One student killed as unknown assailants attack OAU students’ hostel

A student was killed yesterday, as unknown assailants attacked an OAU students’ hostel,  ‘Adam and Eve,’ an out of campus students’ hostel, along Parakin-Ede Road, Ife.

One student killed as unknown assailants attack OAU students’ hostel lailasnews

The deceased was said to be a 300 level student, and the authorities of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ife, have already condoled with his parents and family members. The school’s Public Relations Officer of the University, Abiodun Olarewaju, who confirmed that a student was killed in an attack, said;

“Students were attacked in the wee hours of Saturday with dangerous weapons by some unknown persons, who inflicted varying degrees of injuries on them, before carting away their money, phones, and other valuables.”

The release also quoted the Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede, as saying that “people should place the fear of God far and above worldly materials, wondering what sort of earthly possession would make a man to attack, maim and kill his fellowman.”


  1. This is gruesome, security measures should be taken to protect those students that lives off campus. R. I. P

  2. What a world we are in to, killing someone to have things of life that will perished. May GOD console the parents of student


  4. This is a sad new
    The security and in school and the police with the school should do something fast about it.

  5. For God’s sake, why this on students?
    I think they are on strike, they suppose to have gone home.

  6. I agree totally with the Vice Chancellor. Will one kill another all because of vanity? Sending their souls to eternal damnation for earthly possessions that we never really own? Terrible world!!!

  7. Rightly said by the Vice Chancellor….let us put the fear of God in our hearts and by so doing all these evil will be minimized.

  8. Such a great loss to the family, security measures should be taken to protect those students that lives in campus. May the soul Rest in peace

  9. May the wicked people that did this be brought to book, may they be caught and punished severly and may the soul of the student rest in peace.

  10. Where are the SUG, they ought to take a drastic measures to eradicate issues like this… Fight for the students.
    Lack of insecurity in the country is becoming a Nightmare.
    May the souls of the departed ones rest in peace.

  11. All in the name of making money and living a fake life. You have robbed them their property so why killing again.

  12. I thought that school are on strike, na waooo. May God help us. Quick money syndrome is becoming the order of the day

  13. Rip really wat will u gain in terminating the soul of ur fellow human being this world is turning to something else

  14. You no go school na problem…you go school na still problem…Allnp this attack on student should be stop 2019….R.I.P may your soul rest in peace

  15. What a sudden death, why must they have killed him alone, i think the authorities has to investigate to get to the root behind the killing

  16. Whoever did this and putting the family in sad Mood, all I want to say is let the evildoers continue there evil. They will reap all what they sow.
    May your soul rest in peace.

  17. Rest in peace to the deceased. This is very unfortunate. The university authorities should not keep quiet until the killers are found. There shall be no rest for the wicked.

  18. This is so terrible and unacceptable, this killing of our students or any other Nigerians is unacceptable. May God put him in his position and give the family fortitude to bear the lost

  19. What a great lost to OAU at large. People should place the fear of God far and above worldly materials indeed!

  20. If this is a recent event please I need to ask if the students didn’t go home for the break, but the incident is a sad one tho may God give his soul eternal rest Amen

  21. All possible position should be implemented to protect the lives of Nigerians students. The law forces should what is possible to get those gangs arrested.

  22. The school management should do everything to prevent future death because we are tird of condolences

  23. God!!!
    A child that went to school, all the mind of this child’s parents is that he will return back. God have mercy!!!!

  24. Such a great loss.. It happens in all universities in Nigeria.. Due to the fact that these activities are not watched by the authorities

  25. What could have been the reason for the attack,robbery?cult activities? May Godbrest the student soul and comfort his family

  26. I wonder what gets into people to make them take another’s life, the authorities should find the evil doers so that they can face the law.

  27. On what ground wa the attack was made?I guess the attack was only to rob students of their belongings which is very very bad.But should give the family of the deceased student to bear the lost.May God protect us from evil act. Amen.

  28. This is sadden, violence skyrockets by the day,no where is safe,they took a life and still made away with valuables, they will some day pay for this atrocities

  29. Very unfortunate, just few days to the end of the year..May God grant ur soul soul eternal repose and give ur family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

  30. The Bible has already say it all, that the love of money is the root if all evil. Well my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  31. What a bad way to pay the deceased family this season with death? This is really saddening, imagine wasting 3 whole years in training their son and gun men took away the young man’s life. May God console his family and OAU for the loss.

  32. Nawa, , I don’t think those people are not a cultism

    May the soul of people died should rest in peace shaa

  33. That is wickedness! They have dashed the hope of the deceased family. May the soul of the departed rest in peace and may the perpetrators never go unpunished.

  34. So bad. The matter should be investigated. May God grant her family the grace to bear the loss

  35. Na wa o…a lot of bad things has been going on lately, they didn’t just get away with their phones…y kill the student…people are wicked

  36. So sada300 year student life waisted by foolish people that the not know the value of life may his soul rest in peace amen

  37. I condole with the family of the deceased that God should give them the grace to bear the loss and may the soul of the gentleman rest in peace

  38. It could be all these cultists at villagers .the police should look into this case cos its not a small thing attacking students

  39. What kind of attack on students is this?, some people don’t fear God anymore. Just for earthy possessions. .please security measures should be taken in those areas to avoid further occurrence. .

  40. Oh my God, what happened to the school securities, where were they when those assailants found their way.

  41. Our Nigeria police force should take action..may we soul rest 8n perfect peace to every one on this platform let’s try and be careful

  42. There has been lots of complains about the security of that oau hotel. If student cant feel safe in school it would be hard to perform well.

  43. Its really hard to believe and very disheartening that a 300 level which his parent will believe in the next two years they will enjoy the fruit if their labour and now he’s gone

  44. This attack should be look into and security supposed to be tight in the hostel, what a pity. May her soul rest in peace.

  45. So sad to hear about this, may the soul of the deceased rest in peace… The institution should do a very thorough investigation and implement justice…

  46. This is an unimaginable wickedness. Government should take strict actions in curtailing this wickedness in our higher institutions

  47. This is sad, and may the soul of the departed rest in peace.
    The lord will grant the family the strength to bear the loss

  48. Some criminal are very wicked,after collecting everything that he owned they still went ahead and killed him. God save your children.

  49. This is really sad….. ASUU is on strike so why are students still at their hostels coz this is when perpetrators of evil carry out their duties….

  50. Its indeed a very sad story to hear.. The security of the school should be taken in deep consideration especially during festive seasons

  51. Dx is not gud at all. D security men should tighten dia seat belts old especially web soul is not on session

  52. That’s so bad, what a painful exit to his family, those killers must spend the rest of their lives in prison, may his soul rest in peace

  53. This is terrible..if there is no security in the universities.. what will happen to the future of this country.. may his soul rest in peace.

  54. What a sad new is this , may god protect us from all this murderer , may console his parent
    The school management should provide good security for the hostel

  55. Almost all the universities in Nigeria have low security system and also with little or no training at all to counter bad situations…. All they do is listen to radio and shout if you wear short skirt but if the real Ekosodin guys scatter everywhere now they will be looking for where to hide… It’s well

  56. Oh my God, upon all this suffering in and Down in school, What a world of wicked people. Killing a your fellow human being without humanity feeling. May GOD console his family.

  57. So sad. A 300 level student. What a great lost. I wonder how the parents are feeling right now. May your soul rest in peace.

  58. This is very sad. Even if they will make away with their properties, why kill them? They will not go unpunished.


  60. Sad just a year and his through with University ….hmm May his soul rest in peace and the police should investigate and let them be punished

  61. This is so touching and sad. You can imagine how the parents will be feeling now after paying money for fees, accommodation and other things. Only God can comfort the family.

  62. It is well o. I insist that Crimes and Criminalites need to be tackled headlong in this country. we cannot keep loosing lives needlessly

  63. They have dashed the hope of the deceased family. Sending their souls to eternal damnation for earthly possessions that we never really own? Terrible world! ASUU is on strike so why are students still at their .

  64. Poor security God will expose the person for his evil act I don’t know why this country is full of wicked people

  65. Ha…The heart of man is desperately wicked. A man just ended his fellow man’s life like he will do to a chicken. May nemesis catch up with those persons who have caused a family and a university to sorrow. May God give the family of the deceased peace in this time of trials. Rest in peace brother.

  66. Really a sad news.. Rate of crimes in the society is becoming more horrific.. May his soul rest in peace.. Condolences to his family

  67. I thought ASUU is on strike, what are they still doing in school. There is always consequences for our careless acts. God forgive us. My condolence goes to the family and loved ones

  68. This is very unfotunate. The school authority should have know that the lives and properties of the students are the first priority to secure not on till such incident like this happened before they start protecting. May his soul rest in peace.

  69. Its so unfortunate that life was lost! If they were security guards there, these wouldn’t av happened this way…rest in peace brother….off campus should always have security guards.

  70. May God console the family. But these unknown persons who attacked how sure are we that it is not an act from cultists.

  71. May God console the deceased, this matter should be thoroughly looked into, a lot of securities are needed to curb this situation

  72. Students in the hostel need adequate security… May God console the families of the deceased. May God continue to protect us all

  73. This is really tragic, killing a fellow human being because of material possessions? Why can’t they take what they want to take and leave the student alive. The police should please track them down.

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