“Our weather is made for scanty dressing and that’s how ancestors dressed ” – Aisha Yesufu

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has blasted those saying it is unafrican to be scantily dressed.

According to Aisha, our ancestors dressed scanty because our weather is made for scanty dressing.

The activist revealed this on Twitter, as she addressed those who say their religious beliefs stops them from dressing scantily, told them to stop imposing it on others as it is their own personal belief.

She tweeted;

“When people say it is unafrican to scantily dress I wonder which Africa? Our weather is made for scanty dressing and that’s how ancestors dressed. Go check the pictures of your grandparents and ancestors. Tattoos, scarification, tribal marks, men plaiting hair are all African

If you want to say your religious beliefs stop you from dressing scantily then that is your personal business. Don’t impose it on others or say it is unafrican to be scantily dressed. Africans are people with control over their desires. Find your lost control

For the religious police, you were told to LOWER YOUR GAZE not harass anyone.”


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