Otedola insists in court Farouk Lawan demanded money

On Wednesday, founder of Zenon Oil, Femi Otedola appeared before an Abuja High Court to testify in the trial of a former member of the House of Representatives, Farouk Lawan for alleged fraud, ThisDay Live reports.

Otedola insists in court Farouk Lawan demanded money lailasnews 2
Otedola insists in court Farouk Lawan demanded money

Otedola who is a prosecution witness in the trial was allegedly pressured by Lawan to part with a three-million-dollar bribe while Lawan was chairing a subcommittee investigating a multi-billion-dollar fraud associated with government fuel subsidy during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Otedola entered the witness box after he was introduced by the prosecution counsel, Adegboyega Awomolo after which a video where Lawan was seen receiving $500 000 from the Zenon oil boss, was played.

Femi Otedola takes up Majek Fashek’s medical bills

According to Otedola, the accused had indicted his company in the alleged fraud and demanded three million dollars to exonerate him. He added that after the initial deposit of $500,000 was paid into his account, Lawan declared Zenon Oil and Gas free of the initial indictment.

When asked by the prosecution counsel about the claim by Lawan that the witness forced him to take the money, Otedola denied it.

Otedola also denied a claim by Lawan that Zenon Oil and Gas was exonerated on the basis of documents later provided by the company.

The defence counsel was, however, unable to cross-examine Otedola as he requested for an adjournment to enable his principal to attend the next trial and conduct the cross-examination.

Femi Otedola takes over Majek Fashek hospital bills - Report

Lawan was first arraigned in February 2013 along with another accused, Boniface Emenalo, for allegedly receiving $620,000 of the alleged bribe from Otedola and his company.


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  1. Why are they using dollars to confuse us not everybody can calculate it accurately to naira.. They should be using naira to tell is how much they looted more over Nigeria uses naira not dollars.

  2. So now, it’s Dollars we’re dealing with in this country, no more Naira abi? All these Leader, that’s how they behave when they want to loot money, na dollars we go dey hear instead of our own Naira currency. Imagine

  3. Our leaders in this nation Nigeria should try to stay away from corruption, who now know who is saying the truth amongst them

  4. This is bribery and corruption, if he Otedola and his company paid the said money to Farouk Lawan then he should be jailed because he is involved in bribery. All these rich men are too selfish.

  5. This country should work on strict law concerning issues in this nation….punishment for offenders in this should be activated.

  6. These our leaders are filled with corrupt mind and practices. How can they lead us right??? . What can we immitate from them. They should know they are an icon. We do what we see them doing….. Bribery and corruption have become the other of d day in this country. God we need intervention.

  7. They want to seat down and see the money coming, God will need intervention
    Because this our leaders are getting out of hand. They won’t be tired of bribery.

  8. Our leaders are our biggest problem, biggest scammers, buggers rubbers, all thief’s, all of them are suppose to be sentenced to life imprisonment

  9. Our leaders are fond of bribery and corruption. May God save us in dis country. Imagine to demand for three million dollars .

  10. This is what are our politician are known for. I am not even surprised, but when the chips are down they look so innocent like newborns.

  11. All these Leaders, that’s how they behave when they want to loot money, na dollars we go dey hear instead of our own Naira currency.

  12. I just wish there are some set of people who gives justice hot hot,then this leaders and thieves will have no choice but to stop.

  13. Forget all dese drama….we all know nothing will come out of this trial…at the end of the day Otedola will still walk free…why??? Because he is rich and affluent…..I bet if dis where an rdinary Nigeria the case wld have been dismissed since and e wld have been sent to jail……Let JUSTICE prevail

  14. Corruption has eating deep into the fabric of this country, how leaders are the problem,they suppose to set good example to the followers, how can farouk denied taking bribe from otedola,when you seen on cameral receiving it

  15. This is corruption amidst corruption
    You are investigating fraud and this is the best way you can get this done?
    Well done sir

  16. There is corruption in every system in Nigeria . You collected 600 dollars to get zenon oil exonerated. What happens to doing the right in Nigeria ? Well, let the court determine what happens next

  17. People are lacking virtually everything in this country,and u guys are busy looting money u can’t invest to at least give Nigerians job to do. U will all pay for it in one way or the other.u can’t enjoy money meant for a country alone.

  18. So this case is still on, I think this one of the reasons farouk Lawand has been silent for In a while now. He will vomit it

  19. When will corruption be eradicated in this country I know something is there with torror investigation they will know d Truth

  20. Our leaders are the one killing this country.Every day u hear of one embezzlement or the other.Only God can see this country through.

  21. With all these said and done , Farouk Lawan did collect the bribe . They’re always like that and it’s not fair. I hope she serves as a lesson to others of his type. These kinds of people are never fit to rule.

  22. Our leaders are the cause of the corruption in this country..
    Please let election come so we elect new leaders and by God grace better one

  23. All these Leader, that’s how they behave when they want to loot money, na dollars we go dey hear instead of our own Naira currency. Such as life.

  24. Bribery and corruption as become the order of the day in Nigeria,our leaders are corrupt, this country need a new transformations,only God can do that.

  25. Sometimes I feel ashamed of this country and it’s leaders they are so stupid that’s why I call them the father’s of corruption.

  26. All these Leader, that’s how they behave when they want to loot money, na dollars we go dey hear instead of our own Naira currency. Imagine

  27. They say they want to end corruption forgeting that we are all corrupt…the corruption begins with them…they already have money..they are being paid yet they thirst for more and squander the nation’s money…

  28. If it was a common man, he would have been jailed already, but because he is a leader they are going through all these rigorous processes, next they will ask him to pay some money that won’t be up to the amount stolen then they will set him free.

  29. These politicians too like money . See where it has kept him. The love of money is the root of all evil. They will never hear

  30. Bribery and corruption a regular thing in Nigeria. If law really want to take it cause, both of them should be tortured severely and detained until the truth comes out but the problem is that corruption has eating the country like a cankerworm.

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