Oldest footballer in the world Kazuyoshi Miura, 51, extends contract

The oldest footballer in the world Kazuyoshi Miura, has extended his contract with Yokohama FC by one year.

Miura, who turns 52 next month has extended his deal with the Japanese second division club which will see him play his 33rd season.

Oldest footballer in the world Kazuyoshi Miura, 51, extends contract lailasnews 3
Oldest footballer in the world Kazuyoshi Miura, 51, extends contract

The striker has been at the club since 2005 when he signed at aged 38 and has gone on to make over 200 league appearances.

Speaking to Kyodo news agency, Miura claimed he still wishes to grow as a player, 33 years after turning professional.

Miura said:

“I will always play my heart out and hope to continue to grow (as a player).”

The top division of Japanese football, J League, was formed in 1993 and Miura is the only active player who was playing when it was formed.

In 1982, at age 15 Miura left Japan for Brazil where he would go on to sign his first professional contract with Santos in 1986.

The forward spent four seasons in Brazil, with Santos, Palmeiras, Matsubara, CRB, XV de Jaú, and Coritiba before returning to Japanese football with Verdy Kawasaki.

In Japan he reached goal scoring heights such as beating imports Gary Lineker and Zico to the top scorer and MVP of the inaugural Japanese J.League season in 1993.

Miura has had spells playing in Serie A with Genoa, in Croatia playing for Dinamo Zagreb before spending a season out on loan with Sydney FC in Australia.

As an international he made 89 appearances scoring 55 goals having debuted in 1990.

Miura helped Japan reach the World Cup finals for the first time in 1998 as he scored 14 goals in qualifying.

However, the striker was not included in the squad that travelled to France and would go on to retire from international football two years later.


  1. Good for him he knows how much stress his body can carry. for the love of football please stop now.so as to be able to enjoy your money i good health

  2. Yhu have really tried and yhu deserve an accolades. Its not gonna be easy at this age but I pray the Lord strengthen yhu more

  3. A game of football is all about physicality, if he can maintain that he is free to continue as long as he can. All the best to him.

  4. Awesome.. Pray for more Grace, strength and wisdom. We celebrate you today as the oldest footballer in our time. Keep up the good work.

  5. He’s already old. He should just retire and enjoy the rest of his life. Well life is all about determination.

  6. Oooh-ooh! hope this man wouldn’t collapse on the pitch while playing… i wish best of luck on his extended playing time.

  7. He still has passion and strength for football….. Congratulations Muira on your extended contract

  8. This man is really passionate about his career. Even at that advanced age when other men will be minding and calculating their steps, he is still playing his hearts out. Well done Sir.

  9. Wow what a lovely person I love that his body 50 plus and still playing this is amazing in him keep it up

  10. He has serve his country more than enough its time for him to rest just a year more the lord will surely give you strength to do so

  11. Congratulations go on show the world what you have show them the skills and the strength you have possessed all the years of your life playing football

  12. He has really tried be playing this long. That goes to show that as.a footballer if you mind what you eat and drink you will play for long.

  13. This is amazing, still playing his heart out at age 52?(according to him)..
    More strength sir for the remaining 1 year

  14. Football is a great game, once you start having fun hopefully without injuries. You would enjoy yourself for a long time

  15. Like seriously, does this guy ever quit? Obviously it ain’t about the money. It should be of more fun and benefits than for the fame. Weldon man, I trip for you at 52

  16. This is incredible at his age he still plays football. Know some persons at 40 who can’t jug for a minute

  17. I wish you more strenght, long life …i am happy you still hav the strength to keep playing.wow! bravo!


  19. Nice, he must have been an exeptional player for him to keep playing at the top level for this long.. Congrats to him..

  20. Wow, if he thinks he still got what it takes to hold it on the football fields, then more grace n success to his carrer

  21. Wishing you all that you desire in life and I believe this is a motivating force to the younger ones in sport business.

  22. Your not becoming a billionaire does not guarantee you heaven my dear. The best is to ask God for grace.

  23. Somebody should tell this oldest player to retire now before he faints in the field one day why playing,you think you are still strong at the age of 52 abi,I pity you

  24. This is interesting to know. I never knew they were still clubs that let players play for them up to that age. In Europe, you should have long retired.

  25. Passionate footballer. Ready to die on the pitch for the love of the game.. Continue bto grow on the game old man

  26. What a strong character and believing on ones ability. Congratulations to him wish him all the between.

  27. Woo..I have been enlightened. A 51year old player in a modern football is the height of it all in surprise. Am so much in awe of this achievement

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