Oshiomhole’s high-handedness is destroying APC – Okorocha

Governor Rochas Okorocha who spoke with state house correspondents after his meeting with President Buhari yesterday, stated that Adams Oshiomhole’s high-handedness is destroying the party which he is chairman of.

Oshiomhole's high-handedness is destroying APC - Okorocha lailasnews

According to Rochas Okorocha who has been at loggerheads with Oshiomhole after the party’s governorship primary in Imo in which his son in-law, Uche Nwosu was declared winner was annulled by the party’s National Working Committee NWC, the way the former Edo State Governor is managing the affairs of the party has led to APC losing over 5 million of its members, and also destroying the party.

“Oshiomole is on his own in this whole thing. There is no presidency’s support for him to refuse candidate, those who won elections, and give wrong candidates who didn’t win election. This is the matter and I will simply say that he does not have consent of the presidency; he is on his own.

“I also request that Oshiomole must learn to respect the rule of law and obey court orders where they apply. This issue of treating court orders as tissue papers must stop; it doesn’t reflect the image of our party. He must act quickly to fix the integrity of this party because his coming in ought to have brought joy into the party and not sadness.

“The party is still intact, just that many people are hurt. Since his inception and after the primaries, we have lost almost five million voters. There is anger, protest everywhere. He needs to be called to order; he has to respect the rule of law, respect court orders and do the right thing – obey court orders where applicable and not turned himself into INEC” he said.


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  1. now he has refused to grant your selfish request that you realised he is hard. when the wailers were saying it you thought they were all stupid abi? enjoy your party chairman

  2. This is not new it is politician but this man oshiomole is not just an ordinary man he is man of his word he won’t let go easily

  3. If APC know what is good for them and if they want to remain the ruling party, they should remove comrade Adams Oshiomole as the party national chairman. The party has been undergoing serious crisis since he assumed office.

  4. Rochas who.does not obey court order is asking another person to obey court order. Anuohia. What goes around comes around. Shame on u Rochas.

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