Ogun State community leader’s daughter calls him out for maltreating her mother for 41 years

Ogun State community leader’s daughter has called out her father identified as Alhaji Usman Opeymi, for maltreating her mother for over 41 years.

Ogun State community leader’s daughter calls him out for maltreating her mother for 41 years lailasnews

According to the Ogun State community leader’s daughter, her mother who endured the maltreatment by her father for 41 years, recently got arrested for him. She further demanded to know where her mother went wrong in their relationship.

Read her post below;

Dear father Alhaji usman opeyemi for over 41years my mother has been with you for over 41 years she has endured pain for over 41years u will cook with 15k food and finish in two days and this woman will soak garri for over 41years she lived like someone who’s destiny has been used u chased her to live in the house where scorpion lives. I need an explanation to this dear father my mother can continue to live in penury while u lavish money what did my mother do to you dear father how on earth will u arrest a woman who suffered with you for over 41years I don’t wanna do this but I don’t have a choice Alhaji Opeyemi Usman Otunba of Ibogunland


Let the world take note today, if you didn’t see me on earth anymore my own father killed me. Its  a sad new year for me. I wish I can rewind my life bcoz today my own biological father is the enemy I wish I have an option infact I don’t wish a frnd of mine to have this kind of man as a father I am so done with him. God please can you take his life right now, Amen can this man die already he has spoil so much I can’t hide it anymore.


  1. It is a serious issues. This write up shows how heart broken the lady is. The man is a disgrace to fatherhood

  2. Why will a date cause so much pain to his own wife and daughter, the lady has already made a point clear that if she dies anytime soon the father should be held responsible.. May God have mercy

  3. What a pity! So many homes are shattered and the African woman keeps enduring. May God restore peace in their home

  4. So sad.I wonder why your family can not enjoy you wen U are wealthy but is the same family u will run to if u gets broke. Please love your family

  5. This is bad. For 41 years and still got arrested for you Alhaji Usman. It is well Baba God will see you and your Mum through, Amen

  6. This is a very serious matter. I know that she must have been depressed about it but now decided to speak out. Some men can be very wicked. Their family members and village people should try and resolve the matter.

  7. What the father did is very wrong but this is a family issue that can be sorted at home but she can still forgive him he is her father

  8. So bad of him, but this is your year please. dont give up-God will make all things beautiful at his time this year for you!

  9. So much damage has been done to this lady and I don’t see changing her thoughts about her dad. I just wonder why people are so evil in this life.. What is their gain

  10. It’s well. May God come through for you. So many women in Nigeria are suffering and dying in silence all in the name of marriage.

  11. This is so sad, pls take heart dear some parent are just like that. May every storm in ur family be still in Jesus name, enjoy ur year.

  12. This is serious o, I wonder the kind of offense your father commits that you are even wishing him dead. Without him you would not have come to life you know. Please don’t let your father lay a course on you to.

  13. It’s sad your mother had to put up with that practically all her life. It’s a good thing you spoke out on her behalf. Say no to domestic violence.

  14. you dont mean it for 41years this is really a big torment is better proper actions should be taken on time

  15. This is really heart touching write up…. I can imagine the kind of pains, agony and trauma this family has gone through…. It’s well dear the God of vengeance will see to your family… Have faith. Some people with wicked heart seriously don’t deserve to live.

  16. My dear i know you are passing through pain but you can’t start the new year like this. Get people if possible elders to go talk to your father. Mistreating of one’s wife is bad . May God protect you and your mum.

  17. This is so sad but don’t wish your father evil, all you have to do is to pray for him. It’s such a sad situation.

  18. It’s clear she is going through a rough time but she should look for a better avenue to sort this out

  19. This kind of things should be done or settled within the family,throwing it to the air will not solve any issue.We can’t judge because we never heard from your Dad.

  20. If that’s what the man as been doing as a community leader is totally wrong to treat your wife in such way.if what the lady is referring to is truth

  21. Comment*my DEAR dont worry EVERYTHING is going to be OK just pray and hope in GOD its well with you and your mum

  22. A leader who’s supposed to be an exemplary leader to his followers, is now the opposite, what a shame!

  23. Don’t worry, there’s nothing my God can’t do.. Just be patient with him.. It will be settled soon in the aspect of Peace round about your family!!!

  24. Comment*what a wicked man he is
    only GOD would pay him for his deeds
    although its painful for his wife to have suffered in his hands for that long o!

  25. This is not so good why would he maltreat his own wife for over 41years its truly absurd and he his holding an office sorry my dear may God intervene ijn,j pray he has a change of heart

  26. This is courageous of her and may the police investigate and the appropriate parastatal take immediate action.

  27. It hasn’t come to wishing him death
    But wow 41 years
    Our girls won’t take the shit our mothers took in marriage

  28. Ooh dear that’s so touching why would the father be a bone in the neck all this while may God have mercy and change his wicked heart towards the mother and daughter

  29. This is really touching, she’s is heartbroken totally.
    The father is a very stupid to suffer the woman for over 41 years and end up arresting her again.
    I feel her pain. Don’t pray for him to die, pray for him to change.

  30. No, he will not die but I pray for God to touch him,so that he will change and take care of your mother, this year 2019 God will restore your home,Amen

  31. This is so sad and highly disgusting, I wonder why some men treats women this way, may God settle it for you and make peace reign

  32. This is too bad to bear, but you Don’t need to wish him death, he may later change and I know he will realise his mistakes in this new year.

  33. This is touching, what kind of man is he? A beast or human? This is real wickedness, My dear this new year God will restore the happiness of your family.

  34. I’ll rather wait for the other side of the story to make any comment. Cases like This, you’ll be shocked what you’ll eventually find out.

  35. For this lady to come out like this, it means she has been keeping the attitude of the father for quite some time. Some women are just like her mother, no matter how hard and harsh the treatment get from there, they will endure it and life goes on. But this is too bad for Alhaji Opeyemi to treat his wife in such manner. The police should try to investigate the matter and if found guilty he should be made to face the law. Because this is violence against the wife

  36. This is bad . For 41 years and still got arrested for you Alhaji Usman. Too bad. God help us

  37. She should just take the matter to thier village head and settle the matter with the family members instead.

  38. 41 years is too much and he’s not getting tired,no she’s doing the right thing to see if the man will hear from us and stop this maltreatment

  39. I really feel this girl’s pain cos some men can be so useless and disgusting. That is what this man has just show, but please sister dont take your life because of this low life demon. God will pay him in his own coin. This is the major reason some ladies dont want to marry but keep several relationship and even choose to be baby mamas for life

  40. Usman u had better do what is needful
    Because u have not done well
    What kind of bad father and husband is that
    He need to be dealt with

  41. This so sad and this is the reality in most homes in Nigeria
    Maltreating and abuse in homes is more traumatic and rampant
    I feel sorry for the day and her mum

  42. What an arrogant father, he isn’t supposed to be called father. Did he marry his wife to make her suffer? He would reap what he sowed.

  43. This is why women should have some level of financial independence, so they can leave anytime a relationship is not fair on them. I blame her mother on this.

  44. Fourthy one good years and you people kept quiet till now
    Hmmmmmmmm some men are satanic agents
    May God have mercy on him

  45. Today my own biological father is my enemy. Things r happening ooo, what did d wife ever do to deserve such treatment for years.

  46. My dear I’m sure your father is not in his right sense cause I know people from Ogun state to be very fetish.. One woman would have used charms on him.. Take him to a good church for deliverance

  47. Women and violence in marriage is a crime and totally not acceptable..they should investigate both ways if found guilty he should be treated rightly and face the law as the woman wants it

  48. And when God takes his life all those things you said he spoil will be fixed and will you be Happy to be responsible for his death

  49. She shoukdnhave look fora way to bring peace and love between her dad and mum instead of arresting him to question him about where her mum went wrong for maltreating her like that

  50. Anything you do, don’t think your children don’t see you, cause one day their will pay u back.

  51. Madam what is DEAR about the so called father again? The woman lives in perpetual fear…41 years of endurance..God punish this idiot of a man.

  52. So sad, it seems like her father is possessed or something. Infact he us a disgrace to father and husband hood.

  53. My dear sister I know it’s very hard to endure but wishing your father dead is not and can never be the solution, please take back that autrances which you have made and wish for a happy family.

  54. That’s so sad a news, but only if you can take it up to God he will surly bring peace to your family,

  55. The world and it’s wickedness. Talk of women liberalisation and emancipation, how can she be silent for 41 years without speaking for herself. The daughter has done well by speaking up

  56. Imagine,d man has done worse before his own biological daughter can pray death for him,did is terrible, may God help ur family

  57. there are so many of man like that out there, they will be good out side but inside the house there character are bad. This man in question should just change for good, it is not too late

  58. some men are heartless nd ungrateful, evn if she offended u, dat kind of punishment is way too harsh. He needs to b arrested

  59. It’s a pity dear.Some men are the devil himself.How can you maltreat a woman you married who has suffered with you when you had nothing

  60. This is very bad to hear…sir, is better you seek for repentance if not something terrible may happen

  61. It’s very disheartening the way homes are breaking down these days. Those who are supposed to love and care for us are the same people keeping very busy to ruin us

  62. This is a cry of heartbreak. How can a man be this callous and mean over his own wife for as long as 41 years. This is cruelty and the daughter now fears for her own safety. God forbid!!!

  63. Such felt pain
    Then that man must be a beast
    Those words were sincere and deep
    But why even arrest a wife
    When you guys have been together for 41 years
    An evidence of sheered wickedness
    Appropriate bodies that can help should step in a d handle this matter
    Cos her life might also be at risk for speaking out

  64. So sad. What your father did was bad but despite that you shouldn’t wish him dead. May God help you to restored peace into the family

  65. This shows how bitter she is, for her to come out in public with such a bitter statement hmmmmmmm

  66. This is a sad experience for a daughter to witness from her father. Only God knows what the mother has done to her father, it is well. Sorry there

  67. Hmmmmm some of the people we call leaders are better off a beast,a husband and a father?that what you get when you see yourself in the corridor of power

  68. I always short of words whenever I hear this kind of story, for 41 years you suffered your own wife. The man needs to apologise to his wife and children. May Allah forgive him

  69. If you are looking them while stepping up, you will still meet them while coming down, what goes around comes back around,value what you have o,they are still your family no matter what

  70. It is really a pity. Some men are born wicked. My dear pray for ur father so that he can repent of his sins. Ur mother is alive today after all the maltreatment. Thank God for her life.

  71. This is really a touching story. In this new year 2019 God will restored every joy and happiness lost in the family for those past years. Your mother will not suffer any more in Jesus Name

  72. This is too sad to hear from a daughter to a father the man must have done whatbis beyond forgiveness

  73. This is so heart breaking.. . May God restore peace back in your home, no marriage is perfect it’s only God’s intervention. It’s well with you dear.

  74. This is serious,u are wishing ur father dead.
    Hw can a husband maltreat wife for 41yrs,this is wickedness

  75. Too sad,maltreating ur own wife to the edge that ur own blood wishes ur death,God please show mercy,restore ur love and peace in that home..

  76. Poor mother, over 41 years of pain…this is very unfortunate for her & her daughter, i can image what they go through in secret.

  77. This is really serious, how can a man be so cruel to the mother of his children. If this is really true, this man has to be arrested for this case to be followed up.

  78. That’s so sad… How can a man be maltreating is wife.. That’s rubbish Na
    For what..
    I think that man his up to something

  79. God will vindicate your mum and put a stop to your suffering, he will restore peace to your family

  80. This so sad especially reading through what the mother had to go through in the hands of her father.pls don’t kill yourself girl else you will be the one that killed your mum cos she is still living for you

  81. May God restore peace into your family, kudos to your mum for enduring her matrimonial constraints for the past years.

  82. This man is very wicked to have maltreated his wife for 41 years, he needs to make peace with his daughter because she is in pain over the issue.

  83. What a pity and sad experience for the mother all this years and kudos to the daughter for taking a bold step.

  84. That’s why it has been stated that whatever you sow, that you’ll reap. He never knew this will come up at a later date in his life and embarrass him. That’s how this life is designed, therefore be careful how you live it.

  85. My dear pls don’t take your life because of a man who is not worthy to call a father, but live for your mother who is suffering out there.

  86. This man should be called in for questioning. Why hasn’t the woman reported to the authorities for the past 41 years??

  87. This is a family matter and not one for social media. This matter can be settled amicably without the whole world getting to know about it

  88. Sad news the father has not been fair to the her mother for iver 41 years he is maltreating her thats not good and the way the girl speak if care is nit taking with the way thing are going betwwen her parent she may commit suicide

  89. Home violence… Men who raise their hands on women are dogs. They are a disgrace to manhood…

  90. This man must have being a very wicked father and a husband, for the daughter to come out like this, what a world we live, good outside but very wicked inside

  91. I’m really sorry for your mother but don’t worry this year everything lost will be in order back again into your family,just keep praying to God .

  92. For the daughter to come out openly with this kind if a ligation meaning some thing is definitely wrong.

  93. What a wicked father.. Imaging daughter praying for her father’s death,this is so unfortunate

  94. i love this move and courage for calling out her father, for good 41 years of marriage so as old as that man might be he still has the mind of craziness in him, such a shame to him 41 years of marriage

  95. You only find this in homes where fathers do not take responsibility over their wife and children. They enslaved their wives as if it was an offense the woman committed to get married. a I pray they have mutual understanding and resolve this issue of maltreatment.

  96. God will judge you, stupid old goat community leader my foot. You arrested a woman who has been your wife for over forty years, who has endured with you through thick and thin, who has suffered so much abuse and maltreatment under you. God Almighty will judge you.

  97. That man is evil maltreating your own wife for 41 yrs the woman that bore you your children stayed with you through thick and thin you are very wicked thank God that she trained a mouth piece and a arsenal that is fighting her battles may you rot in jail amen

  98. It’s family issues they should have settle things amicably rather publish themselves to public like this, may God take control and have mercy with them.

  99. Let’s this new calendar be the beginning of new things my dear forgive and forget the shortcomings that might have happen before and move on with your life

  100. This is good news,Ogun community leader is strict to his wife too,this is sad,bad of him,I hope he get to be soft with his wife,no maltreating again,this is good news

  101. I like what she’s doing, how can the man act like that to his dear wife like she doesn’t deserve love… Very bad.

  102. People don’t value what they have until they lose it. I pray for peace in your home dear. Never give up because you’re the solace your mom have got

  103. It’s a long time to carry bitterness in your heart. Just forgive him and move ahead as the Lord has helped you so far

  104. I am sure you are the only child she gave birth to, What are you and your siblings doing ? Women should be treated with love and care.

  105. You people suppose to settle this amicably within your family, may Almighty God restore peace to your family in this year 2019.

  106. That is iron lady, some men can be something else it can happen the man is not with his senses. You did a good job.

  107. Irrespective of that the man did, i always believe that family matter should be settled within the family and not be made a public thing.

  108. So sad about the pains your mother went through in your father’s hand but I believe that this new year God has a special gift for you and your family which is unlimited blessings and peace

  109. So sad that some men would be so heartless to their wives irrespective of the lesson they pass to their children

  110. What!!?? This is just too much. The lady obviously could’t take it any more. I can only pray for the release of her mother. She should also take steps in protecting her mother.

  111. This man must be very wicked indeed for this daughter of his to talk sbout him like this. Fathers like this don’t deserve a wife and children.

  112. How will a father maltreat his wife and daughter, if anything should happen to the wife the father should be held responsible as stated.

  113. she doesn’t need to share this issue on social media because she should ask her mother how she managed her father for good 41years without divorce and she should learn from her.

  114. So said
    I know her mother never give upbecauseu of that and by grace there shall be peace in ur family

  115. God gave you what others are looking for you are busy maltreating her are you not meant to ashamed of yourself.

  116. the lady has already made a point clear that if she dies anytime soon the father should be held responsible.. May God have mercy

  117. To say this about one’s father is a really serious issue. The man should come and make things right.

  118. Why would a man maltreat his own wife, 41years of maltreating a woman is so bad, even his daughter wishes he is dead, that man must be very cruel and wicked, may God have mercy on him

  119. God will reunite your family one’s more
    Don’t pray your dad die neither should he take your life

  120. I can feel her pain and agony ,,, her father is wicked for treating her mother the way he did ,,may God settle the family problem

  121. The lady has already made it clear that if she dies anytime soon the father should be held responsible.ok

  122. My dear your mother endured all that 41years because of you guys, so go and bail her and start taking care of her

  123. This father is a devil in disguise and treated his wife with much disdain as if she is slave to him. He is a man that should be punished for his wicked act.

  124. fourty one years is really a long time she is a good woman to be able to put up with dat all this years

  125. Addressing an issue such as this on social media is a no no for me…. May be she should take her father to court for a divorce for her mum that’s if the mum agrees.

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