Orezi denies burning the Nigerian currency

Orezi who faced severe backlash few days ago for allegedly burning the N1,000 note in a new photo, has denied burning the Nigerian currency.

Orezi denies burning the Nigerian currency lailasnews

Orezi who released the picture to promote his new music, Born Broke Die Rich, was slammed by social media users who felt it was disrespectful to Nigeria and the country’s legal tender. However Orezi who denied burning the Nigerian currency in a new interview with Saturday Beats, said it was an edited picture.

“I never burnt the N1,000 note like people thought, it was just graphics; an edited picture. I did not burn the Nigerian currency. If you look at the picture, you would see that the fire almost got to my eyes. If it were real, I would not have been able to withstand the heat. I cannot allow fire to burn my eyes because I want to take a picture. I replied some comments when people were criticising me because of the picture.

“I told them that it was an artistic paper and I did not burn the Nigerian currency. Why would I burn money to promote my music? A lot of my fans also tried to explain to those that were abusing me that it was an edited picture, but they would not listen. Some people went as far as saying that they would arrest me because it is against the law, but I did not burn the money. It is not everything that you can explain to people; sometimes you just have to keep quiet” he said.


  1. Thank God he has finally come out to debunk that news.He burnt an edited picture. Nigerians gat no chill at all.Congratz on your new song

  2. You know these days are so technological, there are what we call films tricks, this is what he is doing here, he is not burning the currency.

  3. Can people just understand the difference between a real picture from an edited one… I guess if it’s real by now he will be getting some kind of knot on his eyes….let’s just stop abusing him please

  4. Please just live him,the picture is edited, moreover over is your money is his money,he work for it,orezi I love that sond

  5. This is interesting! To me, burning any Nigerian currency note is an act of lawlessness. We should respect our National symbols . But if it’s not true and its a fake note, well he is trying to depict something in the song

  6. This is not real o they edited the picture and he has confirm it that is fake picture ,so people let Orezi be .

  7. That pic shouldn’t have been posted on the internet, burning national currency I believe is punishable offence

  8. We have heard yhu bro and congratulations on your new music too. Some people won’t look closely, immediately they see something like this they will start to lament

  9. Though even if its an edited picture, he shouldn’t have used that picture. Its a slap to Nigerian legal tender

  10. Let them leave the man alone because he has said the truth, we all knows that all this musicians and actors they like doing funny things

  11. A man who was born in poverty n suddenly see himself growing reach might v done as a thing but he v spoken that it is just film trick so let him be,born broke n die reach he v gotten the cash he is on top of the world ,he v see himself dieing reach,big boy,

  12. You are right bro.. Even if you tell them the truth you they will still be criticizing you.. So lock up

  13. Since it’s an edited picture as he said, they should leave him alone. In graphics, the unimaginable it’s made imaginable

  14. What’s the point respecting a symbol that is always depreciating??? Besides he said it’s not real picture but edited one. Why the heat on him??

  15. Before judging people, give them some excuse, a normal person can never born currencies all because he or she is rich or for stupid photo shoot, thank God he clears people’s confusions

  16. All is acting, its not everything we see on set that is real, Orezi as a musician also create his own style too, the guy said it all for the show

  17. Why didn’t her use something else to promote his new music , born poor die rich , because Nigeria currency should be well handled with respect

  18. Yes he is right now. Since he as drop this note,you just have to believe him because it can be design or artistic work truly

  19. He is the one in the picture and only him would know what’s going on in it, so if he says it’s not real we have no right judge him

  20. Even still, being an edited picture or him setting a Nigerian currency notes on fire, it still portrays his level of disrespect to the country.

  21. What this
    People are desperately lookin for money
    And here he is burning money
    Wel i don’t blame u ,money dey that why

  22. He said he did not burned the money that it was graphic picture, so every body should maind his or her own business oo

  23. He could have think before doing that because people will never believe that he did not born the money

  24. I don’t really blame people, who said he burnt money because it was looking so real, but he it’s not real, let’s take it that it’s not real, at least he didn’t just keep calm he defended himself

  25. Money is not respecter of anybody. Make good use of it when you still have them at hand before it becomes story in the future

  26. This is interesting! To me, burning any Nigerian currency note is an act of lawlessness. We should respect our National symbols . But if it’s not true and its a fake note, well he is trying to depict

  27. I swear, he’s denying it. Maybe he actually did it to suit the title of his music, BORN BROKE, DIE RICH..u don enter trouble.

  28. Whether it is graphics o or it is real, this will serve as a deterrence to other Nigerians that the needed to respect and value our things.

  29. It’s good that he has explain it so people would understand, I know some people will still not believe him

  30. Hmm… The question is why did you do that, to Photoshop it, you want it to be real, if the people have hailed you for this, you will say it is real, and now, they go against you, you said is fajee. In this first instance, what led you to it

  31. Better for him as he denies it…if not how dare him burn our currency..is a dishonor to burn a country’s currency.

  32. Yea, is not real, is a graphics Photoshop, Nigerian need to do their research before criticising.

  33. Thats surprising why would he do such a thing
    But it not cool we should have respect for our currency

  34. Denying it not enough, he should be investigated and if found guilty should be punished according to the currency law

  35. Must Nigerians criticised everything that happened around them. How can they think that he can’t do such a thing.


  37. Why we you do such a thing, either u burn it or not how many people will listen to you story. Be careful on what you post.

  38. Before drawing conclusion on a matter, try to hear from the opponent side … Finally he explained it was a photo shot .. Technology has it now cost more harm or good … Most photo shot pictures looks so real ..Whosoever have tasted poverty before will want to show off when he/she becomes rich

  39. You can also tell us a lie to proof your innocence.
    How can you say it was an edited picture and also say it was an artistic paper.

  40. What lesson do you want us to learn form an artistic burning of a graphics currency .What does it teach us.Be reasonable with whatever you might be doing

  41. That is stupidity in the highest order. How can you burn your own currency because you now earn in dollars

  42. This is not real o they edited the picture and he has confirm it that is fake picture ,so people let Orezi be .

  43. Thank God to voice out because have been blaming you already till i read this… Kudos to the graphic

  44. People are looking for money and orezi is burning a 1000 note because he has lot! Pls if u dont know what to do with the money you have pls bting it to meor give it a person that need it.

  45. Is better the way he came out to clearify himself. Naria is our legal tender and should not be burnt no what the condition

  46. Thank God in reality the naira was not burnt, even if it is graphic, the image is still not a good one no matter the purpose which it is to serve.

  47. well you said its graphics and you’re using Nigeria currency as the graphic well that’s equal to burning it for real too

  48. What message were you trying to impact by doing that,for me it does not make any difference,because first your intention was for us to see it real,just like a movie,they want us to believe their was a gun shot but in reality it was just a studio work

  49. So why did you post such a picture on social media, when you know that people will question you of burning Nigeria currency

  50. I trust him I know he can’t do such thing. He has been able to clear the people’s doubt for his action.

  51. Just live this man alone weather its editing or not the money is for him so I don’t see any headech their.

  52. May be it’ s graphics as he has already said. I don’t see the reason why he will burn money just because of an album that he wants to released

  53. The simple truth is that you burnt something, and you wanted to portray the message that you burnt a naira note and that is what the fans picked. Now they are not wrong when they say you burnt the naira note. So face whatever comes out of the accusations.

  54. The image show that the money was edited,its not real, because I know him to be a man that respects his country

  55. Since he said its an edited photo, let’s leave it at that and stop judging him, after all we all misuse the curreny in one way or the other.

  56. That is not real Nigeria currency they is no evidence that he burnt Nigeria currency.. May be is fake note

  57. You put yourself in this unnecessary problem brother,Is burning currency the only thing you can use graphics to do

  58. well, we do not know because we are not there to ascertain whether its a real naira note or fake.but its never good to burn our currency its against the law.

  59. Orezi don’t mind them, they are haters….what concern the government about this
    Whats the difference between burning money even though it’s edited and embezzling it and spending it outside the country

  60. Nigerians and hasty conclusion.
    I believe him. I am a graphics designer, photographer and a video editor so i think ave got the requisite knowledge to understand how things played out. The graphics designer was just good at his art. If it wasn’t that close to his eyes then I could ave said otherwise. Graphics rocks.
    Stop the crucification naija…hear him out dem no gree

  61. My question is why would your video content have anything to do with burning the naira, that is you feel it is really wrong to burn the currency.

  62. Well, I’d like to believe he’s telling the truth because it would be very disrespectful burning the currency.

  63. Sometimes you need to take into consideration the type hype you want to make if it will attract positive or negative reactions.

  64. It’s alright dear
    Even though it was an edited picture but I still advice that such act looks so disrespectful to the nation

  65. I knew it was a graphical work first time I saw the picture on Orezi’s instagram page. He’s not dumb and I believe he knows what it is to burn money if it was real. Hoping to hear what he’s up to in his forthcoming song.

  66. Well according to my asertion Here i think it might be true but even if you have Much Money in Your Account,why dont you go feed the Poor and lesprevillage and tell no one with that you receive Your blessing From GOD…..well celebrities and their wonderful Stories sha

  67. Even if he did not do it ,that is not an excuse for him just because he wants to promote his album ,that he will used our money and if it is in another country he could have been in prison by now but thank God that he said is not true

  68. First of all congratulations on your album release, but would have been a disrespectful to our legal tender if it is true and insult to our country.

  69. I can’t judge him and we can’t judge him also I think there are only two set of people that knows the truth..only himself and God that knows the truth

  70. You know these days are so technological, there are what we call films tricks, this is what he is doing here, he is not burning the currency.

  71. He could have think before doing that because people will never believe that he did not born the money.

  72. Edited or not, he shouldn’t have used the naira. It is highly disrespectful. Must you burn money to show that u have arrived? I believe there are countless other ways to show off. So, be guided.

  73. I don’t expect people to start reasoning like this with the level of technology everywhere. How could you be expecting him to burn money because of promoting his song videos

  74. I thought as much that he can’t abuse our currency thank God he has clear the air with this statement

  75. Why would you go ahead to do anything that will spark controversies knowing you are a public figure.

  76. Whether edited picture or not,, I don’t see any reason why he will burn it at all ,,, it is even a crime to release such video

  77. that is rubbish and it’s against the law so they should get him arrested because he don’t have respect to his country and its currency

  78. Technology has taken over everything, now it’s all about graphic editing. So he has cleared the air. Pls let allow d matter rest.

  79. It doesn’t seem much like a graphic work cos its hard to tell
    But since orezi has debunk the claim
    Then the abuse should stop but if not
    Then silence they say is the best answer to fools

  80. I think he may be right with he is saying because there is no kind of picture editing that Photoshop can not take care of.

  81. Its good he cleared the air concerning that , people can be so skeptical some times , I’m a graphics designer so he didn’t lie

  82. Coming into money from a poor background can make some people do crazy things, but since he said he didn’t do the media should let him be

  83. Am scared before when I read the topic I don’t know something good is coming out of it well for an artist I think he can not do that for him just to promote his video

  84. Thank God you didn’t because I shed tears that the money I so much needed is being abused for must sake. Bless up

  85. Whether fake currency or not, he still has no reason to burn the currency, its a national embarrassment


  87. He’s the only one that can say , because we only saw the picture. And he is now saying it was an edited picture

  88. Thank you for coming out to tell us it’s not real. Please lets relax for is a picture trick. No Naria was burnt.

  89. Be it burned, edited or scanned its his choice and his music. We should learn to give listening ears before castigating people.

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