Orange seller who offers POS option spotted at Dugbe market, Ibadan

An orange seller who offers POS option, was recently spotted plying his trade at Dugbe market, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Orange seller who offers POS option spotted at Dugbe market, Ibadan lailasnews

The orange seller clearly had a sheet tagged to his cart, which reads ‘POS is available’. Here are photos orange seller who offers POS option below;

Orange seller who offers POS option spotted at Dugbe market, Ibadan lailasnews 1 Orange seller who offers POS option spotted at Dugbe market, Ibadan lailasnews 2

This is coming after Local media in China, shared news of mobile-savvy beggars in the city of Jinan, in China’s Shandong province. They gather in areas popular with tourists, holding begging bowls that contain a QR code printout. Anyone with Alipay, WeChat Wallet, or some other mobile payment app can scan the code and make a donation.

One of the beggars who caught the media’s attention was reportedly a man with mental problems and the QR code he had was made by his family to help him. However, it also appeared that QR code begging serves other purposes besides generating income for people down on their luck. According to digital marketing company China Channel, many beggars in Beijing receive payment from local businesses for every QR code scanned by passers-by. The enterprises use these scans to collect people’s data from WeChat profiles, then sell the IDs for quite a pretty penny to small businesses. The latter use the information to bombard the users with unsolicited in-app advertisements.


  1. Pos for 200naira oranges? Except he is using it as a form of business transaction to earn commissions

  2. Hahaaaa! Technology done happen for orange saller too.. Nevertheless, if he should use it properly without dupping.. Then free to goo!

  3. I only hope he will not use this to swindle people of their hard earned money. People should be on the lookout.

  4. I think he is tired of hearing some customers saying they dont have cash except their atm card..

  5. Smile, one road no enter market, I like the way he hustle jawe, and i pray that almight god we bless his hustle

  6. Creativity at it’s peak… I like this….
    If you are creative, you cannot be poor…
    Only lazy persons are poor

  7. This has packaged himself and business. This will surely attract people to him and increase his sales… Nice one and wish you the best

  8. The guy means business, he don’t want to hear I want to buy but I don’t have change. Cashless policy on the move

  9. Nice idea at least you can buy your orange with no cash with u but with your atm card that’s fascinating

  10. Lol.. now people wey dey lick orange without paying no go try am again . very soon pos will be available for testing at any suya joint ha.

  11. It might be funny but it shows that our economy is really going cashless. Everybody don they wise up now

  12. All I can deduce from the pictures is that the guy is not an orange seller….he just want to trend.

  13. Yes oo. New innovation. Try something different, be different. Don’t always follow the crowd. Ride on boy

  14. Well I love his innovation at least some people can still buy oranges even when they dont have cash at hand, but the qr code thing might not go down well with some people .having annoying adverts sometimes could get one no wanting to use pos.

  15. This is funny. Well, its another inspiring business strategy. People should learn there’s no business that can’t be rushed.

  16. Packaging matters in business. You are going higher with this. More money for your hard work.

  17. His business must be doing quite well for him to be offering POS… otherwise he might have just placed it there as a joke

  18. When you foresee the greater you even with the little job you found yourself doing, you tend to take steps that is higher than the level you are. Good business strategy. God bless his hustle

  19. Yes na,he took the business to another level.I pray the lord will lift you higher in Jesus name.

  20. This shows he’s ready for his business,one day one day he’ll be the multi millioniare in his family

  21. Are we discriminating against the orange seller, when chivita and 5alive sellers can use POS both are legitimately making an income. S

  22. Wow! That’s a nice innovation but I’m wondering, how much oranges will people buy that will have to do with the use of pos?

  23. He really mean business. Supposed someone wants to buy his oranges and there’s is no cash on the person he can use his card on the Pos. Moreover we are in s cashless society so what do you expect?

  24. I can’t stop laughing even beggars are now going around with QR code this is what technology is causing

  25. Creativity detected! correct guy…keep the hussling spirit going…God will bless the Labour of his hands…i like his style.

  26. This is an abuse of POS. An orange seller is not meant to be using POS because most people don’t buy more than 500 naira orange and buyers are always with cash.

  27. I don’t believe this boys mat be they are doing business with if we find out deeper how many oranges I want to buy that I will bring out my ATM

  28. Yes poor, very funny and hilarious. Incase you don’t have cash come and buy I have pos. Nice sense of humour.. Hope he truly has the said machine though.

  29. Its very obvious the boy is thinking ahead already. But these china folks are something else o. begging with machines.

  30. That orange seller is truly operating in a developed payment system, that’s innovation, i like his idea, good luck to him

  31. Funny but creative the young man means biz, may God bless the works of your hands increase in all areas of your life

  32. This is a great innovative. He has foreseen some certain things . And I am sure sellers of such fruits will surely emulate him

  33. At least the orange seller will have more innovative about the business and its a good idea, nice one

  34. This is a tushed world what do you expect, it’s so funny anyway. Big businesses self no get POS talk of small orange selling. Wonders shall never end…

  35. This is what we call packaging..packaging in a business determines how far your business will get people’s attention

  36. Information technology has gone to the door step of an orange seller. This is amazing and will even help him sell more. Every seller should adopt this method.

  37. See serious upgrade oh. this guy really means business sha. No excuses from any customer. He is well prepared. But these China people sef dey vex o. see methods

  38. Beggars having to offer alipay option. Lol
    Begging is quite a good business there

    A nice trend
    An orange seller promoting cashless economy

  39. He realized that our society is gradually becoming a cashless society, it’s a welcome development. First class Orange seller. No more excuses buy orange even with ATM

  40. He understand the power of packaging and moving with the times. It’s quite a good development but I doubt if people will use POS to pay for orange due to the fact people don’t buy at high rate

  41. It shows that he means his business. No room for excuse. If you don’t have cash then use your card. By all means sales must be made.

  42. This is really nice, so no need to hold money when one wants to patronize him, one will just go with atm card. It’s nice any way

  43. He might even be using it as an alternative for ATM for people that want to withdraw money without going to the ATM. he will be collecting charges for the services and be enriching his pocket.

  44. He has probably had an encounter with customers asking for POS, to up his sale he had to get one for his market

  45. The world is fast becoming technologically inclined. The POS may serve other purpose just as the exam giving about the China experience. Nobody wants their data stolen

  46. Really the world has gone digital he knows the business and he does not want to give excuse at all.

  47. you tend to take steps that is higher than the level you are, ATM for people that want to withdraw money without going to the ATM.

  48. Nice one, it’s another way of promoting your business, cos some will tell you they don’t have cash, that they only have Debit card, so which ever way, let his business sell

  49. Technology gone viral.. Lol. He is not serious… How much is the orange.. That pos is involved.

  50. This a welcome development for the orange seller and he shouldn’t use this means to start defrauding people.

  51. This is a real good development. To avoid carrying too much cash around and to reduce the risk of loss.

  52. Funny but It’s nice one
    The orange seller has took his selling business to the next level. Kudos to him.

  53. Very good. Nowadays nobody carry cash around anymore because Pos is everywhere. I think is in the system and he knows about the changes.

  54. You see the upgrade, that is creative innovation and it will,attract people to him, it also a way of making more sell so you will not say you don’t have cash

  55. I see the guy succeeding in business because you can’t owe him,once you don’t have cash simply pay with your card shekina

  56. This is a very enlightened orange seller that knows the importance of a POS in business. He is wise

  57. Well, it is not funny at all, this is digital age and everything has to be digitalize like introduction of pvc card reader for elections instead of olden days method. So it’s part of what we need to make Nigeria an advance country.

  58. What a creative ideal, this is nice you must stand out among you competitors to improve on your sales, good guy.
    Happy sales.

  59. That’s a good way to boost sales but I wonder how he could cope with the payment of #50 and #100 which are the range off price within which majority of orange buyers make their purchase.

  60. This is so nice, it’ll even boost sales and raise competition with other orange sellers. Honestly as funny as this may seem, its actually very nice.

  61. Lolzzzzz… Very funny, who gave him the pos and how did he gets it is my main concern, ordinary orange seller using pos…wonder shall never end

  62. Its not new, even when you go to shoprite to buy fruits, its same there. Good one form the young chap

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