Oyedepo rains curses ahead of the presidential election

Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo has rained curses against those killing Nigerians ahead of the presidential election.

Oyedepo rains curses ahead of the presidential election

He made this known in reaction to the postponed general elections which have now been rescheduled to commence as from February 23.

While addressing his congregation with a sermon, Oyedepo pronounced tribulation on those dragging the country backward.

According to him, ‘Nigeria is gone’, and is only surviving because of the prayers from the Church.

He said:

“How long do we keep going on and off, forward and backward in this country. Ordinary election we cannot manage in Nigeria.

“A country you take one step forward and 20 steps backward, a country where they kill people for sacrifice so they can win the election.

“Minus the Church of Christ praying Nigeria is gone, therefore any gang up against the settlement of Nigeria is destroyed.

“Anyone that would not let Nigeria go forward will go down for Nigeria, any agent of the devil to bring Nigeria under siege is broken.

“Nigeria is long overdue for settlement, On this day, I declare Nigeria must be supernaturally settled. You can’t tell how many people travelled to go and vote, how many had accidents due to this mistake.

“Is Nigeria not long overdue for settlement, may God recompense tribulation for those that trouble Nigerians.

“All the troublers of this nation, I evoke tribulation on your life, all those that would not let this nation go forward shall go down for this nation

“But by all means, God will give peace to Nigeria, by whatever means let this nation not see war.

“Lord, let your vengeance answer for the rescue of our nation today. Amen.”



  1. Amenoooooooooo i agree with you and raise my voice with your to say courses be upon that man or woman who is dragging Nigeria backwards.

  2. The tribulations that will fall on them is ten times going to be higher than far than the one that they have used to inflict this nation… God will indeed rescue this nation from their evil plot…

  3. Honestly Nigeria is due for settlement. May we never see backwardness again, and may peace reign always

  4. Amen pastor…everyone is even fed up of the reschedule of the election but I know the Lord will prevail

  5. The prayers of the saints in Nigeria has been keep the country on. Anyone who tries to drive us back again will meet his water loo. Keep praying for Nigeria it is well

  6. Every big fish troubling the water it this nation shall be catch-up by holy ghost net, in the name of Jesus

  7. Yes oo sir. I totally agree with you. Anyone who hates this progress of this country would not progress.

  8. He must have said this out of frustration on what is going on in our country these days.the killings are too much.God save us.Amen.

  9. God will surely deliver this nation from the hands of this our wicked and evil politicians and he will definitely give them the deserve punishment.

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