Okada Ban: Lagosians resort to horse ride

As the Lagos state government has started the implementation of the ban on activities of Okada riders across some parts of the state, some residents have resorted to horse ride to commute within the state.

Okada Ban: Lagosians resort to horse ride

According to a social media user, some merchants, taking advantage of the ban, took to some bus-stops with their horses and charging commuters some certain fee to get them to their destinations.

The state government imposed a ban on activities of motorcycles and tricycles in some parts of the state, which took effect from February 1st.

Observing the implementation of the restriction, the government stated that it is satisfied with the compliance and plans are already in place to roll out alternatives to ease movements across the state.

In a statement released on its Facebook page, the state government said the little discomfort experienced by commuters on some routes due to the absence of motorcycles and tricycles is noted and that alternatives would soon be rolled out.

Read the statement below;

The government of Lagos State praises motorcycle and tricycle operators for complying with the restriction from six local government areas, major highways and bridges. The enforcement of the State Security Council’s order began on Saturday, February 1, 2020.

The level of compliance was over 90 %. In fact, some of the ride hailing companies directed their riders to obey the directive. This is commendable.

The high level of compliance has shown that Lagosians agree with the government on the need to stop the danger that commercial motorcycles and tricycles have become – a big threat to safety of lives and security of our people. They should stand firm in supporting the government.

The little discomfort experienced by commuters on some routes due to the absence of motorcycles and tricycles is noted. This will not last as alternatives are being rolled out.

A fleet of 65 buses will join the others on some major routes as from Monday , February 3, 2020: No less than 550 more buses are being expected. Besides, 14 ferries will be commissioned on Tuesday. This will further open up the waterways, reduce travel time on various routes and provide safe, dependable and comfortable alternatives for commuters.

The government is not unaware that enforcing this directive may lead to some job losses. The Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, plans to announce some measures to tackle the likely effects of the order, besides the programmes of various agencies, such as the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Office of Civic Engagement, Lagos State Parks and Gardens and others.

The government hereby warns all those who are planning to unleash violence on the state because of the ongoing enforcement to have a change of heart. Lagosians are peace loving and law abiding people, who will not embrace any disruption of their legal activities by failed politicians hiding under the evil of unwholesome activism. The law enforcement agents have been directed to ensure that nobody takes the law into his hands. The government places a very high premium on law and order in the interest of all Lagosians. It will not fail to act when peace is threatened.

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