Only billionaires date me – Bobrisky

Cross dresser, Bobrisky has revealed that he’s in high demand, but he’s made it clear that the only  billionaires date him as it is obvious in his way of life.

Only billionaires date me - Bobrisky lailasnews
Only billionaires date me – Bobrisky

The popular Nigerian cross dresser shared a video of himself dancing and sashaying and wrote: “Only billionaire date me. Look at my house so classy and neat.”

Bobrisky was recently in the news for blasting Yoruba actor, Odunlade Adekola, for speaking against cross-dressers in the country.

Reacting to the salvo against his kind, Bobrisky took to his/her Instagram page Friday to rant about the actor, calling him names like “female she goat”, and an “empty brain”.

This is the life Jesus wants me to live - British Nigerian cross dresser (Video)



  1. This guy lady is really hilarious to speak… So now millionaires aren’t good to go but now billionaires… Keep your ass going… Don’t know your classification now.

  2. If billionaire date you you should know they are spoiling your life for you better use your life for good thing what do you expect your kid to say after you that you are doing nonsense and you

  3. Artificial Bobyrisky
    Booby…….. Artificial
    Booty……… Artificial
    Hair……….. Fully attached
    Mr man you ain’t a lady bcoz, you will never get pregnant.
    You are living a fake life, enjoy your material life. Birds of the same feather flock together…….. Flock, fuck and flirt with your billionaires bro, Is your body now, it’s your bank account bro. Enjoy your life. Life is vanity upon vanity, when you die go with all you acquire on earth to the next world. You ain’t the first billionaire and you ain’t gonna be the last. Be it make over or pull over, it’s your cross not mine.

  4. Billonaire men or women? You for talk as you people no longer respect Yourselves. So your classy house is not by your hard work but by the financial status of your daters!! Clap for yourself! Lazy Nigerian youth

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