Omokri replies Indimi family after they slammed him for shaming them

Reno Omokri in his reply to the Indimi family, after they blasted him over his reference to their family, said it is obvious they are doing nothing to help the poor people surrounding them.

Reno had yesterday taken a swipe at the billionaires in the North-Eastern part of the country after Femi Otedola donated a whooping sum of N5billion to the cater for the poor people in that region.

Omokri replies Indimi family after they slammed him for shaming them

The Indimis in their response, asked Reno to take it up with God if he is mad that they are getting married to important persons. They also asked Reno to list his achievements asides him being an ex-presidential aide.

Below is Reno’s response to them

Dear Indimi Family,

I saw your post attacking me. You shouldn’t see my criticism of your obscene display of wealth in the midst of the extreme poverty surrounding you as hate, neither should you see my opposition to your powerful in law, General Buhari, as bitterness. That is rather petty.

Opposition is a vital part of democracy, and I am not asking you to do what I have not done. I hate to do this. I would prefer to keep it private. But since you challenge me, please find attached a picture of an orphanage I built with my hard earned money to house orphans from Borno IDP. Yet, I am not from Borno.

I have also travelled to 36 countries so far in 2019, campaigning for #FreeLeahSharibu, a native of Borno, where you come from. I don’t have one percent of one percent of your wealth.

You can’t be flaunting private jets and spending hundreds of millions when you are surrounded by the worst poverty on planet Earth and expect not to get called out! There are millions of internally displaced people in Borno. If indeed you guys are doing something, we will see it via the IDPs. Shut me up by making a difference to their lives! #TableShaker

#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets

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  1. I agree with Reno Omokri on this one. You can’t be flaunting wealth and be surrounded IDP’s. If you really care build homes for them(low-cost homes)

  2. Comment Mr.Reno,the king of constructive criticism! you’re downright on point, can you blame them? greed-minded, self-conceited and indifferent family…making humongous wealth from the poor and destitute surrounding them only for a kind-hearted yorubaman to deem it necessary to donate such a huge sum of money in order to alleviate a poverty-stricken people,shame on this nonchalant Hausa billionaires!

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