Olamide pays homage to Ekiti comedians on stage in USA

“Kala – daju – lejupa -marerin- mashey transfer” has gone global, and little could you know that it was formulated in Ado-Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti state.

The same comedy group was responsible for the viral WhiteMoney prank in EKSU.

When Erosnephy, officialtosintemi, phiekthor, young_promise_bendor, biggyentertainment1, and young_promise_bendor were creating the video, little did they know that it would rule the last days of 2021.

The video features the comedians sending out notes of warning to young Nigerians in these trying times.

The economy has taken a huge toll, with food inflation reaching over 200%. This has led to breadwinners facing more pressure across the country.

When the skit hit TikTok (a video sharing platform), it immediately became a hit and many other skit makers used their sound for videos.

The most popular of them was one done by @professionalbeat_official, as the soundtrack went on thousands of viral videos.

It is no surprise that legendary Nigerian singer, Olamide, would announce the slang to the world on the global scene.

“Kala – daju – lejupa -marerin- mashey transfer.”

It was no surprise that this slang would be one to headline Carpe Diem tour in USA, as the album name roots it meaning as;

Carpe Diem: used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.

So just like Olamide, kudos to the Ekiti comedians for creating this one.

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