of reoccurrence

  11. The fire outbreak doesn’t look like an accident. It must be caused by a group of students or cultists. The incident should be thoroughly investigated.

  12. This is serious. The truth is that they might not really get the person that has done this but it is evident that a student set the place on fire.

  13. Some fires start as a result of electrical faults, it doesn’t make sense to have thought any student to could have started the fire outbreak. I hope they write the exams soon.

  14. It could be a coincidence that the exams and records after the changed the system of the exam. It could also be caused by some lazy students

  15. Thank God no life was lost.
    Students voice should always be heard by school managements in other to advert situations like this

  16. This is quite unfortunate and if actually students are the cause, they have only succeeded in ruining themselves.
    It will take time to regather the info and they will have to redo exams

  17. This is definitely the handwork of some students who object to the paper examination, Very lazy students. I see nothing wrong in paper examination. That is what I did throughout my university studies.

  18. Clearly arson, the locations are strategic for the reason of the students riot. School authorities should investigate properly.

  19. Thank God no life was lost. To deal with undergraduates takes God’s intervention to be able to work with them because any little thing brings out the beast in some of them. Investigation should be done properly

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