Outrage as White woman calls Police on 8-year-old black boy for riding a toy dirt bike (Video)


A white woman called the Police on the 8-year-old black boy -her neighbour- who she claims was riding an “illegal” toy dirt bike.

The neighbours were outraged after they reportedly hear the report and the white woman had mentioned the race “black” of the 8-year-old boy she called the Police on.

It was reported that the woman told the Police during the call that a “Black person” was breaking the law.

Fortunately for the Black family, the father is a police so the matter didn’t escalate.

The mother and the sister of the 8-year-old boy are seen in a video confronting the White woman and asking why she never calls the cops on the White kids who ride their toy dirt bikes in the neighbourhood.

Other neighbours soon came out to confront the woman but she didn’t have a good explanation.

Watch the video below

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