OOU students fight over boyfriend (video)

A boyfriend-snatching allegations reportedly led to a fight between Olabisi Onabanjo University, OOU students this morning at Limelite hall.

OOU students fight over boyfriend lailasnews

One of the OOU students involved in the fight identified as Bolu, was accused by one Blessing, Bolu of sleeping with her boyfriend, Saheed, on multiple occasions, under the guise of marketing some products to him.

The door of Bolu’s hostel room was reportedly broken down, as Blessing led her team in as early as 6:30a.m. It was gathered that Bolu admitted to sleeping with Saheed only once, however Blessing insisted that they did it many times even on her (Blessing’s) bed.

Here is a video of the fight below;


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  1. You are fighting over a man who is probably busy with some else as you fight, if he had respect for you he wouldn’t have cheated

  2. Nonsense if you girls like kill yourself its only those who don’t know what they worth can embarrass them selves like this

  3. They are fools instead of them to concentrate in their studies they are there busy fighting over issue that won’t help them on the long run

  4. No man is worth fighting for. If he cheats on you with another lady, then he doesn’t deserve you if only you know your worth. This is simply a dance of shame.

  5. The girl isn’t thinking straight. She should have gone to fight her boyfriend that couldn’t hold himself. But it’s senseless fighting over a boy

  6. Despite you’re studying shouldn’t be a barrier for not being in a relationship.
    Notwithstanding everyone has the right to fight for what he possesses but in a responsible way

  7. i looked for the video below but saw nothing. anyways, saheed must be one hell of a pimp to be controlling these shawdys and making them tear each other apart for his sake. as this news has filtered into various social media platforms, saheed might be feeling like a god right now and the ladies will be hiding their faces in shame as this is a distasteful and degrading clip of anyone who claims to be in the university for academic purpose. i wonder what the parents of these three students will be thinking now of their children…

  8. Who fight over a boyfriend? If He’s a worthy responsible guy, he would not cheat…. And sorry to say that her friend is a snitch.

  9. Omo what is this , ladies please have sense and stop make your self look chip and worth less because fighting against man that totally rubbish

  10. Bullshit, trash and arrant balderdash. They got no brains at all. Show of shame and whoredom. They needed to be psychoanalysed.

  11. shame of them, they were sent to school to study but they chose to disgrace them selves I only pity their parent that is suffering to pay their school fees

  12. This is really getting out of hand, are they their for studies or fighting against boyfriend’s. May God help us out with now are days ladies.

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