Outrage as senior lawyer spotted with torn gown and wig in court

A senior lawyer has generated public outcry after being spotted with torn gown and wig in court. The man reportedly wore the rather shameful outfit to court yesterday.

Outrage as senior lawyer spotted with torn gown and wig in court lailasnews 4
Outrage as senior lawyer spotted with torn gown and wig in court

According to a Facebook user who took to social media to reveal his displeasure with the lawyer’s torn and raggedy wig and gown, this is not the first time the man (lawyer) has appeared in court dressed like that.

Internet users including legal practitioners criticised and berated the lawyer for the attire after these pictures were shared online as many were left shocked why a senior lawyer would dress in such manner to court considering his status.

Facebook user ‎Michael Amos‎ wrote;

“This is what a very Senior Lawyer wore to court .Today was not the first day I saw him like this.I am bothered as to why a senior lawyer will be comfortable to wear a raggy wig and gown to court.This beats me”.

See different reactions below;

Some users although came to his defence with the argument that notable legal practitioner Chief Rotimi Williams also wore torn gown and wig to court in his hey days.


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  1. In my own view, i think he was actually passing a message to the public which is best known to him. He should be interrogated.

  2. Like the comments above, he might probably be protesting against something or he is trying to say something about the poverty looming the law profession. They are probably not being paid well.

  3. Maybe it’s a crazy lawyer’s attire just like we have crazy jean. It’s a thing of shame but however he refused to look at it as displeasing.

  4. Psychologically, is he OK? If yes, what message is he trying to pass across? Or is he trying 2 b D Gani Fawehinmi of our time?! Or is he using it 2 win cases?!

  5. That’s is a disgrace to his office, he haven no excuse to make about this torn clothes that his putting on,let him be called to order

  6. Lol..this is funny but am sorry if am laughing for the wrong reason cos truth be told, there are many factors that might have caused the man to dress the way he did, maybe his gown and wig suffered burn cos looks like they were burnt to an extent before the gown was rescued with the wig, secondly, the gown looks like something that was touched with acid, looking at the colour change on some part of that wig and black gown, most times its acid that changes colour or dark colour to some sort of dull gold or so….thirdly, maybe he has no money to get new gown but we are hoping that if the later be the case, his colleagues or counsels will give him a new gown and wig maybe from that venue sef…anything can be done to help the lawyer abeg. he is practicing this law, mana… ahu aforo. i feel pity for him though cos i dont know what let to that dressing.

  7. What a sight! No one in his right senses will dress in this ragged gown and wig? Probably he’s trying to send a message across on how much the law profession have been neglected. If not, what could be the reason for this shameful appearance?

  8. The man must be a clown, why would he wear such run all in the name of a court gown. He should be checked on if he has any psychological disorder

  9. This is rag! What is happening in his brain? This is too bad..he may be mistaken for a mad man…I pray this post get his attention to make a U turn..

  10. What I understand about this man is that he feels what matters is practising and administering the law the way it should be and not just from looking rossy . And I still believe that the rate at which he cherish his professionalism has really affected his ways of dressing mentally and otherwise. He just believe there is not bad in wearing that

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